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Joint Anti-Inflammatory Food Supplements

Are you looking for a natural treatment to fight inflammation? Do you want to find the most effective and powerful natural anti-inflammatories to relieve your pain or restore balance in your body? Well you’re in the right place! Here at Supersmart, you’ll find a choice of the best supplements for fighting chronic inflammation, that modern scourge which plays a part in so many inflammatory health problems.

Heading up the list is the ‘must-have’ supplement Serrapeptase 60 000 IU, a highly-effective enzyme for combatting inflammation, 5-Loxin®, an Ayurvedic extract of Boswellia serrata with recognised anti-inflammatory effects, as well as Super Curcuma, one of our most sought-after products.

Two new products are also proving to be a runaway success: CBD 25 mg and CBD Oil 6%, both of which contain CBD (cannabidiol), a phytocannabinoid that helps reduce the inflammatory response.

CBD 25 mgCBD 25 mg
Natural, powerful analgesic for long-lasting pain relief
30 Veg. Caps
63.00 €(70.72 US$)
Super Curcuma 500 mgSuper Curcuma 500 mg
Curcuma phytosomes with higher bioavailability New patented curcuma extract, 29 times more bioavailable !
60 Veg. Caps
45.00 €(50.52 US$)
CBD Oil 6 %CBD Oil 6 %
CBD hemp oil standardised to 6.4% cannabidiol (CBD)
30 Softgels 5 mg
29.00 €(32.56 US$)
Curcumin SolutionCurcumin Solution
The most bioavailable form of curcumin on the market (185 times more bioavailable than standard curcumin).
60 Licaps™
27.00 €(30.31 US$)
Serrapeptase 60 000 IUSerrapeptase 60 000 IU
Double dose : 60,000 IU of serratia peptidase per capsule. Now in gastroresistant DR caps™
90 DR Caps™
34.00 €(38.17 US$)
5-Loxin® 100 mg5-Loxin® 100 mg
Patented extract of Boswellia serrata and powerful inhibitor of the enzyme 5-lipo-oxygenase (5-LOX)
90 Veg. Caps
34.00 €(38.17 US$)
Luteolin 50 mgLuteolin 50 mg
Brain health, longevity and anti-inflammatory properties
60 Veg. Caps
22.00 €(24.70 US$)
InflaRelief FormulaInflaRelief Formula
New, more powerful and polyvalent formulation. A holistic approach to problems of inflammation
180 Veg. Caps
66.00 €(74.09 US$)
Natural Curcuma 500 mgNatural Curcuma 500 mg
Standardized extract containing 95% curcuminoids.
75 Veg. Caps
42.00 €(47.15 US$)
Calcium-AEP 500 mgCalcium-AEP 500 mg
Integrity factor of cell membranes.
90 Veg. Caps
31.00 €(34.80 US$)
Paractin® 100 mgParactin® 100 mg
ENT protection - natural anti-inflammatory.
90 Veg. Caps.
35.00 €(39.29 US$)
Systemic EnzymesSystemic Enzymes
The body’s first line of defence against inflammation, with numerous health benefits
100 DR Caps™
41.00 €(46.03 US$)
Butterbur Extract 50 mgButterbur Extract 50 mg
Naturally combats migraine and urinary urgency
60 Veg. Caps.
45.00 €(50.52 US$)
Derma ReliefDerma Relief
Probiotic formula to help eradicate skin problems
30 sticks
49.00 €(55.01 US$)
P.E.A., an all-round, natural analgesic
60 Veg. Caps.
48.00 €(53.88 US$)
Palmitoleic Acid 210 mgPalmitoleic Acid 210 mg
A purified form of omega-7 to help combat type II diabetes, atherosclerosis and metabolic syndrome.
60 Softgels
59.00 €(66.23 US$)
Super Harpagophytum 250 mgSuper Harpagophytum 250 mg
Effective relief for severe lower back and arthritic pain.
120 Veg. Caps
36.00 €(40.41 US$)

Anti-Inflammatory Supplements for Joints and Other Sources of Inflammation

Joint inflammation supplements and other types of anti-inflammatory supplements can help relieve inflammation in various areas of the body. You’ll see a difference when you start using the right supplements to improve overall health, in addition to a healthy diet. There are many types of supplements to reduce inflammation here at Supersmart.

Look through our complete selection of anti-inflammatory food supplements and find what you’re looking when you shop online with us today.



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