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Zinc food supplement L-methionine: immunity, hair, DNA...

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A better-absorbed and more potent form of zinc
  • Better absorption and retention than standard zinc supplements (zinc sulphate or oxide).
  • Enhanced antioxidant properties.
  • Helps maintain healthy bones and skin
  • Supports immune and cognitive function.
  • Helps protect cells against oxidative stress, which contributes to ageing.

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L-OptiZinc is a supplement containing zinc offering optimal bioavailability, superior retention and increased potency. It contains both zinc and L-methionine, an essential amino acid which is very well absorbed and cannot be produced by the body.

Its benefits are universally recognised by the scientific community as zinc is a trace-element that’s essential in order for the body to function properly. Along with the magnesium supplement OptiMag, it is undoubtedly one of the very best mineral supplements available.

What benefits are offered by L-OptiZinc?

Zinc is a trace-element, which means it is only present in the body in tiny amounts (barely 2g), yet it is extremely important. It is found in every cell in the body and has been shown to be essential for the effective functioning of more than 300 vital enzymatic processes such as protein synthesis, the immune system, reproduction, healing, modulating mood, vision, learning, bone health and even insulin metabolism (1-4).

L-OptiZinc has thus been shown to help:

  • optimise DNA synthesis;
  • optimise cognitive function;
  • optimise fertility and reproduction;
  • support of fatty acid, carbohydrate and vitamin A metabolism;
  • promote protein synthesis;
  • optimise the health of the bones, skin, hair and nails;
  • maintain normal blood testosterone levels;
  • optimise vision;
  • support immune function;
  • protect cells against the oxidative stress that causes ageing.

Mild – but long-term – deficiency in zinc is widespread in society. For most people, intake is below the recommended daily amount due to poor dietary habits. Over time, such deficiency can lead to a reduction in immune function, more frequent infections, decreased fertility, mood problems, apathy and accelerated ageing.

What is in the supplement L-OptiZinc?

The zinc methionine in L-OptiZinc is a complex of zinc sulphate bound to L-methionine. Studies show that this form may offer 4-6 times more antioxidant efficacy than conventional zinc salts such as zinc oxide, sulphate, citrate, gluconate and picolinate (5-6). Zinc methionine is not only better absorbed, but it remains longer in tissues than all these popular zinc supplements.

These two properties explain why the effects commonly attributed to zinc are significantly heightened with L-OptiZinc (7).

What is in it L-OptiZinc®

Zinc L-methionine

Any questions?

How should you take L-OptiZinc?

We recommend taking one tablet a day (that’s 30mg of elemental zinc) with a meal. Protein improves zinc absorption – which is already excellent due to the presence of L-methionine - and makes it easier for zinc to cross cell membranes via specific transporters, enabling it to enter the bloodstream (8).

Absorption of zinc is reduced by calcium, as well as by fibre and phytic acid, naturally present in seeds and the husks of many grains and legumes (9). These compounds bind to zinc salts, forming indigestible complexes in the gut. This effect is significantly reduced with L-OptiZinc due to the specific binding of zinc to L-methionine(10).

Attention: leave an interval of at least two hours between supplementing with zinc and taking antacid medication or antibiotics.
In cases of infection or temporary fatigue, it is better to take L-OptiZinc as a ‘cure’ over several days, rather than long-term.

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Excellent 24 Reviews
Lizbeth Delat

august 19 2023

Great product and price

Landry Julie

july 15 2023

En phase test

Pop Mihaela

april 30 2022

I trust the product

H Bos*

april 19 2021

Why not these questions in english, more people speak english than Frensch

Julieno Mogade Melanie

march 9 2024

Ce sont des produits satisfaisants

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