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Senolytic Complex + Resveratrol
Senolytic Complex + Resveratrol
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Resveratrol Synergy
Resveratrol Synergy is an antioxidant formula with anti-ageing properties.
  • Contains around ten of the most powerful antioxidants.
  • Helps to combat the oxidative stress and free radical damage responsible for cellular ageing.
  • Mimics the effects of calorie restriction, improves biomarkers of ageing and boosts disease-fighting mechanisms.
Senolytic Complex
Senolytic Complex is a revolutionary formula for destroying the senescent cells responsible for ageing.
  • Has a rapid and long-lasting rejuvenating effect on the whole body.
  • Encourages self-destruction of the senescent cells responsible for ageing and age-related health issues (muscle weakness, cognitive decline, cardiovascular problems, chronic inflammation…).
  • Rich in fisetin, the most powerful natural senolytic compound identified.
  • Contains quercetin phytosome, 20 times more absorbable than standard quercetin.
  • Draws on the very latest scientific research (senotherapy).
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Resveratrol Synergy is an anti-ageing supplement formulated from an optimal combination of several antioxidants which work synergistically in the body to exert a protective effect. Antioxidants defend the body from certain types of cell damage, thus slowing down cellular ageing. Their effects help prevent the development of certain diseases and complications which may be seriously damaging to health.

What are the ingredients in Resveratrol Synergy?

The antioxidant composition of our anti-ageing formulation is truly comprehensive. The antioxidant effects of its components help combat the oxidative stress and free radical damage responsible for cellular ageing. Offering optimal protection, our product has been specially formulated to include around 10 of the most powerful antioxidants, including resveratrol. Found in grape skin, this is a natural polyphenol recognised for its antioxidant potency. For maximum efficacy, our product contains the bioactive form called trans resveratrol. This anti-ageing supplement also combines, in a single capsule, other compounds such as:

  • Pterostilbene, a highly bioavailable compound from the same family as resveratrol, with anti-inflammatory, anti-neoplastic and antioxidant properties.
  • Polydatin, a resveratrol glucoside, ie, a molecule of resveratrol bound to one of glucose.
  • Quercetin, a potent antioxidant with significant anti-inflammatory power, the action and bioavailability of which are boosted in the presence of vitamin C.
  • Proanthocyanidins, extracted from pine bark, with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Fisetin, extracted from Buxus sinica, recently added for its stabilising effect on resveratrol.

With this combination of nutrients to modulate longevity gene expression, Resveratrol Synergy mimics the effects of calorie restriction, improves biomarkers of ageing and boosts disease-fighting mechanisms. Calorie restriction is the most scientifically-validated way of extending lifespan in all living organisms – it can increase lifespan by almost 100% in certain species. It works by favourably altering gene expression, one of the body’s adaptive responses to reduced calorie intake. By activating certain genes and inhibiting others, calorie restriction significantly slows down the ageing process by promoting healthy cell function.

What are the benefits associated with Resveratrol Synergy?

While there are very many powerful antioxidants, we have chosen those with the utmost potency, the efficacy of which has been widely studied. According to researchers, these multi-beneficial antioxidants have various mechanisms of action. For example, resveratrol, which is included in its bioactive form, appears to act by stimulating mitochondria, the cells’ powerhouses, as well as by blocking certain inflammatory factors. Quercetin, which is recognised for its anti-inflammatory effect, may inhibit the NF-kappaβ pathway, a protein that plays a fundamental role in the inflammatory process. Finally, pterostilbene may offer benefits in regulating the genes involved in the development of atherosclerosis, diabetes, and inflammation.

In addition to their antioxidant power, the compounds in Resveratrol Synergy may positively influence fat and carbohydrate metabolism and thus offer another anti-ageing effect. In the absence of adequate measures, long term disruption to this metabolism can eventually manifest in metabolic syndrome. This is a collection of symptoms that can foreshadow the development of problems such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Further studies are ongoing to confirm this protective effect which could help prevent premature ageing of certain cells.

Our anti-ageing supplement has been formulated to provide a concentrate of antioxidants and is offered in vegetarian capsules at a dose of two capsules a day. To fully benefit from their effects, supplements should be taken for at least a month, though this can be adjusted in line with your needs and the advice of your therapist. You may also be interested in other products available to buy at Supersmart with anti-ageing properties such as Astragaloside IV.

Buy Resveratrol Synergy to benefit from its antioxidant power.

