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Welcome Shop by health concern Digestion and oro-gastro-intestinal health Psyllium Seed Husk
Psyllium Seed Husk
Psyllium Seed Husk Psyllium Seed Husk
Psyllium Seed Husk
Digestion and oro-gastro-intestinal health
29.00 €(31.32 US$) is available
Blond Psyllium Supplement
  • Scientifically-proven efficacy for treating constipation (increases stool viscosity and stimulates peristaltism).
  • High soluble fibre content.
  • May help treat hypercholesterolaemia.
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    400 g
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    Psyllium seeds

    Psyllium Seed Husk | 400 g

    Psyllium Seed Husk (Plantago ovata) is an excellent, non-caloric source of soluble fiber (eight times more effective than oats) which supports healthy, regular intestinal elimination and helps regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

    What is Psyllium?

    Psyllium is grown in northwest India and has been used in ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Psyllium seed husk consists almost exclusively of hemicellulose which acts like a sponge in the intestine, improving the consistency of stools, promoting peristalsis and facilitating intestinal transit. Its action is purely mechanical - the body does not assimilate it - and it can therefore be used as a laxative without any risk of dependency or toxicity.

    Why take Psyllium Seed Husk?

    A healthy colon is the body's first line of defense. Regular fiber intake can help control the negative effects of chronic toxicity created by over-exposure to environmental and dietary pollutants, processed foods, excess caffeine or alcohol, stress, lack of exercise, and antibiotic use. Fiber accelerates the elimination of mucous, toxins and metabolic waste products from the body helping to maintain a healthy colon and intestinal flora. Since 1997, psyllium suppliers have been authorized by the American FDA to refer to the inverse correlation between soluble fiber intake and coronary heart disease. Given its low cost and multiple health benefits, it makes good sense to supplement the diet with 5 grams of psyllium a day.

    Daily serving: 5 g (3/4 of a scoop)
    Number of servings per bottle: 80
    Quantity per serving
    Psyllium (Plantago ovata) 5 g
    Directions for use
    Take 5g once a day in 20 cl of water. Drink before the liquid turns to gel. Be sure to add enough water otherwise it will be difficult to swallow.
    4.8 /5 8 reviews
    5.0 / 5
    4.8 / 5
    Value for money
    4.8 / 5

    Reviews 8
    75 %

    GOURDIN Valerie
    parfait pour le transit
    Catherine Brahmi
    Ce produit est juste magique, il évite tous les inconforts intestinaux de la constipation. Sans aucun effet secondaire, super qualité non égalée sur le marché. Je conserve souvent la boîte une fois vide tellement elle est pratique et solide, dommage de la jeter même au recyclage. Rapport qualité/prix je n'ai pas trouvé mieux.
    MEILHAUD Marie Rose
    sosa robaina
    bueno para el organismo calidad satisfactoria el precio un poco subido
    Darlene Crook
    Does everything I want it to....
    Catherine Brahmi
    Je ne m’en passe plus Super efficace pour un transit sans problème
    J'utilise ce produit très régulièrement. Facilite le transit sans être obligé de prendre des laxatifs ou des produits agressifs pour les intestins. Le seul reproche qu'on pourrait faire c'est la texture une fois dans l'eau : à boire très rapidement, mais n'a aucun goût.
    RIGOULOT Patricia
    transit amélioré, correspond au descriptif. OK

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    Psyllium Seed Husk
    29.00 €
    (31.32 US$)
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