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Natural TestoFormula

Testosterone booster food supplement, natural & powerful

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The best natural testosterone-booster
  • Combines the most effective natural precursors and stimulants of testosterone.
  • Tribulus terrestris supports hormone activity and sex organ function.
  • Zinc helps maintain normal testosterone levels in the blood.
  • Mucuna pruriens promotes testosterone production, fertility and breakdown of prolactin.
  • Fenugreek contains steroidal saponins and Muira puama is rich in sterols, testosterone components.
  • Nettle, rhodiola and maca stimulate blood flow, helping to prevent erectile disfunction.
  • The fatty acids in saw palmetto raise testosterone levels and support male reproductive function.
  • Synergistic formulation excellent for maintaining or restoring male vigour.
  • Adequate testosterone levels tone the muscles, help eliminate fat, facilitate healing, improve mood and increase libido and stamina.

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Natural TestoFormula

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The supplement Natural TestoFormula is a powerful testosterone-booster. It brings together the most effective precursors and stimulants of testosterone, the steroid hormone produced naturally by men and to a lesser degree, women.

This formulation developed by SuperSmart contains only natural ingredients that work synergistically to maintain optimal testosterone levels at every stage of adult life. Its compounds stimulate production of testosterone, increase levels of free testosterone (the most active form) and support good hormonal balance. The natural testosterone-booster Natural TestoFormula is listed under our ‘Hormone health’ and ‘Sexuality’ categories.

A powerful testosterone-booster with multiple benefits

What are the benefits of Natural TestoFormula? This powerful testosterone-booster brings together 9 hand-picked, natural ingredients:

  1. extract of Tribulus terrestris (150mg a day): this tropical, yellow-flowered plant has been used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years, especially for its effects on hormone activity and sex organ function. Tribulus terrestris contains protodioscin, a steroidal saponin which stimulates secretion of luteinising hormone (LH), which in turn promotes testosterone production. This plant extract also increases the release of nitric oxide, a potent vasodilator essential for achieving an erection (1-2) ;
  2. extract of Mucuna pruriens (250 mg a day) : this tropical legume promotes production of testosterone by supporting LH and reducing levels of prolactin, a compound that usually inhibits testosterone production. Research has also shown that Mucuna pruriens promotes good male reproductive health and fertility by improving the volume and quality of sperm (3-4) ;
  3. extract of Muira puama (130 mg a day) : this grey-trunked tree, also known as bois bandé », has long been used by people from Brazil’s Amazon region. Muira puama is unusually rich in sterols, the ‘building blocks’ of sex hormones such as testosterone. Many studies have investigated its potential for improving sexual vigour, desire and satisfaction (in both men and women) (5-6) ;
  4. zinc (10 mg par jour) : this trace element plays a direct role in the body’s hormone levels. Numerous studies highlight the importance of zinc status for testosterone levels. Specifically, this mineral promotes the conversion of androstenedione into testosterone and thus helps maintain normal blood testosterone levels. It also contributes to sperm production – a lack of zinc results in a decreased sperm count (7-8) ;
  5. extract of fenugreek seeds (200 mg a day) : this small member of the legume family (Trigonella foenum-graecum) contains a number of steroidal saponins capable of increasingfree testosterone levels (9-10) ;
  6. extract of nettle (1000mg a day): this herbaceous plant, covered in irritant hairs, is often used in Europe to reinvigorate the body and reduce symptoms of an enlarged prostate by relieving urinary discomfort. In addition, the nettle root extract (Urtica dioica) used in this formulation is standardised to 95% 3,4-divanillyltetrahydrofuran. This natural lignan is known to bind to sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), a protein which restricts the action of testosterone. By substituting itself for the male hormone in SHBG, 3,4-divanillyltetrahydrofuran enables more free testosterone to remain in circulation. Nettle is also an excellent blood thinner, effective at dilating the blood vessels in the penis and supporting erections (11-12) ;
  7. extract of Rhodiola rosea (100 mg a day): this perennial plant, which grows in cold, dry, rocky soils, is one of the most important adaptogen plants. Rhodiola, also known as golden root, is frequently used for supporting the circulation and physical performance(13-14);
  8. extract of saw palmetto (320 mg a day): saw palmetto (Serenoa repens) contains fatty acids which maintain urinary health and reproductive function. It’s also one of the most-widely studied compounds for its ability to increase testosterone levels in men (15-16) ;
  9. extract of maca (100 mg a day) : this taproot plant (Lepidium meyenii) grows in the Peruvian Andes and is actually also known as Andean ginseng. Animal studies show that maca extract increases testosterone levels in the blood. The plant also contains arginine, a precursor of nitric oxide (which promotes good blood flow and sex organ function) (17-18).

How should this tribulus- and fenugreek-rich supplement be taken?

