Super Curcuma + Bioperine
Super Curcuma + Bioperine


Super Curcuma + Bioperine

Extract of black pepper (Piper nigrum) to maximise absorption of nutrients from food

  • Increases bioavailability of a number of micronutrients (2000% for curcumin)
  • Increases activity of digestive enzymes
  • Standardised to 95% natural piperine (the maximum available)
  • Increases thermogenesis
  • Stimulates the taste buds

Curcuma extract - 29 times more easily assimilated
  • Better absorption than traditional products.
  • Could have anti-tumoral and anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Traditionally used to stimulate digestion and biliary secretions.

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Bioperine 10 mg

We’re all familiar with the hotness of black pepper: it is due to the biological activity of several active compounds, in particular piperine . What are the main effects of Bioperine? Piperine is an alkaloid used for more than 20 years to maximise the bioavailability of nutrients. Black pepper is one of three essential natural ingredients used in the majority of Ayurvedic formulations. It can increase absorption of selenium and vitamin C by up to 42% and 50% respectively. Below are just some of the many micronutrients where absorption can be improved by piperine: curcumin (1); iron (2); resveratrol (3); selenium; vitamin B6; β-Carotene; extract of Boswellia serrata; extract of Ginkgo biloba . proteins in general. Its effects are due to three distinct mechanisms of action: Piperine helps increase intestinal activity of glycoprotein-P which is involved in the transport of many substances (including certain drugs) (4). Piperine modifies the rate of glucurono-conjugation by reducing glucor...

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Super Curcuma 500 mg

Curcuma, a plant with multiple uses Originating from South Asia, curcuma, or turmeric, is a perennial herbaceous plant and a member of the ginger family. It is particularly valued for its rhizomes (the underground parts) from which the yellow-orange spice is obtained. Though the spice is primarily known as a culinary ingredient, curcuma also has a number of health benefits. Curcuma, a spice with medicinal virtues Part of Chinese and Ayurvedic systems of medicine for centuries, curcuma is traditionally used to stimulate digestion and treat digestive problems. It acts primarily by increasing bile secretion, thus facilitating digestion. As a result of its therapeutic benefits, curcuma has been the subject of numerous scientific studies. Researchers have succeeded in isolating the substances responsible for curcuma’s many benefits – curcuminoids – of which curcumin is the most abundant in curcuma and the best-documented in the scientific literature. Curcumin is recognised for its antioxida...

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