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AMPK Booster

Pro-AMK supplement, a cellular energy enzyme

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AMPK Booster supplement helps to fight ageing and metabolic decline.
  • Plays a fundamental role in energy homeostasis and acts as a ‘life span regulator'.
  • Mimics the beneficial effects of calorie restriction including loss of surplus body fat.
  • Helps to recapture a certain youthfulness and control weight gain in complete safety.

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AMPK Booster

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AMPK Booster is an innovative formulation that combines the most effective activators – or reactivators – of cellular AMPK. It thus plays a central role in promoting health and longevity, now available to buy in supplement form at Supersmart.

What are the benefits associated with AMPK Booster?

Inside each of our cells is a key metabolism enzyme called AMPK (adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase) which plays a fundamental role in energy homeostasis and acts as a ‘life span regulator'. AMPK is expressed in a number of tissues (liver, brain, skeletal muscle) where it works rather like a ‘metabolic master switch', regulating several intracellular systems.

  • Helps extend lifespan by 20-30% as shown in animal studies.
  • Lowers blood sugar levels by increasing cellular glucose uptake.
  • Inhibits synthesis of surplus fats and increases fat-burning.
  • Reduces triglyceride levels in the blood.
  • Combats liver degeneration.
  • Increases the number of new, healthy mitochondria.

Boosting the activity of AMPK would seem to be essential, given what we know about its role within the body. Our new product is designed to activate or reactive AMPK via the action of barberry, jiaogulan and Toxicodendron succedaneum (Rhus succedanea). With proven effects, these plant extracts together constitute a natural, effective formulation for supporting the body.

AMPK Booster is delivered in vegetarian capsules, offered at a dose of two capsules a day, to be taken with lunch and dinner. You may also be interested in two other natural extracts available to buy at Supersmart for improving your general state of health and combatting the ageing process: Astragalus Extract and Reishi Extract.

What are the ingredients in AMPK Booster?

Restoring AMPK enzyme activity will help you to not only recapture a certain youthfulness, but also control your weight in complete safety. When AMPK is activated, cells are thrown into survival mode and stop storing new fat; instead, they burn more stored fat – a process similar to that of calorie restriction. AMPK Booster, is the result of the latest scientific research, which combines three plant extracts able to reactivate this cellular enzyme.


Berberine (Berberis vulgaris), an isoquinoline alkaloid, scientifically-demonstrated to be one of the best AMPK-activators, which acts on a number of parameters. Further confirmation of berberine's AMPK-activating efficacy comes from recent studies that showed it promoted the multimerisation of adiponectin in adipocytes into high molecular weight (HMW) multimers. These have greater metabolic activity and are closely associated with cell insulin sensitivity. Even though berberine inhibits adiponectin expression, its activation of AMPK promotes multimerisation of adiponectin and thus helps reduce obesity and its complications.

  • Helps to balance energy metabolism and control dietary intake.
  • Regulates glucose uptake, reduces blood sugar levels and improves cell sensitivity to insulin by increasing production of the transporter GLUT4.
  • Stimulates fatty acid metabolism in the mitochondria, helping to lower LDL-cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Plays a crucial role in preventing metabolic disorders such as obesity and type 2 diabetes.
  • Like metformin, it is well tolerated by the digestive system and does not require a prescription.

Gynostemma pentaphyllum

Gynostemma pentaphyllum (or jiaogulan), standardised in gypenosides, has also demonstrated AMPK-activating capacity. Used in traditional Asian medicine, this plant is sometimes called the ‘immortality herb' both because it increases longevity and also has a number of other properties conferring antioxidant, adaptogen, anti-atherosclerotic and blood-pressure-lowering effects.

  • Scientists observed that in activating AMPK, administration of this herb increased fat-burning and cellular glucose uptake.
  • Cell culture experiments revealed that it doubled fat-burning and increased cellular glucose uptake 1.7-fold.
  • In a pre-clinical trial, obese mice given G. pentaphyllum showed impressive reductions in markers associated with obesity and its related diseases.
  • In a period of eight weeks, researchers noted decreases of 8.1% in body weight, 10.3% in deep fat, 15.5% in abdominal fat,18.8% in liver volume and 14.2% in cholesterolaemia.
  • Similarly, obese rats supplemented for just four days showed reductions in triglycerides (33%), total cholesterol (13%), LDL-cholesterol (33%) and post-prandial blood sugar (20 %), compared with controls.
  • In another study involving diabetic rats, three weeks' supplementation with G. pentaphyllum resulted in a 35% improvement in glucose tolerance and a reduction in glucose production and glycogen in the liver.
  • These results show how the activation of AMPK produces huge benefits in reducing circulating sugar and fats. Human studies have confirmed what most researchers had discovered in laboratory tests: that G. pentaphyllum boosts AMPK activity and offers certain longevity benefits.


Fisetin, a flavonoid extracted from the plant Rhus succedanea, sends a ‘switch-on' signal (like epitalon) to longevity transporter genes in a similar way to calorie restriction but without the need to make dietary changes. Some studies have also shown it has anti-cancer and anti-angiogenic effects. As an AMPK-activator, it inhibits – via a phosphorylati on process – the Mtor signalling pathway and incites cell apoptosis in human melanoma.

What is in AMPK Booster

Gynostemma pentaphyllum extract
Berberis vulgaris extract
Rhus succedanea extract

Any questions?

Why is restoring AMPK important?

As we grow older, activation of cellular AMPK declines. This leads to, amongst others, weight gain - because AMPK determines body fat composition – and therefore predisposes to the diseases associated with excess weight. In order to combat the ageing process, it is therefore essential to restore AMPK production and there are various ways of doing this such as physical exercise, even though benefits are less marked in elderly people, and calorie restriction, or taking substances that mimic it, such as resveratrol or oxaloacetate.

Most Western societies today are facing a significant problem with over-consumption. Eating too many calories impairs vital functions such as healthy uptake of glucose and fat from the blood, and leads to the accumulation of cellular waste and changes to longevity genes. This manifests as undesirable weight gain, diabetes, degenerative diseases and premature death. Few people are able to successfully maintain long-term calorie restriction, and so the identification by scientists of AMPK is indeed welcome news - when activated, this cellular enzyme mimics the beneficial effects of calorie restriction including loss of surplus body fat. Pre-clinical research has shown that boosting AMPK activity is associated with:

  • A 20-30% increase in lifespan.
  • A reduction in lipogenesis (storage of fat, in particular, dangerous abdominal fat).
  • Stimulation of fatty acid oxidation.
  • An increase in insulin sensitivity.
  • A change in insulin secretion by pancreatic beta cells;
  • Improved glucose absorption by cells.
  • A reduction in cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Suppression of chronic inflammation.
  • Enhanced activation of the SIRT1 enzyme (similar to that conferred by resveratrol) and of the P53 tumour-suppressor gene.


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Excellent 31 Reviews
Schweinb Joerg

february 8 2024

absolutely top, don't wanna miss.

Gabriel Diacakis

september 7 2023

Excellent senolytic combination

Schweinb Joerg

april 10 2022

perfect product perfect company

Antunez Ale

january 25 2022

This product meets and exceeds expectations, it is necessary to be constant and it is not cheap but the product is of very good quality, my endocrinologist recommended it to me and after searching the market this one seemed to me to be the best. I'm already on my fifth bottle, I just hope that SuperSmart puts it in their promotions.

Dominique Mas

july 5 2024

J'espérais perdre plus de poids surtout au niveau du ventre...

I was hoping to lose more weight, especially around the belly...

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