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PP 40 Supplement
PP 40 Supplement
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PP 40
Immune system, fatigue and infections
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PP 40 is a standardized extract of Pao pereira (PP).
  • Traditionally used by the Guarani Amazonian Indians to boost the immune system.
  • Studies demonstrate immuno-stimulant and antiviral properties.
  • Contains extremely rare alkaloids (pereirine, flavopereirine, geissospermine and vellosimine).
90 Veg. Caps
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PP 40 Supplement - Natural Pao Pereira to Boost the Immune System

Pao Pereira (Brazilian pear) is traditionally used by the Guarani Indians to boost the immune system. PP 40 is extracted from Pao Pereira and can be applied to all types of disease involving immunodeficiency, now available to buy at Supersmart. It can also be used as a synergistic adjunct therapy alongside chemo and radiotherapy in numerous forms of cancer.

The bark contains extremely rare alkaloids (pereirine, flavopereirine, geissospermine and vellosimine) which are very difficult to extract, concentrate and stabilize. We are practically the only company able to guarantee a stable product, titrated in alkaloids. Pao pereira's alkaloids carry a risk of toxicity only in cases of overdose and have no side effects.

What are the benefits associated with PP 40 capsules?

  • Professor Beljanski has conducted the majority of modern studies demonstrating the immuno-stimulant and antiviral properties of these alkaloids, and he has used them as an adjunct treatment for certain cancers.
  • Some of these studies have been validated by the Walter Reed Institute in the USA (the army research institute) and have established (in vitro) the ability of Pao Pereira to block the transcription and replication of the HIV genome, and to do so selectively (without affecting healthy cells).
  • Similarly, according to Professor Beljanski, alkaloids extracted from Pao Pereira have the same toxic effect against certain cancer cells, with no such effect on normal cells. It crosses the blood-brain barrier easily and attaches itself to potential cancer cells (as shown when given orally to mice).
  • Pao Pereira also inhibits replication of the Herpes simplex virus genome.

Buy PP 40 capsules for immune support benefits.

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Daily serving: 6 capsules
Number of servings per bottle: 15
Quantity per serving
Alkaloids [extracted from 2,100 mg of Pao Pereira (Geissospermum vellosii) standardised to provide 11.4% alkaloids] 240 mg
Other ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose.

Each vegetarian capsule contains 350 mg Pao Pereira extract.
Directions for use

Adults. Take one or two vegetarian capsules before each of the three main meals.

4.8 /5 6 reviews
5.0 / 5
4.8 / 5
Value for money
3.8 / 5

Reviews 6
83 %

Grande satisfaction par rapport à la qualité
Indispensable pour maintenir les virus endogènes (quels qu'ils soient) inactifs
Impeccable pour les personnes qui se rallient aux idées du professeur Beljanski. Maintenant, impossible de juger de l’effet réel sans étude du style »double aveugle ».
Obwohl das Produkt relativ teuer ist, nehme ich es gerade jetzt regelmässig zur Stärkung des Immunsystems. Ich habe es auch schon oft weiter empfohlen
Heureux de trouver sur ce site un produit particulièrement intéressant
Questo prodotto lo sto testando e ho notato quando lavoro di notte le difese non si abbassano
  1. Inhibition of pancreatic cancer and potentiation of g. effects by the extract of Pao Pereira. JUN YU, JEANNE DRISKO, QI CHEN Oncology Reports, Vol 30 n°1, 149-156, 2013
  2. The plant extract of Pao Pereira potentiates effects against ovarian cancerJun Yu @ Qi Chen Pharmaceutical Biology 2013 : DOI :10.3109/13880209.2013.808232

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PP 40
74.00 €
(86.53 US$)
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