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Plasminogen Activator

Food supplement dedicated to plasminogen, the anti-blood clots

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The best natural compounds for cardiovascular health and longevity
  • Helps to unclog the arteries by preventing new plaque from forming and reducing existing deposits.
  • High in nattokinase and d-alpha tocopherol which activate the plasminogen responsible for eliminating blood clots.
  • Contains serrapeptase which helps break down dead cells and the accumulation of damaged tissue.
  • Supports healthy blood flow.
  • Contains high levels of powerful antioxidants (phosphorylated ascorbate, pterostilbene, OPCs...) which help fight cellular ageing.

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Plasminogen Activator

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Plasminogen Activator is a superior quality dietary supplement which combines the best natural substances for supporting good cardiovascular health and longevity.

Its carefully-selected compounds help to prevent the formation of arterial plaque and reduce existing plaque. Certain of its ingredients, such as nattokinase and d-alpha tocopherol, are even able to directly activate plasminogen, the precursor of plasmin. Plasmin helps break down the fibrin that goes on to form blood clots (1-3). This new formulation has also been developed to promote optimal blood flow.

Plasminogen Activator also contains powerful antioxidant compounds which help protect the body from the harmful effects of oxidative stress, a key factor in cardiovascular problems and ageing (4-5).

What exactly is in Plasminogen Activator?

The exceptional Plasminogen Activator contains 6 bioactive ingredients carefully-chosen to act in synergy to protect your arteries:

  1. nattokinase. This is an enzyme extracted from natto, a Japanese food made of fermented soya beans. By activating plasminogen, nattokinase helps to break down fibrin, a substance that circulates in the blood and can build up to the point where it causes a blood clot to form. In addition, nattokinase helps to reduce the activity of renin, a compound that increases blood pressure. Nattokinase thus helps to both prevent the formation of clots and reduce hypertension. It also has anti-atherosclerotic properties (6-7);
  2. serrapeptase. This enzyme is able to break down certain proteins and is actually used by silkworms to dissolve their cocoons. In the human body, serrapeptase breaks down dead or damaged tissue. It thus helps to dissolve plaque, the harmful fibrous layer that builds up on artery walls, and clots, without affecting healthy cells. It also promotes a reduction in swelling by draining fluid that accumulates in tissues (8-10);
  3. grape seed extract standardised to 95% oligoproanthocyanidins (OPCs). OPCs are flavonoid polyphenols and particularly effective antioxidants. A number of studies show that OPCs also help maintain the endothelium (the layer of cells lining the interior surface of blood vessels and thus in direct contact with circulating blood) (11-12);
  4. pterostilbene. Found in grapes and blueberries, this super antioxidant is similar to resveratrol but is even more bioavailable. Pterostilbene helps to both prevent the accumulation of LDL cholesterol and normalise blood pressure. It also has soothing and stress-relieving effects, a significant benefit given that stress is a major factor in the deterioration of arteries and veins (13-14) ;
  5. magnesium ascorbyl phosphate. This rare and stable form of vitamin C is 20 times more powerful than standard forms of vitamin C. It helps to combat oxidative stress and supports production of collagen which plays a role in healthy blood vessel function (15-16)
  6. vitamin E, in the form of d-alpha tocopherol succinate. Several studies suggest that this natural form of vitamin E activates plasminogen and has a role in cleansing atheromatous deposits from arteries, thus preventing them from narrowing. Vitamin E is also an excellent antioxidant (17-19).

What beneficial effects does Plasminogen Activator have on the arteries?

Firstly, the nattokinase, serrapeptase, pterostilbene and d-alpha tocopherol help to prevent and eliminate the atheromatous plaque which progressively clogs up the arteries (20-23). In addition, the nattokinase and serrapeptase exert a powerful ‘fibrinolytic’ effect: they play a part in preventing the formation of blood clots or ‘thrombi’ (24-25).

Plasminogen Activator’s dual action helps reduce the risk of arterial obstruction which can cause serious cardiovascular problems such as myocardial infarction (heart attack), stroke, angina, and sudden ischaemia.

