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Welcome Shop by health concern Slimming and weight control Water Retention Formula
Water Retention Formula
Water Retention Formula Water Retention Formula
Water Retention Formula
Slimming and weight control
34.00 €(36.67 US$) is available
Optimised formulation to combat water retention
  • Facilitates circulation in blood vessels.
  • Combines natural substances studied for their role in draining fluid from the body.
  • Used for regaining a firmer figure.
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    120 Veg. Caps.
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    Water Retention Formula Supplement

    Water Retention Formula helps maintain the right balance of intra-cellular fluid and contributes to optimal function of the capillaries and lymphatic tissue. It combines natural and powerful active ingredients supported by science, that together:

    1. Eliminate the build-up of excess fluid in tissues;
    2. Remove toxins;
    3. Reduce fluid seepage and fatty deposits.

    What are the ingredients in Water Retention Formula?


    A natural bioflavonoid with a more active, recognized form of rutin that:

    • Facilitates circulation in the blood vessels, microcirculation in the capillaries and venous return;
    • Reduces the capillary permeability and inflammatory reactions that lead to cellulite deposits.


    A 100% natural extract of prickly pear with significant diuretic and antioxidant properties. Its essential active principle is the fruit's natural pigment, betalain, comprising 65-85% of highly bioavailable indicaxanthin. Clinical studies show that:

    • Facilitates drainage of toxins;
    • Leads to a significant increase in diuresis;
    • Reduces sensitivity in the lower limbs with decreased sensation of heavy legs and swollen feet, ankles and calves.
    • Has positive effect on fat mass/lean mass distribution and thus on body shape and composition.
    • It significantly reduces water mass with no negative effects on mineral balance or blood pressure.

    Elimreal Complex

    An exclusive, proprietary blend of plant extracts: carvi, meadowsweet, guarana standardised to 80% caffeine (a classic diuretic for internal and external use), Goldenrod, fennel and dandelion. All these extracts are recognised active ingredients in phyto-therapy that are well-tolerated and have diuretic properties that address the problems of slimming as a whole. Double-blind clinical studies have demonstrated that :

    • Increases urination frequency and volume;
    • Reduces the sensation of heavy legs;
    • Increases that ‘flat stomach' feeling;
    • Improves the sensation of drainage and detoxification, inducing an anti-water retention effect and refining body shape.
    Daily dose : 2 capsules
    Number of doses per pack : 30
    Amount per dose
    Cacti-Nea® (Extract of Opuntia ficus indica standardised to 0.05 % betalains and 0.03 % indicaxanthins) 800 mg
    Elim’real® (blend of 323 mg of carvi extract,
    200 mg extract of meadowsweet flower buds,
    100 mg extract of guarana standardised to 80 % caffeine,
    12 mg extract of Goldenrod whole plant , 8 mg extract of fennel fruit,
    and 4 mg extract of dandelion leaf.
    650 mg
    Troxerutin 160 mg
    Other ingredients : maltodextrin.
    Cacti-Nea®, Nexira, France. - Elim’real®, Inoreal, France.
    Directions for use
    Adults. Take two capsules before breakfast and two after lunch or dinner. High caffeine content.
    4.3 /5 3 reviews
    5.0 / 5
    4.3 / 5
    Value for money
    4.3 / 5

    Reviews 3
    67 %

    LEFRANC Christine
    Très bon produit qui agit vraiment sur la rétention d'eau. Les poches sous les yeux disparaissent
    PENALVA Francisco Luis
    Fantástico y muy efectivo
    GLASSER Genevieve
    Je n'ai pas vu d'efficacité dans ce produit...

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    Water Retention Formula
    34.00 €
    (36.67 US$)
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