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How can I solve my skin problems naturally?

If you’re looking for natural, simple ways to improve the appearance of your skin, here are our tips on how to regain the perfect complexion, whatever your skin type or problem.
How can I solve my skin problems naturally?
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2017-02-23 (blog.publication: 2017-02-03)Comments (0)

My skin is dry


Skin becomes dry when the oily surface (lipid layer) of the epidermis deteriorates, thus depriving it of protection against dehydration or lack of fluid. The process can be aggravated by bad skin care choices (drying soaps, too-frequent hot showers or baths), as well as cold, dry air and wind, and of course, age (the skin tends to dry out as we get older).

What to do

Rehydrate your skin from within by drinking plenty of fluid throughout the day (water, teas, fresh juices) and make sure your diet is high in vitamins (particularly vitamin E). Apply a rich cream suitable for dry skin, morning and night. Aloe vera, ylang-ylang, borage, wheat germ oil and evening primrose oil are all good for dry skin as they provide deep rehydration and restore the hydro-lipid film. These substances are found in creams and cosmetics contain but they can also be ingested as dietary supplements.

I have oily and/or acne-prone skin


Oily skin is characterised by a shiny appearance which is caused by over-production of sebum. This excess oil results in imperfections and spots, although not all oily skin is prone to acne. Outbreaks of spots or acne can be caused by hormone fluctuations (during pregnancy or puberty, for example). Lifestyle factors (stress, smoking, a high-fat, unbalanced diet) are also known to contribute. Bad skin management (such as over-stripping the skin) and excessive sun exposure also aggravate oily, acne-prone skin.

What to do

Establish a beauty regime and stick to it - oily skin requires meticulous care (no going to bed with your make-up on). Your regime should include twice-daily cleansing with a pH neutral soap, regular exfoliation and use of a suitable moisturiser. Nasturtium and witch hazel with astringent, purifying properties are good options as is neem, an antiseptic which can help in cases of moderate acne. In addition, weekly beauty masks (such as green clay) can brighten the complexion and reduce imperfections. Finally, always use make-up that is non-comedogenic (non-pore-blocking) and apply a sunscreen on sunny days. For severe acne, however, always consult a dermatologist.

My skin is flaky, tight and red


You’re among the 20% of women who have sensitive, reactive skin. Sensitive, devitalised skin is the most fragile. It is easily irritated, lacks moisture (like dry skin) and is characterised by feelings of discomfort especially when exposed to variations in temperature or during times of stress.

What to do

Above all, sensitive skin needs to be treated gently. Ban all harsh skin care approaches or cosmetics (exfoliation, skin-peeling …) and use natural products with minimal active ingredients (sensitive skin is often prone to allergy). Camomile (as an essential oil or an active ingredient in a cream), calendula, jasmine or centella asiatica (also known as tiger grass) can all have a soothing effect on sensitive skin.

I have rosacea


Rosacea is caused by changes in the small blood vessels which run along the skin’s surface. This vascular problem leads to unsightly localised redness. Alcohol is an aggravating factor, though contrary to popular belief, is not a cause. Spices, prolonged sun exposure, stress, hormonal changes and certain drugs can all exacerbate the condition.

What to do

Avoid using hot water on your face. Witch hazel, sweet clover or red vine improve the circulation and reduce dilation of the small blood vessels. They can be taken in the form of dietary supplements, or incorporated into home-made cosmetics.

I’d like to prevent the appearance of wrinkles


From the age of 30, the skin begins to lose suppleness, cell renewal is less effective and the epidermis becomes dehydrated… this is when the wrinkles first appear. While the process is inevitable, we can hold back the effects of time by adopting good skin care measures and relying on home-made cosmetics.

What to do

Drink green tea! Why? Because it’s very rich in antioxidants which reduce damage from oxidative stress and improve cell renewal. Limit your sun exposure and always apply a sun block to your face (UV encourages wrinkle formation). Lemon and rosemary are also known for their anti-wrinkle properties. Ergothioneine is an amino acid which is taken as a supplement that prevents the signs of ageing and counteracts the damage caused by prolonged sun exposure.



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