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Welcome Shop by health concern Fighting inflammation Serrapeptase 60 000 IU
Serrapeptase Supplement
Serrapeptase Supplement
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Sans nano-particulesSans glutenvégétarien
Serrapeptase 60 000 IU
Fighting inflammation
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37.00 €(43.27 US$) in stock
Serrapeptase contains a bioactive enzyme from Serratia peptidase for natural pain relief.
  • Acts as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic.
  • Boosts antibiotic activity and tackles bacterial resistance.
  • Particularly effective for relieving chronic ear, nose, and throat (ENT) inflammation.
90 DR Caps™
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Serrapeptase Supplement - Bioactive Enzyme with Anti-inflammatory Properties

Serratia peptidase, or serrapeptase, is a proteolytic enzyme produced by the Serratia bacteria that lives in the intestines of silkworms. Serrapeptase has been used successfully for almost 40 years in Europe and Asia for its benefits in treating pain, inflammation, trauma-induced swelling and excessive mucous secretion, now available to buy in supplement form at SuperSmart.

What are the benefits associated to Serrapeptase?

Because serrapeptase is able to digest dead tissue - indeed, this is how it releases the silkworm from its cocoon - it can be used to restrict arterial obstruction (atheromatous plaques)and facilitate circulation. Hans Neiper, the world-renowned German doctor, and scientist, has reported significant improvements from serrapeptase treatment in the circulation of a number of patients with previously compressed arteries. Serrapeptase can also:

  • Act as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic, similar to aspirin, ibuprofen and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).
  • Induce fibrinolytic, anti-inflammatory and anti-oedema effects in many tissues; its anti-inflammatory effects are superior to those of other proteolytic enzymes. Serrapeptase works by fragmenting fibrinous aggregates, reducing the viscosity of exudates and by inhibiting the release of inflammatory mediators, thus facilitating drainage of these inflammatory response products thereby promoting the process of tissue repair.
  • Help at reducing toxins in the intestine as well as reactions to foreign bodies.
  • Boost antibiotic activity and tackle bacterial resistance by inhibiting the formation of their natural protective biofilm.
  • It is particularly effective for relieving chronic ear, nose and throat (ENT) inflammation, producing significant reductions in pain severity, quantity and purulence of secretions, difficulty in swallowing, dysphonia and nasal obstruction. Studies have highlighted its beneficial effects in normalising broncho-pulmonary secretions (mucous).

As with all enzymes, serrapeptase is sensitive to stomach acids. To improve its efficacy and bioavailability, new technology has enabled it to be produced in a gastro-resistant capsules, DR Caps, which release their content only in the small intestine.

Buy Serrapeptase capsules today to help fight inflammation.

Daily dosis : 2 DR Caps™ capsules
Number of doses per pack: 45
Amount per dose
Serrapeptase (gastroresistant fine granules of Serratia peptidase 2000 units/mg) 120 000 IU
Other ingredients: Acacia gum, rice bran.
Contains lactose
Directions for use
Adults. Take one capsule twice a day on an empty stomach. Each DR Caps™ contains 30 mg of serrapeptase.
4.7 /5 18 reviews
4.8 / 5
4.9 / 5
Value for money
4.6 / 5

Reviews 18
78 %

Aussi efficace qu’un médicament traditionnel de ce type et sans effet secondaire.
ottimo prodotto.
Mantiene los stends que me implantaron limpios como una patena, según me informaron al implantarme el tercero de ellos en un segundo infarto. Imagino por tanto, que también estará realizando una labor semejante en mis arterias, de hecho lo noto por el aumento de mi capacidad respiratoria.
Muchas gracias a Supersmart

Paule L
ce produit me fait du bien
je n'ai pas encore de résultats visible
Il s agit d un très bon produit que je recommande à mes connaissances
activité très satisfaisante dans les BPCO
Luis Gómez maria
Me parece que debería estar en todas las sanidades del mundo
SAAB Danuta
tres bon produit
Catherine Brahmi
Super produit qui peut faire des miracles. Je ne suis pas médecin... je crois qu'ils devraient s'intéresser aux compléments alimentaires.
Je suis une convaincue, je l'ai conseillé à une personne avec les artères bouchées peut-être à cause du tabac, la médecine traditionnelle propose des stens, ou faire du sport pour conserver l'usage de ses jambes.
Supersmart offre des produits de qualité avec des remises pour les clients fidèles +++

Très efficace sur les douleurs inflammatoires.
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Serrapeptase Supplement
Serrapeptase 60 000 IU
Double dose : 60,000 IU of serratia peptidase per capsule. Now in gastroresistant DR caps™
37.00 €(43.27 US$)
5 18 reviews
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InflaRelief Formula
New, more powerful and polyvalent formulation.
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Serrapeptase 60 000 IU
37.00 €
(43.27 US$)
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