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Magnolia Bark Extract

Magnolia dietary supplement for general well-being

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Magnolia Bark Extract is an adaptogenic supplement.
  • Reduces anxiety and stress without causing drowsiness.
  • Helps normalize and protect cerebral function.
  • Standardized to contain 90% honokiol and magnolol, two powerful antioxidants.

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Magnolia Bark Extract

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Magnolia bark extract is a relatively inexpensive phytonutrient which has been used safely for two thousand years in traditional Chinese medicine, now available to buy at Supersmart. Recent studies confirm its efficacy in a remarkably wide range of disorders.

What are the benefits associated with Magnolia Bark Extract capsules?

It is only recently, however, that studies have highlighted the amazing health benefits of two of Magnolia's constituents, honokiol and magnolol. We have chosen a product which is standardized to contain 90% honokiol and magnolol in order to guarantee a high content of active principles.

  • Honokiol and magnolol reduce anxiety and stress without causing drowsiness: Honokiol has an anti-anxiety effect which is complemented by the anti-depressant effect of magnolol. In one animal study, honokiol showed a similar level of efficacy to diazepam (a well-known anti-anxiety drug), but without the sedative and habit-forming side effects of the drug.
  • Have a beneficial effect on the activity of several neurotransmitters and helps normalize and protect cerebral function.
  • Honokiol and magnolol are powerful antioxidants (in vitro, up to 1000 times more potent than alpha tocopherol at inhibiting lipid peroxidation). Other studies on laboratory animals show that they protect against free radical damage to mitochondria in the liver, heart and brain.
  • Studies variously show that magnolia extract inhibits proliferation of several types of cancerous cell, that it may be an effective palliative treatment for leukaemia and that it also has significant anti-angiogenic activity, helping to cut off blood supply to tumours.
  • Other research demonstrates Magnolia extract's efficacy in a range of disorders such as common, hospital-transmitted septic infections, treatment of inflammation and pain, prevention and control of asthma, fungal and bacterial growth.

Buy Magnolia Bark Extract capsules for adaptogenic benefits.

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What is in it Magnolia Bark Extract

Magnolia officinalis extract


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Excellent 5 Reviews

august 16 2023

bin zufrieden


june 10 2023

Dises Produkt nehme ich schon länger, es hilft mit sehr in einer schwierigeren Lebensphase

Colette Walczak

august 17 2020

Ce produit répond bien à mes attentes

Laurent (45)

february 19 2020

Efficacité réelle sur l'humeur dans le traitement de l'angoisse

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