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Food supplement of ionized alkaline water: deacidification & sport

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An exceptional alkaline ionised water
  • Water made alkaline by the addition of sodium chloride and sodium hydroxide.
  • Helps maintain physical and cognitive function.
  • Also helps maintain normal body temperature control (remember that at least 2.0 litres of water, from all sources, should be drunk each day).
  • Perfect for sports activity.

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SuperWater is not like other waters. It differs from bottled spring and mineral waters in that it has a highly-alkaline composition, achieved by adding negative ions such as sodium chloride and sodium hydroxide. As part of a proper hydration routine, it’s the perfect choice for de-acidifying the body, and thus optimising sports performance and recovery as well as detoxification of tissues.

Water: a substance essential to life

The principal component of the human body, water represents between 55% and 75% of body weight (1). It is primarily located within cells, with a particularly high concentration in bloodplasma, the brain and the heart.

Involved in most of the body's chemical reactions, it plays a role in, amongst others, maintaining normal physical and cognitive function as well as normal regulation of body temperature (2-4). It also acts to transport acidic metabolic waste towards the main emunctory organs responsible for eliminating it, such as the kidneys (5).

Eliminated via urine, faeces, sweat and respiration, water is not stored by the body for very long. To ensure vital processes operate smoothly, it’s therefore essential to maintain an optimal intake of water by drinking at least 2 litres a day, all sources combined (6).

What are the benefits of drinking alkaline water?

With the formula H2O, water normally has a pH of between 6.5 and 8.5. It is referred to as acid when this value is lower than 7. Tap water, the pH of which varies between 4 and 5, thus falls into this category. When the pH is higher than 7, the water is called alkaline (or basic).

The more acid a water is, the more likely it is to become oxidised, and as a result, damage the integrity of body tissues. Conversely, alkaline ionised water has a high Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP): negatively-charged, it acts as a reducing or antioxidant agent), donating its electrons to neutralise the harmful by-products of oxidation (7).

Alkaline water is also a powerful tool with which to counteract the constant acidification of our bodies(8). This is studiously maintained by modern diets, too high in animal protein and cereals, as well as by stress, lack of sleep and pollution (9). To neutralise this excess acidity, the body is forced to draw on the alkaline mineral reserves present in teeth, bones and cartilage. In predisposed individuals, this insidious process leads to metabolic changes or demineralisation, a catalyst for a number of chronic diseases(10-11).

What is in SuperWater

Sodium chloride
Sodium hydroxide

Any questions?

The benefits of alkaline ionised water for the hydration of sports enthusiasts

While exercise is an excellent way of eliminating toxins, it also generates metabolic waste. Muscle contraction results in an increase in acidity levels via the production of lactic acid, which is partly responsible for the onset of cramps or post-exercise stiffness (12). Intense sports activity also leads to an accumulation of metabolites (creatinine, uric acid…) which the kidneys have to work hard to filter and excrete (13-14).

Alkaline ionised water is perfect for enhancing hydration in sportspeople with its three additional benefits:

  • alkalinisation of the body. An acid environment is associated with a decrease in physical performance (lower stamina, resistance and strength). As a result of the neutralising mechanism of its negative ions, alkaline water modulates exercise-induced metabolic acidity and creates a better acid-base balance (15) ;
  • oxygenation quality. The unique formulation of SuperWater relies on a supply of active oxygen ions in the OH-anion rather than O2 form, (the latter being more likely to lead to the generation of free radicals) (16) ;
  • impact on ATP. Produced by the mitochondria, adenine triphosphate (or ATP) is the preferred energy fuel for muscle fibres. Although the underlying mechanisms have yet to be fully established, it seems alkaline water interacts with ATP synthesis, most probably due to more effective elimination of acidifying compounds (17).
How should SuperWater be consumed?

Alkaline detox SuperWater can be drunk twice a day, diluting up to 20ml in 250ml of still water. The first glass should be drunk in the morning on an empty stomach.

What other natural ways are there of combatting acidification of the body?

To counter chronic acidosis, and alkalise and detox your body, follow these additional steps:

  • adopt an alkaline diet, in which alkaline foods make up 60% of your menu. Restrict highly-acidifying meat products, cereals and dairy products. Instead, focus on fruits, vegetables and spices (19). Though beneficial for health, nuts and seeds (oleaginous foods) are on the whole acidifying, the only exception being hazelnuts. If in doubt, check the PRAL index which measures a food’s acidity: a negative score indicates an alkalinising effect;
  • relax. Stress, like all negative emotions (anger, sadness …) can precipitate acidification of tissues as a result of high cortisol secretion. Try meditation, sophrology or yoga to restore calmness and stability;
  • get some fresh air and move around. Exercising outdoors every day, or simply going for a walk in the fresh air, makes it easier for the lungs to get rid of acid waste. But maintain a balanced approach to your physical activity, factoring in sufficient rest periods;
  • don’t neglect your sleep. By reducing capacity for recovery, a lack of sleep adversely affects acid-base balance. Try to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night, going to bed at a regular hour;
  • pay attention to your immediate environment. Household or cosmetic products often contain substances that interfere with normal biological functions, such as hormone disruptors (19). Try whenever possible to use 100% natural products or those labelled ‘ecological’.
Synergistic supplements to combine with SuperWater

A formulation specifially targeted at acid-base balance, the synergistic Alkaline Formula combines the most powerful alkaline nutrients (ginger, liquorice…) with buffering minerals (such as magnesium citrate, potassium citrate and potassium phosphate).

Mentioned in ancient Ayurvedic texts dating back 3000 years, taking humic acid and fulvic acid together, as in the supplement Humic & Fulvic Acids, acts as a chelator by binding to multiple organic toxins (20). This is particularly recommended for lightening the load on the body’s purification systems, for example, as part of a detox programme.


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Excellent 3 Reviews
Sylvie Machy

july 28 2021

J'adore, cela purifie mon organisme, je dors mieux. Je ne vois que des avantages avec ce produit

Stauffer Magaly

april 25 2019

Bonne récupération après un effort intensifs

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