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Systemic Enzymes dietary supplement
Systemic Enzymes dietary supplement
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Systemic Enzymes
Fighting inflammation
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Systemic Enzymes is an enzyme complex that acts throughout the body, providing multiple benefits for human health.
  • Compensates for age-related enzyme deficiencies.
  • Has anti-inflammatory and immune-stimulant properties.
  • Purifies and promotes fluidity of the blood.
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Systemic enzymes

Systemic Enzymes Dietary Supplement, 100 DRCaps - Reviews, Dosage

Systemic Enzymes contains systemic enzymes that split proteins into shorter amino acid chains, thus conferring multiple health benefits, including soothing and purifying effects, now available to buy at Supersmart. As enzymes are vulnerable to degradation by stomach acids, Systemic Enzymes now comes in DR Caps'- gastro-resistant capsules - which ensure optimum efficacy and bioavailability, the enzymes being absorbed in the small intestine where they pass directly into the bloodstream.

Why take Systemic Enzymes?

An enzyme is a biological catalyst, a molecule that increases by up to several million the speed at which metabolic reactions take place in cellular and extracellular environments. Almost 3000 enzymes generate over 7000 enzymatic reactions in the body. Enzymes are particularly associated with, but not limited to, digestive function. “Systemic” means that they act throughout the body, providing multiple benefits for human health. This wide-spectrum enzyme complex can compensate for the enzyme deficiency we see with advancing age:

  • Peptidases break proteins peptide bonds, and participate in protein maturation, food digestion, blood coagulation and tissue remodelling during the body's development and healing processes.
  • Chymotrypsin and trypsin hydrolyse the majority of proteins and work synergistically with endogenous enzymes. They boost digestion, the immune system and cardiovascular health.
  • Pancreatin is a mixture of several digestive enzymes produced by the pancreas (amylase, lipase and protease) which helps in treating certain food allergies and auto-immune diseases as well as in losing weight.
  • Bromelain and papain are plant proteolytic enzymes. Bromelain is recognised for its ability to reduce inflammation and swelling. Papain is also used to counter plaque, treat oedema and inflammatory processes as well as to reduce post-operative swelling and adhesions.

What are the benefits associated to Systemic Enzymes?

  • They have powerful anti-inflammatory and pain-relief properties, without the side-effects of drugs with similar properties (NSAIDs).
  • Stimulate internal defences to protect the joints from degeneration.
  • Purify and promote fluidity of the blood by regulating the amount of fibrin in the blood.
  • Have an immuno-modulatory effect by activating macrophages and improving their infection-fighting capacity.
  • Help accelerate post-exercise recovery.
  • Promote wound-healing.
  • Stimulate drug efficacy (particularly chemotherapy).
  • Improves rheumatoid arthritis and all other inflammatory disorders of the joints, shoulders, knees, back among others.
  • Offer benefits following minor surgery (dental or ophthalmic) or more major operations.
  • Improves pancreatitis, inducing moderate secretion of enzymes.

Buy Systemic Enzymes capsules for powerful anti-inflammatory benefits.

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Daily dose : 6 DR Caps™ capsules
Number of doses per pack : 16
Amount per dose
Pancreatin NF 10X 600 mg
Bromelain 9,000,000 FCCPU
Protease 6 90,000 HUT
Trypsin 1:150 150 mg
Lipase 900 FIP
Papain 6,000,000 FCCPU
Peptidase 9,000 HUT
Chymotrypsin 5, 100 USP
Other ingredients : Rice bran.
Directions for use
Adults. Take three capsules twice a day one hour before meals. Higher doses may be taken on the advice of your therapist.
Contains bromelain, extracted from pineapples. Contains sulfites.
5 /5 1 reviews
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5.0 / 5
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5.0 / 5

Reviews 1
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Satisfait !
  • Robinson, Peter K. “Enzymes: principles and biotechnological applications.” Essays in biochemistry vol. 59 (2015): 1-41. doi:10.1042/bse0590001
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    Systemic Enzymes
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