By helping to cleanse the arteries, serrapeptase and d-alpha tocopherol also have a blood-thinning effect (26-27). And nattokinase and pterostilbene help to lower blood pressure and reduce hypertension (28-29).

Lastly, as potent antioxidants, the ascorbyl magnesium phosphate, OPCs, pterostilbene and vitamin E combat oxidative stress. Several studies have shown that free radical attack on cells is strongly implicated in the development of cardiovascular disease and ageing in general (30-32).

3 additional benefits of this heart-healthy, anti-ageing formulation

In addition to these principal benefits:

  • the ascorbyl magnesium phosphate in Plasminogen Activator also supports strong immunity (33);
  • the nattokinase and serrapeptase may also be able to dissolve amyloid plaques (which can form in the brain and impair cognitive function) (34);
  • and, according to one study, the pterostilbene may help regulate blood sugar levels(35).

How should this supplement be taken?

To benefit from all the positive effects of Plasminogen Activator, you simply need to take two capsules a day with a glass of water.

What is in Plasminogen Activator

Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate
Grape seed extract
Vitamin E

Any questions?

Blocked arteries: other natural ways of lowering your risk

There are several additional steps you can take to prevent the development of atheromatous plaque. We know these atheromas are likely to obstruct arteries over time (a process called ‘ stenosis’) but they can also become suddenly detached, causing a blood clot, which can itself block the artery (known as ‘thrombosis’. To reduce the risk of such cardiac problems, try to:

  • stop smoking;
  • take regular exercise;
  • avoid stress wherever possible;
  • eat a balanced diet(with plenty of fruit and vegetables and minimal salt and fat ...);
  • reduce your alcohol intake;
  • control your hypertension and monitor your cholesterol.
Supplements to take in tandem with Plasminogen Activator

If you’re interested in taking other supplements to support your cardiovascular system and circulation, Plasminogen Activator can be combined with a course of Arctic Plankton Oil supplements. This nutritional gem, consisting of a zooplankton-sourced oil, is excellent for the heart. Its high omega-3 content, in particular, will help reduce hypertension, abdominal fat and cholesterol levels.

And to help you hold back the sands of time, we recommend trying an anti-ageing supplement such as Fisetin. Fisetin is an antioxidant flavonoid found at low levels in mangoes, strawberries and persimmon. This extraordinary natural senolytic promotes the elimination of senescent cells associated with ageing. Fisetin is also known for reactivating ‘autophagy’ – in other words, it helps rid healthy cells of harmful waste products.


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Excellent 6 Reviews
Ignace De Volder

february 29 2024

Comme déjà dit : difficile de comparer. Il faudrait que j'avais fait une analyse cardiaque et de mon sang avant de commencer à prendre ce produit. Mais j'ose espérer qu'il a les effets annoncés sur ma santé ...

Ignace De Volder

february 21 2024

Je devrai peut-être faire une analyse de sang avant utilisation et puis une après 2 mois d'utilisation afin de voir si le labo découvre une amélioration... ou je devrai faire un test de mn coeur... difficile pour un laïque de juger l'efficacité d'un produit...


september 13 2023

Sinds 2 maanden gebruik voelen mijn onderbenen minder branderig en heb ik de indruk dat het de bloedvaten werkelijk gunstig beïnvloedt. Wil het daarom voorlopig blijven inzetten. De prijs is alleen wel erg hoog voor dit product. Het zou fijn zijn als men bij voortdurend gebruik een oplopende korting zou kunnen krijgen tot bijv 25%. Dan blijf ik het waarschijnlijk heel lang gebruiken. lang gebruiken.

Martine Lachour

august 30 2023

Pas de sensation particulière. Mais psychiquement je sais que c'est le bon choix

Ignace De Volder

july 28 2023

Je suppose que le produit agit comme annoncé par la firme. Il faudrait faire des tests spécifiques médicaux avant et après 3 mois d'utilisation. Ce que je n'ai pas fait ...

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