Immune Support
Defense Mix + Colostrum
Defense Mix + Colostrum


Defense Mix + Colostrum
The most effective blend of essential oils for fighting infection
  • Combines the best anti-infection essential oils,
  • Helps stimulate immunity and repel aggressors,
  • Chosen for its efficacy and safety.

Colostrum nutritional supplement
  • For preventing respiratory infections and immune dysfunction following physical exercise.
  • Rich in anti-microbial peptides.
  • Used for treating gastro-intestinal problems.

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    Quantity : 60 softgels
    60 DRCaps™
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    (37.24 US$)
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    Defense Mix 75 mg

    This product is formulated to stimulate the body’s immune response and combat attacks of all kinds (viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites). It gradually reduces the symptoms of physical and nervous exhaustion which accompany infection, thus promoting a return to overall balance and recovery. Each softgel contains a mix of five essential oils, providing a total of 75 different active molecules. This is a long way from the type of synthetic product manufactured in a laboratory which contains just four or five at the most. What are the essential oils in Defense Mix? This carefully-chosen formulation contains the following chemotyped essential oils: - Essential oil of oregano with compact inflorescences and essential oil of oregano from Greece, both of which are rich in carvacrol and thymol. These compounds confer a strong anti-infection effect (broad-spectrum anti-bacterial, antiviral and antifungal action) by promoting the destruction of pathogen cell membranes. They also offer exceptional...

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    Colostrum 500 mg

    Colostrum is the first form of mother’s milk produced by the mammary glands. For a brief period – the first 24-48 hours of a baby’s life – it is colostrum that provides early nourishment to a breast-fed new-born. This product is bovine colostrum which has similar properties to those of human colostrum. It comes from dairy cows which have just calved and has the advantage of being obtainable in very large quantities. Consumption of colostrum first began in Eastern Europe, but it was during the 1970s in particular, with the resurgence in breastfeeding, that scientists focused on the role colostrum could play in the development of the neonatal immune system. Immunologists subsequently began investigating whether bovine colostrum, rich in proteins, immunoglobulins and growth hormones, could be used to stimulate immunity in humans and to treat a range of health problems - gastrointestinal disorders, respiratory infections, rheumatoid arthritis – as well as in many other areas identified by ...

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