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R-Lipoic Acid

Food supplement of R-alpha-lipoic acid, endogenous antioxidant

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R-Lipoic Acid contains only the active form of alpha-lipoic acid, which is natural and bioactive.
  • Has significant antioxidant activity.
  • Is able to regenerate endogenous antioxidants.
  • Offers protection following cerebral ischemia, damage to the brain or nerve tissue.

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R-Lipoic Acid

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Our dietary supplement, R-Lipoic Acid is formulated from alpha-lipoic acid which is also known as thioctic acid. Long-considered to be a vitamin, alpha-lipoic acid is actually a coenzyme which means it plays a role in several biochemical reactions in the body. It is involved in processes essential to healthy body function such as production of energy by cells.

Why opt for R-Lipoic Acid supplement?

Alpha lipoic acid exists in 2 forms: the R form (which is produced naturally by the body) and the S form (which seems inactive in the body). Both forms are produced in equal quantities during the synthesis process. For optimal effectiveness, R-Lipoic Acid 100 mg contains only the R form, which is natural and bioactive, now available to buy at Supersmart. This required an additional, expensive manufacturing step, during which all of the S-form molecules were removed. Most of the time, lipoic acid supplements contain both forms in equal amounts, which can be misleading because only half of it is actually active.

Offering 100 mg of R-lipoic acid per capsule, the suggested dose for this product is two to three capsules a day, though this can be adjusted in line with your needs and the advice of your therapist. You may also be interested in N-acetyl-cysteine, an excellent precursor of another potent antioxidant, glutathione.

What are the benefits of Alpha-lipoic acid?

Since it was discovered in the 1930s, alpha-lipoic acid has been the subject of numerous scientific studies which have revealed its potent antioxidant effects. Some scientists consider it one of the most powerful antioxidants currently known. Its antioxidant activity is particularly beneficial for fighting oxidative stress and the harmful effects of free radicals which are responsible for cellular ageing. In addition to this protective effect, alpha-lipoic acid is able to regenerate endogenous antioxidants. This means it helps boost antioxidant activity within the body by preventing the destruction of powerful natural antioxidants including vitamins C and E. In certain cases, alpha-lipoic acid’s action can prevent these two antioxidants from being broken down. That’s why it is ‘sometimes referred to as the ‘universal antioxidant’ or ‘hyper antioxidant’. With its natural antioxidant potency, alpha-lipoic acid offers significant therapeutic potential:

  • Extensively-studied in recent years, it is now used therapeutically as a neuroprotective supplement, particularly as part of medical treatment for patients who have suffered cerebral ischaemia, or damage to the brain and nerve tissue.
  • In Germany, alpha-lipoic acid is also used to treat neuropathy. Characterised by pain in the feet, legs and hands, neuropathy generally manifests in patients with severe diabetes or in alcoholics.
  • Beyond the neurological sphere, alpha-lipoic acid may also offer benefits for treating, amongst others, liver disease, cardiovascular problems and inflammation.
  • It may also be valuable for detoxifying the body, especially in the case of heavy metal poisoning.

Buy R-Lipoic Acid tablets for antioxidant benefits.

What is in it R-Lipoic Acid

R-lipoic acid

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Excellent 14 Reviews
Abdulqader Jehad

july 7 2023

Your products are good.


september 11 2020

Good product

Gino Rj

july 25 2023

Super werkzaam voor mensen die bepaalde klachten hebben


july 7 2023

Produit très difficile à se procurer très content de pouvoir l'avoir chez vous


june 10 2021

Bon produit. Dommage que la livraison ne peut avoir lieu en point relais (Belgique)

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