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Organic MCT Oil Pure C8

Organic MCT oil with 98% C8 caprylic acid, aid to keto diet

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A pure, organic, MCT oil, with a high concentration of C8 caprylic acid
  • Offers 98% C8 caprylic acid - compared with just 5% in standard coconut oils.
  • Contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) only, which are rapidly converted into ketones and are not stored in adipose tissue.
  • Perfect accompaniment to a keto diet (ketogenic).
  • Can be consumed in multiple ways: pure, in salad dressings, soups, yogurts, etc.
  • From organically-grown sources and guaranteed excipient-free.

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Organic MCT Oil Pure C8

No controversial excipients

The dietary supplement Organic MCT Oil Pure C8 is an organic MCT oil derived from coconuts. It contains medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) only. Particularly digestible, these fatty acids are not stored in the body’s fat reserves and do not produce weight gain.

What advantages are offered by MCTs?

MCTs are easier to absorb than the long-chain triglycerides present in our normal diet. The latter are first stored in the body’s adipose tissue before being gradually used for energy.

In contrast, MCTs release shorter chain fatty acids into the body, comprising just 6 to 12 carbons. Their small size enables them to enter the bloodstream almost directly, without having to be broken down by the pancreas or gallbladder. They thus penetrate cells easily where they start producing instantly-usable ketones (1-13). MCTs thus offer the advantage of not promoting an increase in fat and of providing the body with ketones.

Why the choice of just C8 caprylic acid?

The MCTs in Organic MCT Oil Pure C8 are not composed of just any fatty acid. We have selected the maximum possible content in C8 caprylic acid. Also known as octanoic acid, this straight-chain saturated fatty acid is composed of 8 carbon atoms.

C8 caprylic acid was first identified in goat’s milk, and thus its name comes from the Latin for goat, capra . It is also found to a lesser degree in breast milk and palm oil. The caprylic acid in Organic MCT Oil Pure C8 comes entirely from coconuts. Note that while there is only 5% C8 caprylic acid in standard coconut oil, Organic MCT Oil Pure C8 contains at least 98%, higher even than most MCT oils on the market.

We have deliberately chosen C8rather than C6 (caproic acid can cause stomach aches), C10 (capric acid is recognised as being less effective than C8) or C12 (lauric acid is the main constituent of standard coconut oils). In addition, this supplement is free from any added excipients.

Organic MCT oil and the keto diet

If you’ve always wanted to try the’keto’ or ketogenic diet, Organic MCT Oil Pure C8 is the perfect accompaniment. As you know, this eating plan focuses on consuming more ‘good’ fats and fewer carbohydrates, in order to reach a state of nutritional ketosis.

When the body is in ketosis, it draws its energy direct from fat stores and so burns fat. The body produces more ketones and the appetite decreases. By increasing your intake of ketone bodies, MCTs enable you to eat a little more carbohydrate and a little less fat, making the diet easier to stick to (14-24).

Attention: do not start a ketogenic diet before consulting your doctor, especially if you suffer from any health condition.

What is in Organic MCT Oil Pure C8

MCT C8 oil

Any questions?

How should you take Organic MCT Oil? Pure, in salads, mixed with mayonnaise ...

Organic MCT Oil Pure C8 can be consumed ‘as it comes’, but you can equally add it to your dishes, using it as a replacement for olive oil, for example (though don’t fry with it if you want to retain all its benefits).

Take your daily dose of half to one capful (10-20ml) of organic MCT oil and mix it with vinegar to make a dressing for salads or crudités, or add it straight to soups, mayonnaise, smoothies or yogurts... Whatever takes your fancy - let your creativity run wild!

Have you heard of ‘Bulletproof Coffee’?

Very much in vogue in the United States, Bulletproof Coffee consists of adding a knob of butter and a dash of MCT oil to your morning coffee.

According to its devotees, the aim of Bulletproof Coffee is to increase the coffee’s effects. The presence of fat in the coffee may also allow you to skip breakfast without then feeling the urge for elevenses and thus help you to avoid the kind of snacking that’s bad for your figure.

Bulletproof Coffee has a number of fans among sportspeople and US film and television celebrities (including the actress Shailene Woodley from Divergent, the presenter Jimmy Fallon...) as well as bio-hackers, the self-improvement enthusiasts who use nutrition to optimise their abilities. Even we at SuperSmart have started drinking it!

So how about you – are you ‘up for’ adding a little butter and MCT OIL Pure C8 to your coffee?

3 more reasons for starting a course of Organic MCT Oil Pure C8
  1. Organic MCT Oil Pure C8 contains no palm oil.
  2. Unlike many MCT oil products on the market, MCT OIL Pure C8 does not contain any magnesium caprylate, a compound which can cause nausea and indigestion).
  3. A number of scientific studies reemphasise that despite the marketing efforts of coconut oil companies, ordinary coconut oil cannot claim to offer the same benefits as MCT oil.
Supplements to take alongside organic MCT oil

In addition to taking organically-produced MCT oil, we’d also suggest starting a course of Weight loss Formula. This very popular formulation contains various active ingredients such as Dolichos biflorus, green coffee, fucoxanthin... Above all, it is rich in Commiphora mukul, a plant effective at supporting weight loss, fat metabolism and cardiovascular health.

You can also combine Organic MCT Oil Pure C8 with a regular dose of Peak ATP, an excellent, patented form of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). All you need to make the absolute most of your day.


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Excellent 8 Reviews

may 22 2024

Rempli son rôle, bon goût légèrement différent de l'huile de coco classique. Cette huile est complètement liquide à température ambiante.

Fulfills its role, good taste slightly different from regular coconut oil. This oil is completely liquid at room temperature.

see the translation Translated by SuperSmart - see the original

Elsje Fokkelman

february 18 2024

Para tenerla cabeza un poco mejor funcionando, me funciona. Lo tomo en el café, con mantequilla bio, batido, que se llama bulletproof coffee. También lo puedes tomar solo, no tiene sabor.

To keep my mind working a bit better, it works for me. I take it in my coffee, with organic butter, blended, which is called bulletproof coffee. You can also take it on its own, it has no flavor.

see the translation Translated by SuperSmart - see the original


november 28 2023

Pour une marque très réputé sa été une grande déception. Déjà c'est de l'eau même si c'est du C8 et pas le c8/c10 c'est de l'eau, donc aucun effet sur l'énergie cellulaire et du corps ni pour du keto . Dommage je ne recommande pas malgré que on ai sur une très grande marque réputé sur sa qualité mais celui ci devrait être reverifier de la qualité et que ce n'est pas de l'eau

For a very reputable brand, it was a big disappointment. First of all, it's like water even though it's C8 and not C8/C10, it's like water, so no effect on cellular energy or the body, nor for keto. It's a shame, I do not recommend it despite it being from a very reputable brand known for its quality, but this one should be rechecked for quality because it feels like water.

see the translation Translated by SuperSmart - see the original

Woll Jean Francois

august 26 2023

Excellent produits, livraison Qualité remarquable Je suis satisfait.

Excellent products, remarkable quality delivery. I am satisfied.

see the translation Translated by SuperSmart - see the original

Mrs Azzout

august 13 2023

parfait pour un régime Keto !

perfect for a Keto diet!

see the translation Translated by SuperSmart - see the original

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