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Bilberry Extract

Antioxidant blueberry food supplement: vision & circulation

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A bilberry extract for improving microcirculation and reducing visual fatigue
  • Standardised to 25% anthocyanosides for optimal efficacy.
  • Helps improve night vision by supporting the body’s production of rhodopsin.
  • Helps improve circulation in microcapillaries.
  • Helps reduce symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency.

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Bilberry Extract

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Bilberry Extract is a natural wild bilberry supplement standardised to 25% anthocyanosides (or anthocyanins). These pigments are part of the family of flavonoids, the health benefits of which are widely documented, particularly for circulation. It is these anthocyanins which are primarily responsible for the benefits attributed to bilberries (1).

Why was wild bilberry chosen for Bilberry Extract?

The bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus)support visual function (2-3).

Several high-quality studies have demonstrated the underlying mechanisms behind this probable benefit. Bilberry helps to:

  • improve retinal sensitivity;
  • maintain lacrimal function (production of glycosaminoglycans);
  • maintain optimal vascular circulation in the eyes ;
  • support the natural fight against ageing of the eyes.

Who is Bilberry Extract aimed at?

Bilberry Extract is primarily designed for:

  • those over 50 in general, who are concerned about their visual acuity;
  • those with a family history of eye disorders or who have themselves previously experienced problems with their eyesight ;
  • those suffering from capillary fragility ;
  • those with either hypotension or hypertension.

What makes Bilberry Extract so special?

Bilberries are undoubtedly the most precious of all berries: they are extremely delicatewhich makes them very difficult to cultivate and transport. That’s why the bilberries used in our extract are gathered from wild plants, before being frozen, sorted, washed and purified in such a way as to maintain all their active substances and ensure optimal efficacy of their anthocyanins. What’s more, the anthocyanin content is guaranteed at a level of 25% of the dried extract !

Bilberry Extract is also free from any chemical excipient.

What is in it Bilberry Extract

Blueberry extract

Any questions?

What are the properties of natural bilberry extracts?

Bilberries’ properties come mainly from their high level of anthocyanosides. These are found in many fruits, as well as in red wine and some green leafy vegetables, but bilberries are probably the richest source (4).

The latest research shows the likely ways in which anthocyanins benefit microcirculation, by strengthening capillary resistance and reducing their permeability. They may also promote the regeneration of rhodopsin, or visual purple, thus improving night vision (scotopic) and twilight vision (mesopic), though robust clinical trials are needed to confirm this.

Additional mechanisms currently under investigation include:

  • Antioxidant activity. These studies are important because light-induced photo-oxidation typically affects lipofuscin, a pigment which accumulates with age in retinal pigment epithelial cells. This oxidation generates phototoxic free radicals that gradually contribute to chronic oxidative stress which is particularly damaging for the eyes. In vitro and in vivo studies (5-8) have demonstrated the antioxidant capacity of bilberry extract, particularly its anthocyanins.
  • Arterial vasomotion. Vasomotion is the ability of an artery to vary its diameter. It is essential for healthy circulation but is often compromised by the formation of fatty deposits on internal vessel walls which subsequently become less receptive to biochemical signals and which lose elasticity. When this occurs in the small arteries of the eye, visual function is affected.
How should you take this bilberry supplement?

We recommend taking two capsules a day, before each main meal.

It’s also a good idea to adopt the following measures during the supplementation period:

  • Eat a diet high in fruit and vegetables to maximise your antioxidant intake.
  • Protect your eyes when out in the sunshine by wearing sunglasses that filter out 100% of UV light.
  • Drink as little coffee as possible, and don’t smoke.
  • Take regular exercise.
  • Eat foods rich in carotenoids (especially lutein, zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin - the three carotenoids concentrated in the retina) or take a supplement such as Macula Plus.


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Excellent 9 Reviews
Marie Pierre

march 22 2024

Bien pour les yeux et intestins éventuellement irrites.

M. Jacquot

december 22 2023

une certaine efficacité apparente

Novotta Claudine

november 10 2023

Produit facile à avaler avec un petit plus pour les yeux.

Lemire Jean Luc

may 4 2023

bon et efficace

Lamarque Marcelle

may 23 2020

bonne effcacité

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