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Anti-fatigue methylcobalamin (vitamin B12) food supplement

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Methylcobalamin is a highly active form of vitamin B12.
  • Indicated for vitamin B deficiency.
  • Has an essential function in a number of vital organs such as the brain.
  • May improve alertness and cerebral protection.

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Methylcobalamin is formulated from a specific form of vitamin B12 (cobalamin) called methylcobalamin.

The other forms of vitamin B12 are cyanocobalamin and adenosylcobalamin. Methylcobalamin is a highly active form of the vitamin, hence its inclusion in the composition of this new product. Supplementation is particularly useful since vitamin B12 plays a number of roles within the body and is essential for good health. As humans cannot synthesise this B complex vitamin, it must be ingested daily in order to meet the body’s requirements, available to buy at SuperSmart.

What are the benefits of Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is involved in the synthesis, absorption and metabolism of numerous molecules, giving it a key role in the body. In order to offer a high-quality vitamin B12 supplement, this product has been formulated using methylcobalamin. Its recognised activity in the body means it is highly effective at combatting deficiency, amongst other benefits:

  • It supports cell growth and renewal by participating in protein, DNA and RNA synthesis.
  • Helps to maintain healthy skin.
  • Has an essential function in a number of vital organs such as the brain.
  • It is involved in synthesising neurotransmitters as well as maintaining the myelin sheath – the structure that surrounds and protects nerve fibres.
  • Plays a part in lipid metabolism and red blood cell formation.

Providing the benefits of this active form of cobalamin, this supplement contains an optimal 1mg of vitamin B12 per tablet, with a suggested dose of 1 tablet a day, although this can be adjusted in line with your needs and the advice of your therapist.

Why choose methylcobalamin sublingually?

Vitamin B12 sometimes struggles to be absorbed in the intestinal tract, due to gastrointestinal issues, medical conditions, or the use of certain medications.

Our supplement addresses this issue by providing 1 mg of methylcobalamin sublingually. With Methylcobalamin, vitamin B12 is directly absorbed into the bloodstream from the mouth, resulting in enhanced bioavailability.

What do the studies say about Methylcobalamin?

Apart from its use in preventing a lack of vitamin B12, methylcobalamin has also been studied for its potential to improve alertness and cerebral protection. Research has focused in particular on the pharmaceutical benefits of methylcobalamin for preventing neurological problems. Ultimately, such research aims to find effective treatments for neurodegenerative diseases. Initial results suggest that methylcobalamin may act in the brain by:

  • Protecting it from the toxic effects of glutamate, nitric oxide and low oxygen and blood sugar levels.
  • Promoting nerve regeneration which could help slow down the progress of neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Relieving symptoms of facial paralysis.
  • Boosting the activity of natural killer cells and T lymphocytes.

What is in it Methylcobalamine

Vitamin B12

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When should I take Methylcobalamin?

Although vitamin B12 can be obtained from the diet, deficiency is not uncommon, particularly among older individuals. Supplementation with methylcobalamin is indicated in such cases. This active molecule is also recommended for vegetarians and vegans, because foods that contain it are often animal-source, such as offal and seafood. Dietary supplements may, therefore, be necessary for those following a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Given the crucial roles vitamin B12 plays in the body, it’s essential to ensure an adequate intake of this vitamin, particularly as a shortfall may result in insufficient production of haemoglobin which is vital for transporting oxygen to red blood cells. If this is not addressed, it can lead to anaemia which is characterised by abnormally low levels of haemoglobin. In vitamin B12 deficiency anaemia, red blood cells are usually bigger than healthy ones. Generally known as macrocytes, these larger red blood cells do not permit adequate oxygen transport, resulting in poor oxygenation of the body. This manifests in various symptoms such as pale skin, a rapid heart rate, severe fatigue, breathing difficulties and headaches. Vitamin B12 supplementation may thus be necessary to prevent deficiency or combat the symptoms of anaemia.

In addition to methylcobalamin, what other dietary supplements might be of interest to you?

You may also be interested in other vitamin supplements such as Triple C, our complete vitamin C formulation, and Daily 6®, our latest-generation multivitamin supplement, available to buy at Supersmart.


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Excellent 35 Reviews
Suzie Page

november 23 2021

Very good product at a reasonable price

Suzie Page

may 17 2021

good product, good value

Client Rudolf Huber

april 5 2024

Je prends 2 comprimés par jour pour optimiser l'effet


december 31 2023

Valeur sûre pour les végétariens. Agréable au goût, je n'en prends que 2 ou 3 fois par semaine.


december 8 2023

Une bonne manière de combler les manques de vitamine B12

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