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The benefits of GABA according to Justine Gayraud

Benefits of GABA: video testimonial from a fitness champion

Miss Universe Fitness explains why she recommends taking GABA. Discover all the benefits of this neurotransmitter.

What exactly is GABA?

GABA, or gamma-aminobutyric acid to give it its full name, is a neurotransmitter distributed across all regions of the brain.

This amino acid is used by the body to regulate brain activity. It is commonly referred to as a ‘neuromodulator’.

What are the benefits of GABA?

GABA is the main inhibitor of the central nervous system (1). In other words, it regulates the transmission of nerve signals: without GABA, neurons would act in an uncontrolled way and exhaust the body.

How does it work? Once released at a synapsis, GABA binds to the post-synaptic receptor. It then increases the neuron’s negative potential electric energy, which results in decreased neuronal excitability. (2-3).

Many people suffering from stress or anxiety (temporary or permanent) have much to gain by increasing their intake of foods that provide GABA (4).

What are the dietary sources of GABA?

GABA is produced from glutamate (also known as glutamic acid). This compound is found in various foods such as turkey, cod, eggs, parmesan, gouda, beans, parsley and spinach.

Taking a GABA supplement makes it possible to significantly increase your daily GABA intake.

Justine Gayraud and gamma-aminobutyric acid

Holder of the titles Miss Universe Sportsmodel and Miss Universe Sportsmodel Pro, Justine Gayraud is a big fan of GABA. In a previous video, she spoke to us about her dietary regime.

The fitness champion takes GABA during periods of pressure in particular, such as coming up to – and during - competitions. It forms part of her relaxation routine.

Note that she is also interested in the ‘neurotrophic’ properties of GABA: research suggests this amino acid promotes the growth of certain neurons (5).

Name : GABA

Dose: for adults. Take 1 tablet a day, in between meals. Each tablet contains 750 mg of gamma-amino-butyric acid (GABA).

Contents: 100 tablets.

(VIDEO) Why does Justine Gayraud recommend SuperSmart’s GABA in particular?

(Transcript below the video)

”Competing inevitably has its stressful side. At such times, I often take GABA.

Gamma-amino-butyric acid, or GABA, is the main inhibitory neurotransmitter of the nervous system.

I particularly like SuperSmart’s GABA because of its powerful dose which facilitates GABA’s passage to the blood-brain barrier helping it reach the central nervous system more easily.

Nature has created substances that are good for the mind and body : we might as well benefit from them!”


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