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Going on holiday: 4 solutions to ensure peace of mind during your trip

Every year, it’s the same. We can’t wait to go on holiday, but when it’s time to go, there’s always something that puts a dampener on things. Pre-departure stress, travel sickness, the effects of jetlag, travellers’ diarrhoea … These minor worries are far from infrequent but the good news is they can be easily avoided. Read on for our tips on how to travel with complete peace of mind!
Going on holiday
2018-08-01 (blog.publication: 2018-07-19)Comments (0)

Dealing with pre-departure stress

Holidays are often organised several months in advance in order to avoid the stress of last-minute arrangements. Despite this, however, it’s common to have concerns as the departure date approaches. Has the reservation been confirmed? How can we avoid traffic jams? What time does my flight leave? What will I do if I have a problem during my trip? These worries chip away at us, increasing our stress levels and potentially spoiling the start of our holiday.

SuperSmart’s advice: A few days before you go, take the time to do some relaxation exercises each day - it can significantly reduce the stress and worry of going on holiday. And if you haven’t already tried it, a course of magnesium supplements can be really beneficial. Essential for optimal function, this mineral plays a part in energy production, muscle relaxation and stress reduction.

Preventing travel sickness

Whether you’re travelling by ‘plane, boat, car or even motorbike, motion sickness can potentially ruin your holiday. Referred to by scientists as kinetosis, it is caused by an imbalance between visually-perceived movement and that captured by inner ear structures known as the vestibular system. It’s thought almost 30 million people in Europe could be chronic kinetosis-sufferers – perhaps you’re among them?

SuperSmart’s advice: While motion sickness is harmless, it is nevertheless unpleasant and restrictive. There are, however, a number of ways of dealing with it. Did you know, for example, that ginger rhizomes are recognised by health authorities for preventing nausea and vomiting caused by travel sickness? Many studies have confirmed the anti-nausea and anti-emetic effects of ginger extracts.

Preparing for the effects of jet-lag

The United States, Mexico, China, Bali, Guadeloupe … long-haul destinations such as these are perfect for providing a complete change of scene and enabling you to totally switch off. At the same time, travelling several thousand kilometres in a matter of hours has an effect on the body. We’re thinking in particular of the biological clock which controls many of the body’s processes but which is disrupted when subjected to time differences. This manifests in the well-known effects of jet-lag: fatigue, concentration problem, lack of appetite, insomnia…

SuperSmart’s advice: Nothing beats being well-prepared for preventing the effects of jet-lag. A few days before your departure, it’s a good idea to get your body ready in local time, by shifting the time you get up and go to bed. During the flight, continue to adapt by trying to sleep following local time. To encourage your biological clock to adapt and prevent the effects of jet-lag, class="menu_link"melatonin spray can be beneficial. Melatonin is the hormone that plays a central role in regulating circadian rhythms.

Preventing traveller’s diarrhoea

‘Turista’ or traveller’s diarrhoea is often a taboo subject but it’s nothing more than simple gastroenteritis, usually caused by a food-borne bacterial infection. While some countries present more of a risk than others, traveller’s diarrhoea can occur in the vast majority of destinations. This is because the body’s defences have been disrupted by such factors as time differences, change of pace, unfamiliar diet…

SuperSmart’s advice: To avoid getting traveller’s diarrhoea, a few precautions are called for. Always wash your hands before eating, don’t drink the local tap water, avoid drinks that contain ice cubes, as well as sorbet, ice cream, raw fruits and vegetables, and undercooked meat, fish and eggs. In addition to these common-sense measures, you can support your body’s defences by taking a probiotic supplement such as Saccharomyces boulardii.



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