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Strona główna Kupuj przez tematyka zdrowotna Prostata i problemy z oddawaniem moczu Nettle Root Extract 500 mg
Nettle Root Extract 500 mg
Nettle Root Extract 500 mg Nettle Root Extract 500 mg
Nettle Root Extract 500 mg
Prostata i problemy z oddawaniem moczu Opinie klientów
24.00 €(26.54 US$) na stanie
Extract of Urtica dioica root to combat prostate problems
  • Used for relieving urinary problems related to benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate).
  • Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, making it beneficial for treating arthritis.
90 tablets
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Nettle Root Extract 500 mg

Nettle Root Extract 500 mg

Nettle root extract is widely used in Europe to treat Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia or enlarged prostate gland. It is recommended by Commission E in Germany and by ESCOP (European Scientific Cooperative of Phytotherapy) specifically to relieve urinary problems associated with an enlarged prostate.

¤ Development of BPH depends on a number of factors:
    - conversion of testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone), a form which actively binds to sites of prostate cells regulating its growth;
    - the age-related imbalance between levels of testosterone and oestrogen, the latter stimulating prostate growth. Aromatisation converts androgens into oestrogens adding to those already circulating in the blood.
¤ Research shows that nettle root extract counteracts the development of BPH via various mechanisms:
    - by inhibiting conversion of testosterone into DHT;
    - by interfering with free androgen concentration by acting on the serum proteins to which they are bound. Some of its constituents are able to bind strongly to these proteins;
    - by inhibiting the aromatase activity which allows testosterone to be converted into oestrogens;
    - by a direct anti-proliferation action.
Over 15000 men enrolled in clinical studies have benefited from the effects of nettle root extract leading to significant improvements in prostate size, frequency of urination, nocturnal micturition and post-micturition residue.

Nettle root extract is often used in combination with saw palmetto with which it has a synergistic effect. One observational study involving 419 urologists monitoring 2030 patients over 12 weeks showed beneficial effects, with 85% of patients reporting improvements.
Informacje żywieniowe
Daily serving: 3 tablets
Number of servings per bottle: 30
Quantity per serving
Nettle root extract (16:1) 1,500 mg
Other ingredients: węglan wapnia, kwas stearynowy, maltodekstryna, kroskarmeloza sodowa, szelak.

Each vegetarian capsule provides 500 mg of nettle root extract (16:1).
Sposób stosowania
Take 2 to 3 tablets a day or as advised by your therapist.


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Nettle Root Extract 500 mg
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