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Catuaba Power Supplement
Catuaba Power Supplement
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Catuaba Power
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Stimulating catuaba supplement for rekindling the passion in your love life.

  • Naturally extracted from the Brazilian catuaba plant(Trichilia catigua).
  • Rich in alkaloids, tannins, phytosterols, sesquiterpenes, lignans, etc.
  • Optimal dose with no risk of addiction.
  • Plant used for centuries as a herbal infusion and macerated liquor by the Tupi Indians.
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Catuaba Power Supplement - Relaxing Aphrodisiac to Stimulate Sexual Desire

Catuaba Power is a stimulating supplement made from catuaba, a sacred Native American plant traditionally used as an infusion to restore vigour. Rich in active micronutrients and free from synthetic excipients, it is a natural solution for rekindling the flame of desire.

Who is the aphrodisiac supplement Catuaba Power aimed at?

Catuaba Power is for anyone wishing to rekindle the flame of desire and take their sex life to the next level.

In particular, it’s designed for:

  • those who often find it hard to reach orgasm.
  • those in whom sexual thoughts have declined.
  • those with low libido.
  • those who feel apprehensive about, or even turned off by sexual activity.

How do you recognise a decline in sexual desire?

There are generally two main symptoms suggestive of decreased libido:

  • A gradual or sudden, unexplained and persistent lack of sexual desire.
  • An occasional or consistent aversion, like a mental block, to sexual activity,.

A number of factors may be involved:

  • Marital conflicts (lack of communication, infidelity, lack of trust …).
  • Lack of respect for a partner.
  • Chronic disease.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Personal problems (unemployment, money, serious illness of a loved one, death, accidents…).
  • Compulsive use of pornography.
  • Menopause. When women reach the menopause, there is a fall in oestrogen production which can lead to a loss of libido, and in particular, vaginal dryness which makes intercourse less enjoyable.
  • Other hormonal changes. Especially those occurring during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and due to age-related androgen deficiency.

Illness (depression, cancer, neurological diseases …), surgery (especially the kind that can affect self-image) and the effects of certain drugs (anti-depressants, prostate medication) can also reduce sexual desire. Whatever the underlying cause, a lack of libido is part of the sexual dysfunction that can affect men and women at any point in their life. It only becomes really problematic when it damages a relationship.

What does our Catuaba supplement contain?

The word ‘catuaba’ is a Guarani word meaning ‘to give strength to the Indians’. It is sometimes called Chuchuhuasha, Tatuaba, Pau de Reposta, Piratancara or Caramuru in South America. We often read that catuaba comes from the tree Erythroxylum catuaba, but this tree was only described once in 1904,and is no longer recognised as a species today.

In fact, catuaba supplements are produced from Trichilia catigua, a species used for decades in traditional medicine as a tonic, adaptogen et fortifier (1-3), mainly in a preparation called ‘garrafada » (catuaba bark macerated in alcohol).

The benefits of catuaba extracts are due to the synergistic action of its nutrients: flavonoids, tannins, alkaloids, flavan-3-ols (procyanidin B2, epicatechin, catechin) and flavalignans (cinchonains) (4-6).

What is an adaptogen?

It was a Russian pharmacologist, Nicolaï Lazarev, who coined this term to describe any natural substance that could increase the body’s physical and mental abilities. The term is still used today to denote “a pharmacological substance capable of inducing in an organism a state of non-specific increased resistance enabling it to counteract stress signals and adapt to exceptional effort”.

For a plant to qualify as an adaptogen, it has to have three essential characteristics:

  1. It must increase, in a non-specific way, the body’s resistance to various types of aggressor (physical, chemical or biological);
  2. It must have a normalising effect (based on physiological norms) ;
  3. It must not be toxic or adversely affect the body’s normal functions.

How should our catuaba supplement be taken?

We recommend taking 4 capsules a day, and in addition, following the steps below throughout the supplementation period:

  • Make sure you maintain good communication with your partner.
  • Tell each other what gives you pleasure during sexual relations.
  • Don’t be afraid to fantasise and maintain an open, positive attitude.
  • Find natural solutions for lowering your stress levels.
  • Take regular exercise to improve your stamina, self-image, mood, and of course, sexual desire.
  • Talk to a therapist about the main cause of your loss of desire and try different techniques and teachings.
  • Try a variety of natural solutions to help maintain desire such as Prosexstim (for men) or Damiana Extract (for both sexes).
Daily dose : 4 capsules
Number of doses per pack: 30

per dose

Extract of catuaba 4:1 1 500 mg
Other ingredients : Acacia gum
Directions for use
adults. Take 4 capsules a day.
Each capsule contains 375 mg of catuaba extract.
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Catuaba Power
33.00 €
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