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AHCC© dietary supplement containing shiitake mushrooms
AHCC© dietary supplement containing shiitake mushrooms
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Sans nano-particulesSans glutenVegan
Immune system, fatigue and infections
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The perfect AHCC® supplement
  • Extracted from the mycelium of shiitake mushroom.
  • Patented supplement produced in Japan using a proprietary liquid culturing process.
  • Rich in easily absorbed alpha-glucan polysaccharides.
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Plate with three shiitake mushrooms

Buy AHCC, a fermented shiitake extract rich in polysaccharides

AHCC is a dietary supplement containing shiitake mushroom. It comes in 500mg capsules and is made in Sapporo, Japan, by the excellent Amino Up laboratory, and distributed by SuperSmart.

What benefits do Shiitake supplements offer?

Of the thousands of mushrooms found in nature, twelve have caught the attention of the scientific community because of their unique combination of health benefits. Shiitake, which has featured in certain natural pharmacopoeia for thousands of years, is one of them.

Mushrooms, particularly shiitake, help to normalise several of the body’s functions:

  • Intestinal health. Shiitake mushrooms contain a large amount of insoluble fibre which increases the volume and weight of stools, facilitating bowel evacuation and reducing the risk of constipation. They also contain non-digestible sugars which act as food for beneficial bacteria in the gut and colon, helping to improve the integrity of the intestinal barrier.
  • Cardiology. As a result of their high polysaccharide content, shiitake help to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, two factors associated with cardiovascular problems.
  • Free radical activity. Shiitake have certain antioxidant properties and thus help to fight the oxidative stress that contributes to many age-related health problems. When the body is exposed to high numbers of free radicals, normal detoxification processes cannot function properly, producing a state of imbalance.

These properties are due to shiitake’s exceptionally rich nutritional value. In addition to its high content of lentinan and eritadenine, which act on innate and adaptive immune responses (1), shiitake contains AHCC, rich in partly acetylated alpha-1,4 glucan polysaccharides. AHCC is the subject of intensive research (2-11).

How is AHCC made?

AHCC is produced from the mushroom’s mycelium, cultured in a liquid medium using a proprietary method, under the strictest health controls.

The resulting dietary supplement consists of 10% alpha-1,4 glucans, a type of polysaccharide not normally found in mushrooms, which is derived only through this proprietary manufacturing process.

4 good reasons to try AHCC

  1. It’s a convenient and safe way to enjoy the benefits of shiitake mushrooms.
  2. Mushrooms represent one of the most promising fields of medicine. With their metabolic complexity, mushrooms offer huge pharmacological potential – the amount of research in this area is significant. The medical fields in which they are being used is increasing all the time: antibiotic treatment, cardiology, haematology, oncology, parasitology …
  3. It’s an unbeatable supplement in terms of bioactive compounds.
  4. It’s perfectly safe, and contains only natural excipients.
    AHCC capsules are guaranteed free from lactose, gluten, gelatine, soya, flavourings, pesticides, fungicides, colourings, allergens, GMO and animal-origin products. The mushrooms used have been cultured in a liquid medium in a laboratory that is GMP-compliant and certified ISO 9100 & 22000. Their cellular compounds, including polysaccharides, are extracted using a unique enzyme formula which initiates fermentation of the cell walls. The only excipient is natural-source - acacia gum.

Are there any contraindications to taking AHCC?

The effects of shiitake will add to those of cholesterol-lowering drugs. So if you’re taking this kind of medication, you should seek advice from a health professional before supplementing with this product.

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Buy AHCC to support immune health.

Daily dose: 2 capsules
Number of doses per pack: 30

Amount per dose

AHCC® (extract of shiitake mycelium (Lentinus edodes) standardised to 10% alpha glucans) 1000 mg
Other ingredients : Acacia gum
*AHCC© is a registered trademark of Amino Up Co., Ltd., Japan.

Each capsule contains 500 mg of shiitake mushroom mycelium (Lentinus edodes).

Directions for use

Adults. Take two capsules a day. Each capsule contains 500mg of AHCC® (extracted from the mycelia of Shiitake (Lentinus edodes) standardised to 10% alpha glucans).

Caution: do not exceed the recommended daily dose. This product is a nutritional supplement and should not be used to replace a varied, balanced diet or healthy lifestyle. Keep out of young children’s reach. Store away from light, heat and humidity. As with all nutritional supplements, consult a health professional before taking if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or suffer from a health problem.

4.9 /5 9 reviews
5.0 / 5
4.9 / 5
Value for money
4.2 / 5

Reviews 9
89 %

ROQUE Sylvie
ARGENCE Christiane
produits de très haute qualité et d'éfficacite
Excellent produit
Stéphane VANNIER
je suis satisfait de ce produit stimulant l'immunité cependant je le trouve très cher
toujours très satisfaite bons résultats sur mes polypes dans la vessie , mon urologue m'a dit que j'ai une vessie de bébé
Grande réussite et excellents résultats, le prix peut-être un peu élevé...
Très bon produit testé en cas de cancer
Très bon produit
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AHCC© dietary supplement containing shiitake mushrooms
The perfect supplement of AHCC®
93.00 €(96.99 US$)
5 9 reviews
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Super Quercetin
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49.00 €(51.10 US$)
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AHCC© dietary supplement containing shiitake mushrooms
The perfect supplement of AHCC®
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Organic Turkey Tail
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AHCC© dietary supplement containing shiitake mushrooms
The perfect supplement of AHCC®
93.00 €(96.99 US$)
5 9 reviews
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Without doubt Chinese medicine’s no. 1 plant
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AHCC© dietary supplement containing shiitake mushrooms
The perfect supplement of AHCC®
93.00 €(96.99 US$)
5 9 reviews
Green Propolis Supplement
Green Propolis
Natural antibiotic with an incredible range of biological activities
53.00 €(55.27 US$)
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Pack "AHCC + Green Propolis"
146.00 €(152.26 US$)
AHCC© dietary supplement containing shiitake mushrooms
The perfect supplement of AHCC®
93.00 €(96.99 US$)
5 9 reviews
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Senolytic Complex
Senolytics: a revolutionary formula for destroying the senescent cells responsible for aging
95.00 €(99.07 US$)
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Pack "Senolytic Complex + AHCC"
188.00 €(196.06 US$)
AHCC© dietary supplement containing shiitake mushrooms
The perfect supplement of AHCC®
93.00 €(96.99 US$)
5 9 reviews
Derma Relief Supplement
Derma Relief
Probiotic formula to help eradicate skin problems
54.00 €(56.32 US$)
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Pack "Derma Relief + AHCC"
147.00 €(153.30 US$)
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