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Adrenal Support

Natural supplement for fighting fatigue and stress

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Exceptional formulation, rich in tulsi, which helps maintain resistance to stress

  • Contains excellent adaptogen and medicinal plants (tulsi, eleutherococcus, maca, rhodiola...)
  • High content of magnesium which supports healthy psychological function
  • Rich in patented vitamin C (Ester C), to help reduce fatigue.
  • Enriched with calcium pantothenate and tyrosine, an essential component for the production of stress-controlling hormones.
  • Contains eleutherococcus and rhodiola, adaptogens that support cognitive performance.

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90 tablets

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Adrenal Support

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Adrenal Support is a synergistic supplement containing minerals, vitamins and adaptogen plant extracts such as tulsi, designed to help the body adapt to different types of stress, whatever the source.
Producing Adrenal Support entailed a comprehensive review of the scientific literature on adrenal gland health and stress management.

What are the adrenal glands and what role do they play in the body?

Located above each kidney, the two adrenal glands produce hormones which the body needs in order to function properly, in particular, adrenalin and noradrenalin.

These two hormones come into play in times of stress or anxiety and have direct effects on the body, such as inreased blood pressure, excitement, selective attention, emotions and sleep. They are released into the bloodstream by the adrenal glands in response to stress or an activity or situation perceived as being stressful.

The adrenal glands also release cortisol, a steroid hormone produced from cholesterol, widely known as the ‘stress hormone’. Its role is to help the body deal with stress by mobilising the energy needed to supply the muscles, brain and heart. Chronic stress is normally accompanied by continuous secretion of high levels of cortisol.

What does Adrenal Support contain and what benefits does it offer?

Our supplement Adrenal Support contains highly effective adaptogens and nutrients that have been extensively studied by scientists.

  • An extract of maca (Lepidium meyenii), a plant native to South America belonging to the crucifer family, which, with its glucosinolates, macamides (also called benzyl alkamides) and macaenes, supports physical and mental health.
  • An extract of tulsi (Ocinum sanctum) which supports respiratory health, relaxation, and vitality, and helps to maintain optimal mental health.
  • Eleutherococcus and rhodiola, two adaptogens which support cognitive performance. According to the definition given by the Russian pharmacologist Nicolaï Lazarev, these are natural substances “capable of inducing in an organism a state of non-specific increased resistance enabling it to to counteract stress signals, and adapt to exceptional effort”.
  • L-Tyrosine, the essential compound from which the adrenal glands produce catecholamines.
  • Vitamin C in a non-acidic form (Ester C®), which helps to reduce fatigue, support the immune system and protect cells against the oxidative stress that causes ageing. It is a patented ingredient designed to stay in the body for longer and to be suitable for the most delicate stomachs (which is often the case with stressed individuals).
  • Zinc and magnesium, to protect cells against oxidative stress, and support normal nervous system function, respectively.

This synergistic supplement is therefore well-suited to those who feel as if they are constantly having to deal with stressful situations.

What is in Adrenal Support

Calcium pantothenate
Eleutherococcus extract
Eleutherococcus senticosus
Rhodiola rosea root extract
Amino acid
Ascorbic acid

Any questions?

What is chronic stress?

Chronic stress describes what happens when the body’s stress response mechanisms (including adrenal gland hormone production) are operating ‘at full pelt’ every day for long periods. This results in a loss of biochemical elements involved in the production of hormones related to stress and metabolic disorders. The body becomes exhausted, the immune system weakened. A high level of stress hormones in the blood is a reliable marker of how fragile the body is.

Unfortunately, those suffering from chronic stress are not always aware of it. They don’t realise that it’s putting them at risk of permanent damage to their health. The main consequences of chronic stress include:

  • an acceleration in ageing;
  • nutritional deficiencies;
  • an immune deficit;
  • stomach ulcers;
  • mental health problems (anxiety, structural changes in the brain, substance dependence …) ;
  • worsening of diseases.
How should Adrenal Support be taken?

We recommend taking 2 tablets a day, or as advised by your therapist.

Throughout the supplementation period, it’s also advisable to follow the measures below:

  • Ensure you get plenty of restorative sleep (7-8 hours).
  • Stop for regular breaks during the day to reduce your stress levels.
  • Take regular exercise.
  • Eat a balanced diet, avoiding stimulants such as coffee and alcohol.
  • Boost your resistance to stress even more by combining Adrenal Support with other supplements such as Adaptogenic Potion, an Ayurvedic formulation rich in holy basil, or Stress Relief Formula, with a high content of passiflora for inducing a state of calm, and promoting restorative sleep.


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Excellent 11 Reviews
Liebens Kim

may 23 2024

Erg goed product! Werkt goed voor mij.

Very good product! Works well for me.

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Renée Trozzoli

april 8 2024

Très satisfaite depuis plusieurs années.

Very satisfied for several years.

see the translation Translated by SuperSmart - see the original

Mme Di Gangi

march 3 2024

Pas suffisamment de recul pour donner un avis

Not enough perspective to give an opinion

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Ali Alaoui Drai

december 29 2023

Trop cher

Too expensive

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october 31 2023

Excellent produit! Déjà il agit sur le stress, on se sent plus calme, plus apaisé quand on le prend. Mais surtout cela est hyper efficace sur la fatigue liée aux surrénales. Je sentais comme un épuisement après certaines activités intenses (pour moi) comme le sport ou juste les va et vient dans les transports et avec ce complément cela va beaucoup mieux! Il aide vraiment en cas de fatigue chronique!

Excellent product! First of all, it works on stress; you feel calmer and more at ease when you take it. But above all, it is super effective on adrenal fatigue. I used to feel exhausted after certain intense activities (for me) like sports or just commuting, and with this supplement, it’s much better! It really helps in cases of chronic fatigue!

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