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Potassium Iodide

Potassium iodide food supplement: thyroid & energy

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Exceptional, safe source of iodine with optimal bioavailability
  • Supports production of thyroid hormones and normal thyroid function.
  • Improves energy metabolism, nervous system function and cognitive function.
  • Stable form of iodine (potassium iodide) with excellent bioavailability and recognised benefits.
  • Delivered in the form of iodine tablets.
  • Contains 200mcg of elemental iodine per daily dose.

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Potassium Iodide

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Potassium Iodide is a high-quality supplement containing stable iodine. Chemical element n°53 in the periodic table, iodine is an essential trace element which is found in small amounts, in particular, in seafood.

More specifically, the supplement Potassium Iodide contains a form of iodine that’s very well absorbed by the body: potassium iodide. Excellent for vitality, the thyroid and the nervous system (1-2), this supplement can be found in our pro-energy and anti-fatigue product category.

Iodine: a key trace element for the thyroid and health in general

Iodine plays a central role in healthy thyroidfunction. This butterfly-shaped gland located at the base of the neck producesthyroid hormones.

These hormones, which include triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4), are crucial for the body: they control metabolism, hunger, sleep, growth, reproduction... (3) In order to produce these hormones, the thyroid needs to be supplied with iodine from the diet.

What benefits do these potassium iodide tablets offer?

The supplement Potassium Iodide provides 200mcg of elemental iodine per daily dose. It benefits several aspects of our health, but more specifically, it supports normal:

  • energy metabolism;
  • nervous system function;
  • cognitive function;
  • thyroid function;
  • thyroid hormone production;
  • and skin (4).

All these health claims are recognised by European legislation on dietary supplements (CE n° 1924/2006).

Hypothyroidism: what are the effects of a deficiency in iodine?

The consequences of a lack of iodine can be serious, potentially leading to hypothyroidism, a pathological deficiency in thyroid hormones. There are a number of symptoms, whether cumulative or in isolation, which are indicative of iodine deficiency:

  • feeling unusually tired;
  • gaining weight;
  • cognitive problems ;
  • problems with the menstrual cycle;
  • high cholesterol and hypertension;
  • an increase in size of the thyroid gland (the famous goitre, which manifests in swelling at the base of the neck) (5-6).

We should also mentioncretinism, a collection of physical and mental problems caused by an absence of iodine, which can occur in remote mountainous regions located a long way from the sea.

The recommended daily intake for iodine has been assessed as 100mcg-200mcg/day (also expressed as µg/day). The EU specifies that iodine intake should not exceed 600mcg/day(7), though the risk of this is very low as excess iodine is normally excreted in urine.

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Which foods are rich in iodine?

The best dietary sources of iodine are primarily seafood, including marine algae (such as nori), fish (such as cod) and shellfish(such as oysters).

However, it is iodised salt which is the main dietary source of iodine across the world. The practice of enriching salt with iodine to prevent deficiency has been supported by the WHO for decades, though iodised cooking salt should still be consumed in moderation given the harmful effects of salt on cardiovascular health.

Why choose the supplement Potassium Iodide?

This supplement is composed of potassium iodide (KI), a stable form of iodine obtained by reacting iodine with potassium hydroxide. It is notable for its exceptional bioavailability which, according to current studies, could be as high as 96.4% (8).

Potassium iodide is thus a well-known and effective compound: it’s the form of iodine most often used in Europe for iodised table salt and iodine supplements. It is also used in stable iodine tablets used for protecting the thyroid against radioactive iodine released by nuclear accidents (9-10).

Potassium Iodide also offers an excellent dose, providing 200mcg of iodine per daily tablet (11).

Supplements to combine with Potassium Iodide

In addition to iodine, it’s important to ensure you have an adequate intake of magnesium, deficiency in which is very common. This trace element helps to support energy levels, the nervous system and dental health (12). Taking the supplement OptiMag, which contains 8 highly-bioavailable forms of magnesium, is an excellent way of ensuring your daily requirements are met.

If you’re experiencing a dip in energy, you can combine your iodine supplementation with ginseng, an excellent medicinal plant. Ginseng (Radix Panax) helps to maintain vitality as well as supporting the immune system and cognitive performance(13). The supplement Ginseng 30% is standardised to provide 30% ginsenosides, the plant’s most active ingredients.

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