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Palmitoleic Acid Supplement
Palmitoleic Acid Supplement
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Palmitoleic Acid
Fighting inflammation
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65.00 €(68.55 US$) in stock

Patented, ultra-purified omega-7 supplement

  • Only source of purified palmitoleic acid on the market.
  • After DHA (an omega-3), it’s the new ‘good’ fat, attracting huge interest among the scientific community.
  • Extracted from anchovies sustainably caught along the coast of Peru.
  • Fish oil standardised to 50% palmitoleic acid.
  • Palmitoleic acid is a monounsaturated fatty acid used by all human tissues.
  • Only omega-7 supplement backed by clinical studies.
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Palmitoleic Acid Supplement - Natural Anchovy Omega-7 Anti-Inflammatory

Palmitoleic Acid is an omega-7 supplement extracted from anchovies sustainably fished in Peru. Standardised to 50% palmitoleic acid, a rarity on the market, it is generating considerable optimism among the scientific community.

What is palmitoleic acid?

Palmitoleic acid, more commonly known as omega-7 fatty acid, is a monounsaturated fatty acid rarely found in the diet. Till now, the primary sources have been sea buckthorn, avocado oil and macadamia nuts, foods that rarely feature in the typical Western diet, but recent discoveries have made it possible to isolate omega-7 in wild anchovies. This is now the only available source of fully purified palmitoleic acid, with levels of unwanted fatty acids (like palmitic acid) of less than 1%.

In the human body, however, it is not a rare fatty acid: it is produced from the delta 9 desaturation of palmitic acid by a specific enzyme. In the foetus, it represents no less than 6% of the body’s fatty acids.

Omega-7 is a recent discovery: till now scientists have been focusing more on the omega-3 fatty acids, the cardiovascular benefits of which are now universally recognised.

What are the benefits of palmitoleic acid in human nutrition?

Recent research has shown that palmitoleic acid acts as a lipid hormone or lipokine, linking adipose tissue to systemic metabolism (1). It may therefore help to normalise blood triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

Furthermore, in 2013, Professor K M Macrae, from the Department of Cell Signalling and Immunology at the Sir James Black Centre, stated: “A lipid overload in skeletal muscle triggers an inflammatory syndrome which is limited and counter-regulated by palmitoleic acid.

With a diet high in marine fatty acids, the Greenlandic Inuit consume large amounts of palmitoleic acid (2), perhaps 2.5 times more than that consumed by the Danes – around 6.5g a day. No adverse effects have been observed in these populations; on the contrary, several studies have shown the Inuit to have a reduced risk of cardiovascular disorders compared with Western populations (3).

Research is ongoing into the benefits of omega-7, following the publication of highly-promising preliminary results.

5 good reasons to try Palmitoleic Acid

  1. To date, it’s the only non-GMO, highly-concentrated, and completely purified source of omega-7, with less than 1% of antagonist fatty acids like palmitic acid.
  2. It is produced from sustainably-sourced wild anchovies, and delivered in the form of softgels for maximum absorption.
  3. It has been patented (Provinal®) and remains the only such product on the market to be supported by specific clinical studies (4).
  4. After omega-3s, omega-7s are the new ‘good’ fatty acids to watch out for.
  5. Palmitoleic acid is currently the subject of numerous studies: as it was only identified recently, there is not yet sufficient data to authorise health claims.

How should this omega-7 supplement be taken?

We recommend taking 1-2 capsules a day, with meals.

Palmitoleic Acid can be taken on its own or combined with other supplements that help maintain good cardiovascular health: vitamin K, which supports normal blood coagulation, EPA and DHA, two omega-3 fatty acids which help balance blood lipids, orcelery seed extract, which helps to normalise blood pressure.

Throughout the supplementation period, we recommend that you:

  • set aside time during the day to release any built-up tension (by taking exercise, pursuing hobbies, relaxing, deep breathing …).
  • try to reduce any excess fat around the abdomen: this kind of visceral fat poses a greater risk to the heart. Ideally, the waistline should measure no more than 94cm for men and 80cm for women.
  • take care with your diet, reducing, in particular, your intake of saturated fats and sugars.
  • get enough sleep: a chronic lack of sleep is very bad for heart health.

Clinical trials have shown no side-effects

Daily dose : 2 softgels
Number of doses per pack : 30
Amount per dose
Provinal® (Fish oil standardised to 50% palmitoleic acid) 840 mg
Provinal®, Tersus Pharmaceuticals, USA.
Directions for use
Adults. Take 1-2 softgels a day.
Each softgel contains 210 mg of palmitoleic acid
Attention: contains fish derivatives.
4.2 /5 4 reviews
3.5 / 5
5.0 / 5
Value for money
3.0 / 5

Reviews 4
75 %

Good product
Dans le but de réduire mon glucose sanguin, j'ai acheté 2 flacons et en ai pris entre 2 et 4 gélules par jour pendant un peu plus d'un mois et je n'ai vu strictement aucun effet et mes analyses sanguines non plus. S'il faut prendre 6 gélules par jour pour ressentir quelque chose, un flacon faisant alors 10 jours seulement, le prix est trop élevé ou le nombre de gélules par flacon trop réduit. Je comprends la démarche, mais cela relève trop du produit de luxe. Sans être sûr du résultat pour autant
ROUVERY Bernard et Jocelyne
ne peut faire que du bien
En cours pour une ami. Pour son foie
  1. Cao H., Gerhold K., Mayers J. R., Wiest M. M., Watkins S. M., Hotamisligil G. S. (2008) Identification of a lipokine, a lipid hormone linking adipose tissue to systemic metabolism. Cell, 134 (6), 933–944.
  2. Dyerberg J, Bang HO, Hjørne N. Fatty acid composition of the plasma lipids in Greenland Eskimos. Am J Clin Nutr 1975;28:958-66.
  3. Bang HO, Dyerberg J, Sinclair HM. The composition of the Eskimo food in north western Greenland. Am J Clin Nutr. 1980 Dec;33(12):2657-61.
  4. Duckett SK, Volpi-Lagreca G, Alende M, Long NM. Palmitoleic acid reduces intramuscular lipid and restores insulin sensitivity in obese sheep. Diabetes Metab Syndr Obes. 2014;7:553-563. Published 2014 Nov 20. doi:10.2147/DMSO.S72695

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Palmitoleic Acid
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Palmitoleic Acid Supplement
Palmitoleic Acid
A purified form of omega-7 to help combat type II diabetes, atherosclerosis and metabolic syndrome.
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Palmitoleic Acid
65.00 €
(68.55 US$)
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