Organic Royal Jelly + Asc2P
Organic Royal Jelly + Asc2P


Organic Royal Jelly + Asc2P
Stable and powerful form of vitamin C (Asc2P)
  • Recognized for antioxidant effects and its role in maintaining the immune system.
  • Used in the treatment and prevention of many common diseases.

Mother Nature’s vitality gem - 100% organic
  • Produced in Europe
  • Helps regenerate and revitalise
  • Convenient form (capsules)
  • Organically-produced
  • Supports the body through the change in seasons
  • Precise dosage: standardised to 4% 10-HDA

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90 Veg. Caps.
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Asc2P 250 mg

Who wouldn’t want to live longer and look younger? Asc2P, or phosphorylated ascorbate, may well provide part of the answer.Asc2P is a rare and very stable form of vitamin C. It already features as an ingredient in the formulation Telomeres Maintenance, but this form of vitamin C, with its exceptional properties, deserves to be considered as a supplement in its own right, and taken at an appropriate dose. Asc2P, a potent form of vitamin C Asc2P, or phosphorylated ascorbate, is a rare and stable form of vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid. Vitamin C is recognised for the essential role it plays in many of the body’s functions, as well as for its antioxidant effects. Though relatively unknown, Asc2P is a quite specific form which is around 20 times more powerful than the classic ascorbic acid form of vitamin C. Powerful antioxidant protection for cells Vitamin C is recognised for its antioxidant potency and protective effect against oxidative stress and free radical damage. This benefi...

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Organic Royal jelly 4 % 10-HDA

What is royal jelly? Royal jelly is one of the richest substances found in Nature. As the seasons change, its exceptional content in rare nutrients makes it invaluable for effortlessly overcoming bouts of fatigue and finding new energy. It is produced from a very sweet, whitish substance secreted by worker bees between their fourth and fifteenth day of life. It is the sole source of nutrition for larvae destined to become queen bees, and for adult queens once they leave the colony. Royal jelly is considered an exceptional substance because of its rich content in essential nutrients. The jelly is a kind of thick, whitish paste with a faint smell but a hot, acidic taste which makes it particularly difficult to swallow in its fresh, non-lyophilised (non-freeze-dried) form (1). In particular, it helps to: Boost weak immune systems, especially during changes in season. Restore energy, drive and vitality in periods of fatigue and exhaustion, due to its comprehensive and complex composition. ...

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