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Healthy, vitamin-rich teeth

Which vitamins are good for the teeth?

For healthy teeth, it’s important to observe good hygiene and eat a sensible diet. But which are the most important vitamins for dental health?

How to maintain healthy teeth

Let’s start with a simple reminder of the basic rules of good dental hygiene:

  • first and foremost, it is about brushing the teeth. Only thorough brushing will remove the dental plaque that builds up on teeth and contributes to the growth of bacteria. In some cases, using a fluoride toothpaste can help – check with your dentist. For good dental health, you need to brush your teeth at least twice a day for a minimum of 2 minutes. And remember too, to brush your tongue, rinse out your mouth and clean your toothbrush thoroughly after each session;
  • you should also avoid snacking between meals, especially with sugary foods and drinks;
  • it’s also a good idea to cut down on smoking, as it dries out the mouth by reducing blood and oxygen supply to the gums which promotes the development of disease. Tobacco use also makes the teeth yellow;
  • it’s advisable too, to maintain yearly dental appointments, even when there are no apparent problems with your teeth. Only a dentist can identify vulnerable areas (teeth that move or are showing early signs of decay …)

But good dental health also means eating a varied, balanced diet, rich in vitamins and other nutrients…

Vitamins crucial for the teeth and gums

Key role of vitamin D in dental health

Top of the list of vitamins important for dental health is vitamin D: it plays a central role in maintaining strong, healthy teeth:

  • first of all, it is needed in order for calcium to be absorbed in the gut. Calcium is a mineral essential for bones and teeth, especially tooth enamel. Lack of vitamin D can thus result in poor mineralisation of the teeth, which makes them weak and can be a cause of dental caries;
  • vitamin D similarly helps regulate the body’s levels of phosphorus another mineral important for tooth and bone mineralisation;
  • vitamin D also supports normal immune system function, which can help fight oral infections (and tooth decay);
  • some studies have also identified a lack of vitamin D as an aggravating factor in periodontal disease (periodontitis), a bacterial infection of the specific bones, ligaments and tissues that surround and support the teeth (1-2).

Vitamin D is primarily produced by exposure of the skin to sunlight but is also found in oily fish such as herring, sardines and salmon, as well as in some mushrooms, egg yolk, dark chocolate and butter. For a more significant intake, you can also take vitamin D supplements (such as Vitamin D3 Spray 2000 IU).

Vitamin C, collagen and teeth

Let’s not forget the indispensable vitamin C:

  • above all, vitamin C supports the normal formation of collagen, which is necessary for good dental function. Collagen is both a component of dentine, the substance that forms the bulk of the tooth (3), and an essential constituent of the gums. A lack of collagen can result in weak gums and oral health problems;
  • like vitamin D, vitamin C supports normal immune system function, which helps fight bacteria and thus tooth decay, as well as infections and other diseases;
  • deficiency in vitamin C can actually cause scurvy, a symptom of which is deterioration of oral health (inflamed, bleeding gums, loose teeth or actual tooth loss …);
  • studies suggest that vitamin C also helps minor wounds and cuts to heal, which is particularly beneficial in the mouth where they can quickly become sites of infection (3).

Good levels of vitamin C can be found in fruits and vegetables such as peppers, papaya, kiwi, citrus fruit, broccoli… and even more so in vitamin C supplements (such as Asc2P).

Two more vitamins good for dental health

Other vitamins which appear to play an important role in dental health include vitamin A. It supports immune system function (and thus helps prevent oral infections), and contributes to cell regeneration and the formation of tooth enamel.

Good dietary sources are offal, carrots, sweet potatoes and pumpkin (you could also try the supplement Carottol, rich in beta-carotene, a precursor of vitamin A).

Another such nutrient is vitamin K. Studies suggest this vitamin activates proteins that support calcium deposition in bones and teeth (4).

To obtain vitamin K from the diet, opt for cabbage, spinach or chard (or alternatively, take a supplement such as Complete K).

Other supplements excellent for the teeth

In terms of supplementation, it would be remiss not to mention certain minerals! Let’s remember the key role played by calcium and magnesium in helping to maintain normal teeth.

Certain probiotics have also been studied for the potential to support oral hygiene (such as those combined in the supplement Oral Health).

And many people like to use natural toothpastes with whitening and antibacterial properties (such as Power Smile™ Toothpaste), and sugar-free chewing gum for reducing dental plaque and promoting fresh breath (such as Mastic Gum Elma). Discover also Dental & Gingival Formula, a formula tested for swollen gums, periodontal disorders, and dental health .



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