To benefit from the many effects of Natural TestoFormula, simply take two capsules at breakfast, lunch and dinner with a glass of water (a total of 6 capsules a day).

What is in it Natural TestoFormula

Nettle root extract
Saw palmetto fruit extract
Mucuna pruriens seed extract
Fenugreek extract
Tribulus terrestris extract
Muira puama bark extract

Any questions?

What are the key "takeaways" about testosterone boosters?

Testosterone levels fall with age

Testosterone is a sex hormone produced by the gonads (reproductive glands). It’s referred to as a male sex hormone because it is present in greater quantities in men (in whom it’s produced mainly in the testicles) than in women.

This hormone regulates sexual desire, muscle mass and strength(by stimulating protein synthesis), fat distribution, production of red blood cells and production of sperm in men (19).

In healthy adults, blood levels of testosterone are normally between 8.2 and 34.6 nmol/L for men and 0.3 and 3 nmol/L for women.

From the age of around 30, testosterone levels decrease by 1%-2% each year in men. This progressive decline can result in loss of muscle mass, depression, demotivation, lower sex drive

When should you take a testosterone-booster?

Many people find taking a testosterone-booster an effective and convenient way of compensating for this decrease in testosterone levels and stemming the loss of motivation, strength or libido.

These supplements are also very popular with sportspeople of all ages, including bodybuilders. Testosterone is actually an anabolic hormone involved in muscle mass gain(20).

What constitutes the best testosterone-booster?

The ideal testosterone-booster should contain substantial doses of the most effective and safe compounds. So look for a supplement that’s rich in medicinal plants and trace-elements with scientifically-supported effects. With a composition rich in fenugreek, Mucuna pruriens and rhodiola, and a powerful dose, Natural TestoFormula is the best possible natural testosterone-booster.

Testosterone boosters: what dangers?

The advantage of taking a natural testosterone-booster

Testosterone-boosters are commonly-usedsupplements. There is very little, if any, risk associated with taking a product based on natural ingredients. Just make sure you stick to the recommended dosage (21).

Is it a good idea to take testosterone itself?

Be aware, however, that there are a number of risks and potentially irreversible side-effects associated with testosterone injections or drugs. Taking testosterone directly can cause cardiovascular weakening, testicular shrinkage, impotence and infertility, hair loss... (22). Opt instead for a natural, high-quality testosterone-booster to avoid these adverse side-effects.

How to increase your testosterone levels fast?

What other natural and effective measures can you take to help increase your production of this male sex hormone? In addition to supplementing with Natural TestoFormula, you can support your efforts to maintain or restore good testosterone levels by:

  • getting enough sleep, testosterone being predominantly made during the hours of sleep;
  • maintaining a healthy weight, as excess fat causes testosterone to be converted into oestrogen;
  • exercising: engage in short bursts of intensive exercise (cardio, lifting heavy weights …) during your training sessions. The more demanding an exercise is on the muscles, the more it stimulates the release of testosterone;
  • reducing your stress levels, as stress releases cortisol which blocks the reproductive hormone (GnRH) and reduces testosterone production;
  • watching your alcohol consumption, as its inflammatory action damages hormone production;
  • optimising your diet, by including plenty of foods rich in macronutrients and micronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, trace-elements …): eggs, beef, fish, oysters, pomegranates, garlic, avocados, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, ginger ... (23-25)
How to boost your testosterone levels after the age of 50?

While testosterone levels decline even more from the age of 50 onwards,the rules remain the same, as do the above-mentioned recommendations: restful sleep, physical activity, healthy diet ...

We should, however, flag up a particular development that occurs with advancing age: the aromatisation of testosterone. The enzyme aromatase, found in adipose tissue, converts testosterone into oestrogen. All men need a small amount of oestrogen to maintain bone health. The problem is that most men ‘age badly’: in gaining too much fat as they get older, their aromatase activity becomes excessive, resulting in a pronounced drop in their testosterone levels and a host of associated adverse effects (loss of energy, muscle mass, sexual desire, potential gynecomastia (‘man-boobs’), etc.) (26)

Men in their fifties affected by this can follow up their course of Natural TestoFormula by taking supplements rich in chrysin, naringin and Agaricus bisporus (such as the formulation Natural Anti Aromatase Support).


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Excellent 9 Reviews
Yann Fleurot

march 29 2024

Très bon produit

Latabi Baraka Monsif

january 12 2024

Bonne qualité , prix chère un flacon pour 20 jours


december 18 2023

Fait le 'job' à partir des 2/3 de la posologie recommandée Assez cher quand même !!!

Bernard Michel

december 4 2023

passé 60 ans, c'est pour moi une aide précieuse

Latabi Baraka Monsif

september 3 2023

Un peu Cher au moins un flacon par mois

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