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Smart Pills + Taurine
Smart Pills + Taurine


Smart Pills + Taurine
Taurine supplement:
  • Involved in white cell antioxidant activity, cardiac contractility, sperm motility, development and function of the nervous system.
  • Used for improving physical and mental performance.

An exceptional formulation for stimulating the brain (nootropic)

  • Contains Bacopa monnieri which increases memory and concentration
  • Contains vitamin B12 which optimises nervous system function and helps reduce nervous fatigue
  • Contains Gingko biloba which increases cerebral circulation and neuronal metabolism
  • High in caffeine and L-theanine

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Taurine 1000 mg

Taurine, a powerful amino acid derivative This taurine supplement is particularly valued by those seeking to improve their physical and mental performance. As indicated by its chemical denomination, 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid, taurine is an amino acid derivative. Its name comes from the Latin taurus meaning ‘bull’, as it was first discovered in the bile of this animal. It is, however, found in many other animal species including humans where it can be synthesised from two sulphur-containing amino acids called methionine and cysteine. In the human body, taurine plays a part in numerous metabolic processes and has now been made available as a dietary supplement precisely to support this important activity. Beneficial and protective effects of taurine Taurine is present at significant levels in the brain and muscles where it plays an important role in a number of biological processes. In cardiac muscle it is primarily involved in cardiac contractility. It is also involved in growth proces...

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Smart Pills

What is Smart Pills? Smart Pills is a supplement designed to optimise brain function and promote mental efficiency . It is formulated from six different ingredients, including two renowned natural nootropics, Bacopa monnieri and Ginkgo biloba , vitamin B12 - now scientifically-recognised as playing a key role in the nervous system, caffeine, taurine and theanine. The combined scope of their effects enhances well-being and cognitive performance: memory, cerebral microcirculation, mental effort … They work symbiotically to provide the extra boost we need to be more focused and productive. Who is Smart Pills aimed at? Smart Pills is for anyone looking to: maximise their motivation; respond to cognitive challenges; improve their mood; regain greater work efficiency; achieve ‘flow’, the mental high characterised by deep concentration and total immersion in an activity; become more effective; view tasks to be accomplished in a clear-headed way (mental clarity). When is a good time to take Sm...

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