CompositionResveratrol Synergy
Daily dose : 2 capsules
Number of doses per pack : 30
Amount per dose
Transresveratrol (from 500 mg Polygonum cuspidatum extract standardised to 20 % transresveratrol) 100 mg
Fisetin (from 52 mg Buxus sinica extract standardised to 98 % fisetin) 50 mg
Pterostilbene (from 51 mg bilberry extract standardised to 99 % pterostilbene) 50 mg
Polydatin (from 53 mg Polygonum cuspidatum extract standardised to 95 % polydatin) 50 mg
Quercetin (from 53 mg Sophora japonica extract standardised to 95 % quercetin) 50 mg
Vitamin C 50 mg
Proanthocyanidins (from 53 mg pine bark extract standardised to 95 % proanthocyanidins) 50 mg
Other ingredients : Acacia gum, rice flour.
Directions for useResveratrol Synergy
Take two vegetarian capsules a day or as advised by your therapist.
Senescent cell under a target mark

Senolytic Complex is a completely new ‘senolytic’ formulation for fighting the ageing process, based on the very latest discoveries in anti-ageing medicine, now available to buy at Supersmart. The term ‘senolytic’, recently coined by the scientific community, describes the ability to eliminate senescent cells (ie, aged cells), the presence of which has been identified in recent years as being, along with oxidative stress and telomere shortening, one of the causes of ageing. Since there was previously no way of preventing or slowing down this process, Senolytic Complex constitutes a truly revolutionary treatment.

The formulation contains the most powerful, natural, senolytic compounds identified to date: quercetin (in a form 20 times more bioavailable than standard quercetin), theaflavin, and most importantly, fisetin, an extraordinary flavonoid that’s really setting the scientific community alight.

Who is Senolytic Complex aimed at?

Senolytic Complex is for anyone over 40, whether as a course of treatment, or as long-term supplementation, to eliminate senescent cells and prevent their reappearance.

It is particularly recommended for the following groups of people:

  • Those who wish to extend their life expectancy.
  • Those keen to maintain good physical condition and optimal health as they age.
  • Those who are already suffering from age-related problems (muscle weakness, cardiovascular disorders, vision and hearing impairment, cognitive decline, osteoporosis …) and those who wish to reduce their risk of developing them.

How does Senolytic Complex work?

The discovery of senescent cells invading the body

In 2014, researchers achieved a major advance in the fight against ageing. They identified old, worn-out cells in the tissues of subjects aged over 40. Termed ‘senescent’, these zombie-like cells (1) are deformed and unable to divide, and are distributed throughout the body’s tissues. Though no longer functioning normally, they are not eliminated and thus accumulate pathologically.

These cells are rare in young people but increase with age, particularly in adipose tissue, skeletal muscle, blood vessels, the brain, kidneys and skin (2-3).

Their dramatic effects on healthy cells and on the body

Unfortunately, senescent cells do not just take over, they also impede the activity of neighbouring healthy cells by continually releasing pro-inflammatory cytokines (IL-1, IL-6 and IL-8), vesicles and insoluble proteins (fibronectin, collagen) into the extracellular environment (4-7). These substances are really distress calls: they signal to other cells the advanced state of deterioration in which they find themselves, but at the same time, they significantly affect the function of neighbouring healthy cells (8)!

Over the last three years, a number of studies have shown that the level of senescent cells in the body is directly linked to the pace of ageing (9) and the development of age-related health problems. Even a small amount of these cells is enough to wreak havoc in tissues(10) and induce the onset of many age-related problems: systemic inflammation, arthritis, atherosclerosis, chronic diseases (11), sarcopenia, cataracts, insulin resistance, vascular hypo-reactivity (12) (13) ...

How can we get rid of these ‘parasitic’ cells?

These cells normally destroy themselves in a process called apoptosis, in order to avoid damaging the body. However, this mechanism does not always work in which case the senescent cells continue to parasitize the body and cause chaos all around them (14).

Fortunately, researchers have identified several compounds that are specifically capable of repairing this defective mechanism and bringing about the self-destruction of these senescent cells. These extraordinary compounds are called ‘senolytics’.

The first study to identify senolytics was published in 2015 in the well-known scientific journal Aging Cell (15). Quercetin, a natural flavonol compound, combined with an anti-cancer drug, was found to dramatically decrease both the number of senescent cells and secretion of pro-inflammatory factors in the organism studied. In just five weeks, this combination resulted in a significant reduction in mortality and physical deterioration.

Dozens of studies have since identified natural compounds with the same properties (16-17). This has led to the development of a revolutionary new therapy, senolytic treatment, which is able to selectively destroy senescent cells and thus reduce the severity of age-related diseases, increase resilience and longevity, and delay the effects of ageing.

The treatment is essentially a massive ‘spring clean’, after which healthy cells regain control of the body and again function at full capacity. It represents a significant advance in the fight against ageing.

What is in Senolytic Complex capsules?

Senolytic Complex contains three exceptional senolytic compounds (fisetin, quercetin and theaflavin) and three other anti-ageing compounds of interest (vitamin C, nicotinamide mononucleotide and bromelain).

