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Damiana Extract

Damiana food supplement: sexual & mental health

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Damiana Extract is a natural aphrodisiac to add spice to your sex life.
  • Helps increase sexual desire and frequency of orgasms.
  • Helps reduce anxiety and stress associated with problems of sexuality.
  • Helps improve clitoral sensitivity and sexual satisfaction.
  • Made from the leaves of Damiana (Turnera aphrodisiaca), a plant listed as a sex tonic in many of the world’s traditional systems of medicine.

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Damiana Extract

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Damiana Extract is an aphrodisiac supplement made from the leaves of the damiana plant (Turnera aphrodisiaca). It is designed to increase sexual desire, reduce stress linked to sexual problems, and improve sensitivity and orgasm frequency.

Traditionally recognised as a sex tonic, damiana contains a number of specific compounds which give it its physiological effects.

Who is Damiana Extract aimed at?

Damiana Extract is for anyone who wants to rekindle the flame of desire and increase their sexual activity.

It is also for:

  • Women who find it difficult to achieve orgasm.
  • Women who have lost interest in sex and erotic fantasies.
  • Men who frequently have erectile problems (who are unable to achieve an erection or maintain a firm enough erection).
  • Men and women whose sexual desire has deserted them.
  • Men and women who block out the thought of sexual activity or find it repellent.
  • Men and women who feel anxious or stressed about sexual activity.

What is in Damiana Extract and how does it work?

Turnera aphrodisiaca is a small American shrub with a long history of therapeutic use. Before the arrival of the Europeans, the Maya people used its leaves – which they called mizibcoc – to treat dizziness and to make an aphrodisiac drink. The plant was subsequently included in several European and American pharmacopoeia, primarily for its effects as a sexual stimulant. The famous British Herbal Pharmacopoeia included other applications such as impotence-related anxiety, depression and coital incapacity.

These effects are the result of several substances present in damiana leaves, as well as in the essential oil and shoots: terpene compounds, caffeine, arbutin, β-sitosterol (phytosterols), as well as flavonoids such as apigenin, damianin and echinacin (1-3).

It is the flavonoids which are largely responsible for damiana’s effects on sex drive (4). They help stimulate blood flow, increase testosterone production in men and improve ejaculation problems. More specifically, apigenin promotes mental relaxation and physical well-being, both of which are essential for fostering healthy sexual activity, while caffeine acts as a natural tonic. Two double-blind, placebo-controlled studies (5-6) have demonstrated the efficacy of natural products containing damiana extracts for increasing sexual desire and frequency of orgasms, particularly in perimenopausal women.

Damiana has other benefits too: it plays a role in weight control, dysmenorrhea (an oestrogenic action), benign prostatic hyperplasia (an anti-aromatase effect), and pre-menstrual syndrome, and also fights oxidative stress.

Buy Damiana Extract capsules for aphrodisiac benefits.

What is in Damiana Extract

Damiana leaf extract

Any questions?

How should Damiana Extract be taken?

To obtain significant effects, it’s advisable to take a daily dose of 2-3 capsules for several weeks.

For men with erectile problems, it can be combined with other supplements available to buy at Supersmart, such as Prosexstim, a natural stimulant of erectile function. To promote greater relaxation and well-being, a better combination choice is Super Ashwagandha an Ayurveda extract ofWithania somnifera.


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Excellent 7 Reviews

march 9 2024

Après mes deux AVC en 2023, je n'avais plus d'érection matinale et je ne pouvais plus honorer ma femme, j'étais très malheureux et j'avais honte de ne plus pouvoir faire l'amour à ma femme. Damiana Extract m'a permis au bout de deux mois d'utilisation d'avoir de nouveau quelques érections qui me permettaient enfin de pouvoir avoir des relations sexuelles, ma femme a apprécié !!!

Le Jaudet Yann

july 25 2023

faire des gellules plus grosses

Clio Girard

may 30 2023

Très bon produit pour le stress pour le côté intime je pense que ça viendra ça doit être le faite que je sois très anxieuse un deuxième flacon arrive je pense que ça ira mieux j'ai toujours eus confiance aux produits super smart merci affaires a suivre

Vives Chantal

march 23 2023

Très bon produit mais un peu cher

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