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Lactoferrin dietary supplement, contributes for immune health
Lactoferrin dietary supplement, contributes for immune health
0131Lactoferrin dietary supplement, contributes for immune healthSize
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Immune system, fatigue and infections
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59.00 €(66.85 US$) in stock
One of the most active components of colostrum (the first form of breast milk)
  • Helps to optimise the immune response.
  • Lactoferrin extracted from whey proteins.
  • Excellent for health.
  • Helps fight oxidative stress.
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Lactoferrin Dietary Supplement, 60 Capsules - Dosage, Reviews

Lactoferrin 250 mg is a dietary supplement containing lactoferrin, a fascinating, natural molecule involved in many of the body’s defence mechanisms. It is extracted from whey proteins.

What exactly is lactoferrin?

Lactoferrin is a mammalian protein from the transferrin family. It has long been regarded as a simple anti-infective iron chelator, depriving pathogenic bacteria of the iron necessary for their growth.

Since the 2000s, however, it has been the subject of intensive study aimed at exploring its full potential, particularly its presumed ability to modulate the immune system and regulate bone growth.

In the human body, lactoferrin is present in breast milk, tears, bile, saliva and secretions from reproductive organs (1). It is also synthesised by microglial cells and polymorphonuclear neutrophils, two types of immune cell (2).

What benefits are believed to be offered by lactoferrin?

Lactoferrin is a key element of the immune system, particularly the innate immune system. Expression of lactoferrin in the body can be induced by a simple, pro-inflammatory stimulus (3). It essentially restricts the growth of bacteria and yeasts, as well as certain viruses and pathogenic fungi.

Lactoferrin acts on immunity via several mechanisms:

  • Iron-depriving action: secreted in body fluids, it prevents the growth of bacteria by sequestering free iron.
  • Destabilisation of bacterial membranes, thus increasing their permeability.
  • Interaction with certain proteins used by viruses to penetrate cells.
  • Apoptosis of certain yeasts (particularly those that cause oral thrush).

It’s also a powerful modulator of the inflammatory response (4). In particular, it regulates the production of cytokines (molecular messengers) and the recruitment of immune cells to the site of inflammation.

Finally, from a more theoretical perspective, lactoferrin may occupy a central position in regulating crucial cellular processes such as the cell cycle and cell death (apoptosis). It may exert a monitoring action on cell growth.

What does the latest research on lactoferrin show?

A number of studies suggest it offers benefits for certain dermatological problems (2017) (5). Researchers looked at six studies before reaching their conclusions on its therapeutic effects in the area of dermatology.

Lactoferrin, a modulator of innate and adaptive immune responses (2018) (6). A new review has confirmed lactoferrin’s ability to optimise immune system function in the face of pathogenic parasites, fungi and viruses.

Lactoferrin, a multifunctional protein (2019) (7). A Japanese team is revisiting the major physiological functions of lactoferrin and its practical applications .

Which other supplements can be taken alongside lactoferrin?

With the aim of strengthening the immune system, we’d recommend combining it with one of the following supplements:

Free from any toxicity, lactoferrin is attracting increasing interest in the pharmaceutical field. It offers numerous applications and its efficacy has been conclusively demonstrated by a growing number of clinical trials. It has been extracted and purified from bovine whey and formulated with 100% natural excipients: acacia gum and white rice bran.

Daily dose: 2 capsules
Number of doses per pack: 30
Amount per dose
Lactoferrin [extracted from whey proteins] 500 mg
Other ingredients : Acacia gum, white rice bran.

Attention : contains milk.

Directions for use

Take one or two capsules a day as required, or more if advised by your therapist.

Caution: do not exceed the recommended daily dose. This product is a nutritional supplement and should not be used to replace a varied, balanced diet or healthy lifestyle. Keep out of young children’s reach. Store away from light, heat and humidity. As with all nutritional supplements, consult a health professional before taking if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or suffer from a health problem.

4.2 /5 6 reviews
4.5 / 5
4.5 / 5
Value for money
2.8 / 5

Reviews 6
33 %

Couplé au Colostrom, c'est une arme redoutable pour soutenir l'immunité.
Dommage qu'il ne soit plus disponible pour livraison en Belgique

Es bueno, pero claro, la eficacia aún la desconozco, es pronto para saber el efecto
Anne-Mie Rysman
Lactoferrine is goede barriere tegen virale infecties, los van de maaltijd nemen.
le prix est élevé par rapport à la concurrence mais bonne qualité
VOGEL Guenter H
für mich persönlich wichtiges Präparat
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Lactoferrin dietary supplement, contributes for immune health
One of the most active components of colostrum (the first form of breast milk)
59.00 €(66.85 US$)
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Lactoferrin dietary supplement, contributes for immune health
One of the most active components of colostrum (the first form of breast milk)
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