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Alkaline Formula

Natural supplement for acid-base (pH) balance

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100% natural alkaline formula for acid-base balance

  • Rich in natural alkaline nutrients.
  • Contains citrates (calcium and magnesium), weak acid salts metabolised into bicarbonates.
  • Optimal content of potassium phosphate.
  • Contains excellent plant extracts (liquorice root, camomile flower, parsley, papaya, ginger root …).
  • Helps combat chronic low-grade acidosis which leads to fatigue and lack of energy.
  • Based on the theory of acid-base balance supported by respected professionals (Kousine, Vasey, Brown, Mayr, Hay…).

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Alkaline Formula

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Alkaline Formula is analkalising supplement that contains valuable alkaline minerals and plant extracts beneficial for acid-base balance. It is based on scientifically-sound theories from several decades ago which have been championed in recent years by respected doctors and nutritionists. It aims to combat acidification of the body.

What’s behind the benefits of Alkaline Formula?

Modern diets tend to deliver an unbalanced mineral intake, in which potassium loses out to sodium (1). Such an imbalance leads to mild but chronic acidification of the blood – known as chronic low-grade acidosis – which may contribute to a number of problems such as fatigue, a slowdown in the body’s activity, or osteoporosis (2).

Several therapists support this acid-base balance theory: Franz Xaver Mayr and Howard Hay were the first to formulate a holistic doctrine around this concept and they have been emulated more recently by Drs. Catherine Kousmine and Christopher Vasey, whose books have been a huge success (3-4), and the nutritionist Susan Brown, co-author of the bestseller The Acid-Alkaline Food Guide.

To counter this imbalance, we have created Alkaline Formula, an exceptional formulation containing nutrients beneficial for acid-base balance:

  • Potassium phosphate.An essential mineral that maintains the body’s acid-base and fluid balance.
  • Calcium citrate.
  • Magnesium citrate. Another alkalising mineral which supports normal energy metabolism and helps to reduce fatigue.
  • Glycine (aminoacetic acid). The simplest of the α-amino acids, produced naturally by the body.
  • Ginger root. One of the most alkalising plant extracts listed in the French and European Pharmacopoeia, and also used for maintaining digestive health.
  • Liquorice extract. Research has shown it can absorb acids and raise pH in biological systems.
  • Camomile flowers, parsley and papain. Three ingredients that regulate acid-base balance in the body.

How should our alkalising supplement be taken?

We recommend taking one to two tablets in the morning and evening until the recommended pH is reached (between 7.1 and 7.5).

Acid-base balance theorists recommend measuring your body’s pH yourself using pH urine test strips once a day.

Alongside supplementation, you are also advised to:

  • Eat a more alkaline diet.
  • Exercise regularly, outdoors if possible.
  • Focus on eating citrus fruit for brief periods to alkalise your body.

Five reasons to try an alkaline supplement

  1. The Western diet, overloaded with salt, sugar and animal protein, seriously upsets the body’s acid-base balance.
  2. This balance is also undermined by chronic stress, another modern ‘ill’, and a lack of physical activity.
  3. To restore the balance, the body has to draw on its own potassium and calcium resources, which may contribute to demineralisation.
  4. It leads to loss of magnesium via urine, contributing to the lack of magnesium seen in half the population of Europe and North America (5).

The acid-base balance theory, first expounded several decades ago, is extremely popular today.

What is in Alkaline Formula

Calcium citrate
Magnesium citrate
Potassium phosphate
Liquorice root extract
Amino acid

Any questions?

Which acidifying foods should you consume in moderation?

In general, the higher a food’s protein content, the more acidifying it is. Meat, table salt, processed foods (charcuterie, ready-meals), bread and cheese are strongly acidifying, as are fizzy drinks, sugar and coffee.

Should you prioritize highly alkalizing foods?

Fruit (especially blackberries, strawberries and raspberries), vegetables (particularly salad leaves, avocados, asparagus, celery, green vegetables and sweet potatoes), spirulina, ginger, mineral water, and even alkalising water (a good accompaniment to Alkaline Formula).

To find out the acidifying nature of a particular food, you can check its PRAL score, (Potential Renal Acid Load ). The higher the number (over 0), the more acidic the food is for the body; the lower the number, the more alkaline it is. There’s more information in our article The alkaline diet for reducing acidity in the body.

With Alkaline Formula and these useful tips, you now have all the key information you need to combat the acidification of your body and restore your acid-base balance.


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Excellent 11 Reviews
Smets Brigitte

april 3 2023

Tres efficace et naturel

Elisabeth P.

february 14 2024

Efficace, surtout si on surveille en même temps son alimentation anti-acide. Dans ce cas, une pause peut s'avérer nécessaire pour voir si le réglage alimentaire participe à lui seul à une baisse de l'acidité de l'organisme (testé par des bandelettes du PH). A voir pour la posologie concernant le niveau d'acidité de chacun.

Effective, especially if you simultaneously monitor your anti-acid diet. In this case, a break may be necessary to see if dietary adjustments alone contribute to a reduction in the body's acidity (tested with pH strips). Check the dosage based on each individual's acidity level.

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february 11 2024

efficace - mon PH s'améliore

effective - my pH is improving

see the translation Translated by SuperSmart - see the original

Lionne 83

january 7 2024

J ai du l'alcool à avaler les comprimés

I had trouble swallowing the tablets

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Rustici Bary Gianna

december 16 2023

viens de commencer la cure trop tôt pour évaluer ce produit

I just started the treatment, too early to evaluate this product

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