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Skin Ceramides Supplement
Skin Ceramides Supplement
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Skin Ceramides
Care of skin, hair and nails
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Skin Ceramides provides powerful hydration support to the skin.
  • Restores youthful levels of ceramides to ageing skin.
  • Improves hydration, elasticity and health of dry skin.
  • Protects the skin from the damaging effects of cold weather and alleviates skin dryness from exposure to the sun.
60 softgels
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Skin Ceramides Supplement - Improves Hydration & Elasticity of Dry Skin

Skin Ceramides is a well-established, easy and effective way of restoring youthful levels of ceramides to ageing skin.

What are Ceramides?

Ceramides are essential components of the skin's hydrolipid barrier, representing 35%-40% of its intercellular cement. They play a key role in the function of this barrier, hydrating the skin by literally ‘trapping' water. Unfortunately, ceramide concentration in the skin declines significantly as we get older.

The structure of the outermost layer of skin protection, the Stratum corneum, varies according to our age but also the season, a fact related to the skin's concentration in lipids. During cold winters and hot summers, lipid secretion decreases and the skin becomes dry, and sometimes shows other signs of accelerated ageing: rough patches, redness, flakiness, tightness, itching and inflammation. Supplementation with ceramides is therefore essential to provide the skin, from within, with the structural elements it lacks. The ceramides produced naturally by young skin are chemically identical to those present in wheat grains.

What are the benefits associated with Skin Ceramides?

Skin Ceramides contains Lipowheat™, a unique, proprietary complex of wheat-extracted ceramides and glycosylceramides, that provides powerfully hydrating nutritional support, as has been clearly demonstrated in three clinical studies all of which reached similar conclusions. Following three months' supplementation with 200mg of Lipowheat a day, women with dry, slack skin reported an astonishing improvement, both in their skin's appearance and in the way it felt. These results were confirmed by electrochemical analysis, with 95% positive results in hydration-associated parameters. Furthermore, symptoms of chronic itching were totally eliminated.

Skin Ceramides contains 350 mg of Lipowheat per softgel. Take for three months during winter, to protect skin from the damaging effects of cold weather, and in summer, to alleviate skin dryness from exposure to the sun. You can also buy it to be taken as a complement to topical hydration products. This manifests with significant benefits such as the improvement in hydration, elasticity and health of dry skin.

Buy Skin Ceramides to restore healthy levels of ceramides to ageing skin.

Daily dose : 1 softgel
Number of doses per box : 60
Amount per dose
Lipowheat™ (wheat ceramides) 350 mg
Zinc (from 12.44 mg zinc oxide) 10 mg
Other ingredients : beeswax. Lipowheat™, Hitex, France
Directions for use
Adults. Take one softgel a day.
Attention : contains a wheat derivative.
4.7 /5 7 reviews
5.0 / 5
4.4 / 5
Value for money
4.0 / 5

Reviews 7
71 %

PENALVA Francisco Luis
Es muy efectivo
Jusqu'à l'an dernier, ce rpoduit m'a évité d'avoir des crevasses au pouce et à l'index, pendant quelques années. Cette année-ci, ça ne se passe pas très bien, j'ai dû en prendre bien jusqu'en juin, et peut-être ai-je commencé trop tard en octobre. Affaire à suivre.
excellent pour prévenir les crevasses de la peau des doigts, près des ongles.
Bon produit
Bagnoud Paul
C'est un des seuls produits pour lequel j'ai constaté un effet très net et soulageant. Je n'ai quasiment plus jamais de crevasses au pouce et à l'index, de tout l'hiver, en cas de retour d'air froid et sec. Juste hier: HR < 35 % à l'intérieur ! Elles étaient le symptôme de quelque chose de moins visible, assurément. Sécheresse générale de la peau? Bon je dois toujours poncer la epau sèche autour des ongles, et faire attention, crémer avec Eu....in. Sa formule a été complétée il y a 1 an 1/2 par l'ajout de ?.... céramides.
Excellent produit, ma peau est très hydratée !
LE COZ Michele
Ma peau est plus lisse ,moins sèche et moins d'irrégularités...

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Skin Ceramides Supplement
Skin Ceramides
Intensive rehydration for dry skin, as demonstrated in three clinical studies !
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Skin Ceramides
39.00 €37.05 €
(43.93 US$)
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