How does Senolytic Complex work?

How does Senolytic Complex work?

Fisetin, the most powerful senolytic.

Fisetin is part of the large family of flavonoids, a group of polyphenol antioxidants (18) found in small amounts in strawberries, mangos and certain plants. Of all the flavonoids tested, it was shown to be the most effective at reducing senescent cells (19).

It helps extend longevity (20-21) and reduce markers of senescence in humans. Its hydrophobic nature means it penetrates cells easily via cell membranes (22) and subsequently promotes the self-destruction of abnormal cells (such as senescent cells) by activating various characteristic proteins. One of its specific abilities is to reduce the fraction of senescent cells in the immune system (T lymphocytes and NK cells), thus increasing its beneficial effect, since immune cells are important for clearing out senescent cells (23). In addition, it inhibits the activity of several inflammatory cytokines such as TNFα, IL-6, and the transcription factor NF-Κb, and also offers anti-hyperlipidaemia effects (24).

It is supplied at a dose of 100mg a day (an average 0.4mg a day is consumed from the diet (25)).

For more information on fisetin and its senolytic properties, see: Fisetin is a senotherapeutic that extends health and lifespan.

Quercetin and theaflavin, two other major senolytic compounds

Since senescent cells use different mechanisms to resist programmed cell death (26-27), it’s important that other senolytic compounds are included in the formulation. Quercetin and theaflavin have been selected as two natural senolytics highlighted in the research.

Like fisetin, quercetin is also a member of the flavonoid family. It is extracted from Styphnolobium japonicum, the ‘Japanese pagoda tree’ or ‘honey tree’, and is delivered in a phytosome form which maximises its absorption into the bloodstream. It is recognised as being a benchmark senolytic, in combination with theaflavin, a polyphenol from black tea.

Bromelain, NMN and vitamin C

Senolytic Complex is enhanced by the addition of anti-ageing substances that work in symbiosis, such as nicotinamide mononucleotide, an element essential for cellular energy production and longevity of sirtuin proteins, bromelain, an enzyme which actively opposes systemic inflammation, and vitamin C (in its non-acid form), a potent antioxidant that supports the immune system.

How should Senolytic Complex be taken?

Senolytic Complex can either be used as an annual or quarterly treatment (28), or taken continuously, according to your needs. The capsules should be taken at mealtimes.

Senolytic treatment (senotherapy) can be undertaken as a three-step programme:

  1. Eliminate senescent cells from your body (even a partial cleansing appears to bring benefits (29)) with the aid of Senolytic Complex.
  2. Prevent the development of new senescent cells by improving your lifestyle, protecting yourself against the factors that cause cellular ageing, and strengthening both your DNA repair systems (with the aid of DNA Repair) and antioxidant systems (with the aid of Resveratrol synergy). With its vitamin C and bromelain, Senolytic Complex plays an active role in preventing the reappearance of senescent cells. A number of mechanisms are responsible for their development but two appear to be dominant: high inflammation levels and oxidative stress.
  3. Stimulate and boost the immune system so that it too can help clear out senescent cells (with the aid of an immunostimulant mushroom extract).

Attention: fisetin should not be taken in conjunction with antivitamin K drugs, which are commonly used oral anticoagulants (30).

The very latest research shows that a formulation such as this can produce powerful rejuvenating effects, improve the condition of those affected by age-related health problems, slow down the ageing process and extend lifespan. Exceptional benefits which place this dietary supplement right at the top of anti-ageing nutrition and which should come as welcome news for many people…

Written: April 2019

Note: this product should not be used as a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. It’s important to follow the guidelines on how to take it and the recommended dose, and to use it by the ‘best before’ date. It is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or for children under 15. Keep out of children’s reach. Store in a cool, dry place.

Buy Senolytic Complex to fight the ageing process.

CompositionSenolytic Complex
Daily dose: 3 capsules
Number of doses per pack: 30
Amount per dose
Quercefit® (Complex of phytosomes of sunflower and Sophora japonica quercetin standardised to 40% lecithin and 40% quercetin) 400 mg
Bromelain 2000 GDU/g 200 mg
Vitamin C (Ester C®) 100 mg*
Fisetin from Rhus succedanea stem 100 mg
Extract of decaffeinated black tea leaves 300 mg
Nicotinamide mononucleotide 10 mg
Other ingredients: acacia gum, white rice flour.
*125% of RDA for Vitamin C
Quercefit®, Indena, Italy. Ester C®, Ester C Company.
Directions for useSenolytic Complex
Adults. Take 3 vegetarian capsules a day.

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Senolytic Complex + Resveratrol
126.00 €
(148.31 US$)
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