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Welcome Shop by health concern Blood sugar and cholesterol Aminoguanidine HCL 75 mg
Aminoguanidine HCL Supplement
Aminoguanidine HCL Supplement
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Aminoguanidine HCL 75 mg
Blood sugar and cholesterol
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Aminoguanidine HCL contains the nutritional substance aminoguanidine that can improve protection from glycation.
  • Protects fragile proteins from sugar-induced damage.
  • Improves insulin sensitivity and often lowers blood glucose levels.
  • Helps prevent the formation of advanced glycation end products and may even destroy certain cross-links.
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Aminoguanidine HCL Supplement - For Improved Circulation & Blood Sugar Control

Aminoguanidine can prevent the formation of advanced glycation end products and may even destroy certain cross-links.

What are the benefits associated with Aminoguanidine HCL?

  • Clinical studies show that aminoguanidine increases collagen density in artery walls, reduces LDL cholesterol, and improves the condition of diabetics as well as kidney function.
  • In a study at the University of Milan, aminoguanidine improved circulation in atherosclerotic patients to such a degree that their capacity for exercise increased by 50-100%.
  • Above all, aminoguanidine protects fragile proteins such as those of the skin (collagen and elastin), the eyes, the nerves and the kidneys, from sugar-induced damage.
  • Aminoguanidine also improves insulin sensitivity and often lowers blood glucose levels both in healthy individuals as well as in diabetics. In animals, it increases longevity and survival rates.

Why take Aminoguanidine HCL capsules?

Many age-related degenerative diseases, such as vascular, neurological and vision problems, originate from glycation and glycosylation, processes in which glucose molecules bind to proteins, "caramelising" them in such a way as to render them inoperative. Increasingly, scientists consider excess blood sugar to be the second most important 'metabolic catastrophe' after oxidation that the ageing body faces. It seems that rusting (oxidation) and caramelisation (glycation) combine to transform young, strong bodies into ageing, weakened ones.

Aminoguanidine is one of only three identified nutritional substances (the others being carnosine and benfotiamine, also available to buy at Supersmart) which can stop this damage. Each of these substances acts through specific mechanisms and their combined use makes for considerable synergy benefits. The aminoguanidine we offer is the hydrochloride form (HCL) used in clinical studies demonstrating its efficacy. As its half-life in the body is only four hours, it is best to spread the dose evenly over the day.

Buy Aminoguanidine HCL capsules to help with blood sugar control.

Daily serving: 4 capsules
Number of servings per bottle: 25
Quantity per serving
Aminoguanidine hydrochloride 300 mg
Other ingredients: Acacia gum, rice flour.

Each vegetarian capsule contains 75 mg aminoguanidine hydrochloride.
Directions for use
Take three of four capsules, spread over the day, at mealtimes. Diabetics may take higher doses on the advice of their therapist.
5 /5 6 reviews
5.0 / 5
5.0 / 5
Value for money
5.0 / 5

Reviews 6
100 %

Christian Bauwens
De très bons résultats obtenus par ces produits pour ce qui concerne le contrôle de la glycémie pour ce qui me concerne.
Ces résultats s'appliquent à mon cas particulier et aucune conclusion générale ne peut en être tirée.

sosa robaina
muy bueno , bueno para los diabéticos ,buenas cualidades para el organismo ,no deteriora siertos organos como los riñones ,el nervio óptico , yo se lo recomiendo a todos , sobre todo a los diabeticos
Fred H
Efficace et peu cher
Produit apprécié, excellent additif alimentaire et régulateur de glycémie.
très bon produit pour faire descendre la glycémie
je suis très satisfait
je recommande vivement

IPOTESI Christian
Excellent produit très efficace
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Aminoguanidine HCL 75 mg
27.00 €
(27.45 US$)
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