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Welcome Ingredients Fatty acids (omega-3, omega-7 ...)

Fatty acids (omega-3, omega-7 ...)

Are you looking for a heart-healthy omega-3 supplement? Do you demand the highest standards when it comes to the source of the fatty acids, the form of the supplement and the dose offered? You couldn’t be in better hands. Supersmart offers a range of superior omega-3 fatty acid supplements, as well as other natural fatty acids such as omega-7.

Our exceptional supplements are all produced using the very best natural raw materials (plankton, krill, sea buckthorn, fish oil …) and come in a highly-innovative form which ensures the fatty acids are preserved and remain bioavailable to the body.

Before you make your selection, you may like to know that Super Omega 3 and Krill Oil are among the most popular products in our catalogue, though hot on their heels is an impressive newcomer: Arctic Plankton Oil, a zooplankton-derived oil containing incredibly bio-rich omega-3 fatty acids (EPA, DHA et SDA) …

Arctic Plankton OilArctic Plankton Oil

Calanus oil, the nutritional gem from the Arctic for boosting heart health and fighting inflammation

43.00 €(49.88 US$)
5 3 reviews
CDP Choline 250 mgCDP Choline 250 mg

Improved, bioavailable form of the important nutrient choline

59.00 €(68.43 US$)
5 7 reviews
CLA 800 mgCLA 800 mg

Combined linoleic acid: the anti-fat lipidic!

25.00 €(29.00 US$)
5 6 reviews
Celadrin® 350 mgCeladrin® 350 mg

Helps reduce pain and restore joint mobility

39.00 €(45.24 US$)
5 2 reviews
Celadrin® PlusCeladrin® Plus

In localized applications for faster, stronger action

41.00 €(47.56 US$)
0 No reviews
Choline ComplexCholine Complex

Essential nutrient with multiple effects

59.00 €(68.43 US$)
5 1 reviews
DMAE 130 mgDMAE 130 mg

Important, pluripotent precursor of acetylcholine.

23.00 €(26.68 US$)
5 4 reviews
Krill Oil 590 mgKrill Oil 590 mg

A superior, more bioavailable form of omega-3, with increased effects

34.00 €(39.44 US$)
5 15 reviews
PS 100PS 100

Standardized phosphatidylserine (LECI PS)

49.00 €(56.84 US$)
5 6 reviews
Palmitoleic Acid 210 mgPalmitoleic Acid 210 mg

A purified form of omega-7 to help combat type II diabetes, atherosclerosis and metabolic syndrome.

35.40 €59.00 €(41.06 US$)
4.5 4 reviews
Skin CeramidesSkin Ceramides

Intensive rehydration for dry skin, as demonstrated in three clinical studies !

39.00 €(45.24 US$)
5 7 reviews
Super DHA 310 mgSuper DHA 310 mg

310 mg of DHA and 43 mg of EPA

34.00 €(39.44 US$)
5 9 reviews
Super EPA 285 mgSuper EPA 285 mg

285 mg of EPA and 39.19 mg of DHA per softgel

37.00 €(42.92 US$)
5 2 reviews
Super Omega 3Super Omega 3

EPA and DHA: one of the most natural, pure, powerful and stable product on the market

26.00 €(30.16 US$)
5 91 reviews

Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) Supplements to Prevent Cardiovascular Disease, Obesity, Diabetes, and More

Krill oil is naturally rich in omega-3, both EFA and DHA, antioxidants and phospholipids (supports cell membranes and critical to cell function). This supplement offers highly bio-available nutrients. Fish oil concentrate is rich in omega-7, effective in pain reduction, fighting obesity, and suppressing inflammation that may lead to metabolic syndrome (biochemical and physiological abnormalities linked to type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease).

Coronary artery disease supplements may include Coenzyme Q10, omega 3 fatty acids, and other ingredients known to support heart health.

How Do EFAs Work?

EFAs are what is commonly-termed “good fat.” These fats are an essential element in healthy cells throughout the body, they increase the body’s ability to absorb vitamins and minerals, promote healthy nerve function, support balanced hormones, and to prevent the development of disease. A modern lifestyle can leave a person deficient in these critical fatty acids, leading to some of the following symptoms:

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