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Lactoxira + Stress Relief Formula
Lactoxira + Stress Relief Formula


Lactoxira + Stress Relief Formula
Natural anti-stress formulation
  • Contains several natural ingredients studied for their ability to fight the effects of stress.
  • Helps soothe, restore energy, relieve fatigue.

The first psychobiotic formulation for fighting depression
  • Based on the latest advances in neuro-science.
  • Acts deep-down to counter mood problems (depression, demotivation, ‘the blues’)..
  • Supports a healthy microbiota and optimal ‘microbiota-brain’ communication.
  • Contains eight probiotic strains supported by clinical trials..
  • Also contains prebiotics to ‘nourish’ the probiotics.

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Stress Relief Formula

Stress Relief Formula, a natural anti-stress supplement The supplement Stress Relief Formula has been developed to respond to a common problem: stress. Caused by multiple factors, stress can significantly affect our well-being. Anxiety, nervous tension, insomnia, fatigue … the everyday consequences of stress are so numerous that they can seem impossible to overcome. It is precisely to help fight all these effects that this natural stress relief product has been developed. In a single capsule, it combines a selection of natural ingredients with stress-fighting properties. The various active principles selected will help lower stress levels, relieve anxiety, soothe nervous tension, restore energy and reduce fatigue. Stress Relief Formula, a combination of stress-busting plants Stress Relief Formula contains extracts of several plants that offer stress and anxiety relief, including passiflora ( Passiflora incarnata ), schisandra ( Schisandra chinensis ), rehmannia ( Rehmannia glutinosa )...

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The formulation of Lactoxira draws on the very latest advances in neurobiology : we now know that the microorganisms that populate our digestive tract communicate with the brain (via neurotransmitter synthesis and the indirect release of cell-signalling substances) and that they influence our mood, thoughts and behaviour. This major discovery is revolutionising the way we treat those suffering from low mood, depression, and mood disorders who generally have a highly-compromised microbiome. Who is Lactoxira aimed at? The probiotic formulation Lactoxira is aimed at anyone prone to problems with mood and motivation: those subject to episodes of chronic, temporary, persistent or seasonal depression; ; those who’ve lost interest in activities they previously enjoyed; those who recurrently suffer from low mood for no apparent reason; those who often have negative thoughts or low self-regard (“I’m such a loser”, “I hate myself”, “I don’t belong here”…); those trying to overcome difficult expe...

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