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Grey Hair Formula Supplement
Grey Hair Formula Supplement
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Grey Hair Formula
Care of skin, hair and nails
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36.00 €(42.69 US$) in stock
Grey Hair Formula helps to naturally repigment grey hair.
  • Helps reduce the oxidative damage that causes hair to go grey.
  • Natural alternative to products currently on the market.
  • Fights the action of hydrogen peroxide, known to play a part in the development of grey hair.
90 veg caps
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Young adult men checking his hair on the mirror

Grey Hair Formula Supplement - Plant-Based Formula to Counter Grey Hair

Our dietary supplement Grey Hair Formula is designed to repigment grey hair. It offers a natural alternative in vegetarian capsules to the products currently on the market which are often considered to be harmful to health. Indeed, many such options are available to buy for preventing grey hair including substitutes for melanin formation, or the administration of lead salts. In contrast to these products, we offer a natural remedy with our supplement Grey Hair Formula, the composition of which is based on natural-source elements.

What are the benefits associated with the ingredients in Grey Hair Formula?


Our formulation contains the enzyme catalase. Though catalase is naturally present in the body, a decline in its levels is associated with greying of the hair. This molecule has thus been the subject of a number of scientific studies investigating ways of countering the hair-greying process. Scientists have found that catalase declines with age, hence the tendency of hair to turn grey or white as we get older. Based on this research, Grey Hair Formula has been specially formulated to include plant-source catalase and thus offers a natural remedy for grey hair:

  • Catalase prevents the action of hydrogen peroxide, known to play a part in the development of grey hair.
  • In the absence of catalase, hydrogen peroxide interferes with the formation of melanin, the pigment which gives our skin and hair its colour, gradually destroying it.
  • Catalase prevents this destruction by splitting the hydrogen peroxide molecule in two and blocking its activity.
  • This process thus reduces the oxidative damage responsible for greying of the hair.

Fallopia multiflora

Our dietary supplement Grey Hair Formula also contains an extract of the plant Fallopia multiflora, formerly Polygonum multiflorum. Also known by the name of ho sho woo, or fo-ti, this plant is highly valued in Chinese medicine for restoring the hair’s natural colour. Though little-known in Europe, it has been used for many centuries in Asia; indeed, certain references claim its use dates back to around 2000 years BC. The plant owes its reputation to having been used by a Chinese emperor called Huangdi, known as the Yellow Emperor. According to ancient sources, ho sho woo, or fo-ti may have been responsible for the Emperor’s eternal youth.

Fallopia multiflora has been widely studied as a result of its potential to combat the effects of ageing. Such research has expanded scientific knowledge of some of the benefits of this traditional Chinese plant. In particular, it may help reduce deposits of lipofuscin, the pigment responsible for liver spots. Studies are still ongoing, but it also appears to have blood pressure-lowering and immune-modulating effects, essential for the body’s defences.

Other Ingredients

In addition to catalase and extract of Fallopia multiflora, our product contains other ingredients including:

  • Substances rich in sulphur-containing elements such as methionine and cysteine.
  • Vitamin B5 and vitamin B8 (biotin).
  • Fatty acids from palm fruits.
  • Plant sterols.
  • Metal catalysers such as zinc and copper.

Delivered in capsule form, these ingredients combine to provide a comprehensive dietary supplement for countering the hair-greying process. For optimal results, it is advisable to take a dose of three capsules a day, for a minimum of three months.

Buy Grey Hair Formula, a natural alternative to help repigment grey hair.

Daily dosis : 3 capsules
Number of doses per pack : 30
Amount per dose
DL-methionine 150 mg
Saw palmetto extract standardised to 45 % fatty acids 150 mg
L-cysteine 150 mg
PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid) 150 mg
Polygonum multiflorum extract 12:1 (Ho sho woo/Fo-ti) 200 mg
Grapeseed extract standardised to 95 % oligoproanthocyanidins 100 mg
Soya (Glycine max) standardised to 90 % phytosterols and 40 % beta-sitosterols 100 mg
Catalase (35000 IU/g) 5 000 UI
Biotin 50 mg
Zinc (from 30 mg zinc picolinate) 6 mg
Copper (from 2 mg copper glycinate) 200 mcg
Other ingredients : Acacia gum, rice flour.
Directions for use
Adults. Take 3 capsules a day : morning, lunchtime and evening
Attention : contains a soya derivative.
2.7 /5 7 reviews
3.0 / 5
2.6 / 5
Value for money
2.8 / 5

Reviews 7
29 %

3/4 years that i take that GHF
we are 5 bro and all even youngest have lost a part or all hairs!!
I kept my hairs, of course the r a little bit grey around ears but i dont loose them, they r blond, healthy and i know its because of
GHF ( and also all vits i take with - life extension mix and so )
One thing i am 60 :-))

Geeft geen voldoening
Niet voldoende resultaat
Décevant par rapport aux promesses "mirobolantes" décrites… Qui plus est, cher et jamais en "promotion". Conclusion : copie à revoir
Je l’utilise selon les prescriptions depuis plus de 8 mois et je ne vois pas de vrais resultats.
ANTON Unterkircher
Die Lieferung hat schnell und vollständig geklappt!
BLOCH Thierry
Cela fait 2-3 ans que j’util Ce produit et rien ne change . Mes cheveux deviennent de plus en plus gris.

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Grey Hair Formula
36.00 €
(42.69 US$)
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