Synergy of 3 active forms of creatine
  • Improves physical performance.
  • May increase muscle strength and hypertrophy.
  • Eases hard training sessions.

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New formulation combining different forms of creatine for greater activity and much better digestive tolerance.

Creatine supplementation has so far proved the most popular and scientifically-documented of the ergogenic substances used in the sports world, particularly for increasing muscle strength in short, intense exercise, stimulating protein synthesis, speeding up recovery and gaining muscle mass.

Creatine is a derivative of amino acids naturally present in muscle, including meat.

Creatine monohydrate is the standard form used by the majority of studies conducted to date; which presumes it to be the most active source. However, there are other varieties such as:
    ÔÇó magnesium creatine which may prevent intramuscular water retention;
    ÔÇó creatine citrate, which is more water-soluble and does not produce dissolve-resistant clumping;
    ÔÇó Kre-Alkalyn which is a buffered form that is neutral for the stomach.
What appears to be the most important aspect here concerns the solubility criteria, and that of tolerance of the product in the stomach, as well as absence of discomfort (gastrointestinal cramps from formation of a precipitate). In fact, the more water-soluble a form is, the better it is tolerated.

Different forms of creatine for greater activity and much better digestive tolerance

3-Creatine is a powdered blend combining:
    ÔÇó creatine monohydrate ;
    ÔÇó creatine phosphate;
    ÔÇó creatine pyruvate.
What is its mechanism of action?

Creatine is produced naturally in the body. It is essential for the production of ATP used by muscle fibres during exercise.

When ATP levels collapse, muscle fatigue develops along with an increase in lactic acid.

By supplementing with 3-Creatine, balance is restored in the muscles, allowing faster post-exercise recovery.

These three combined forms of creatine act synergistically with each other, thus offering rapid and optimal efficacy.

What results can be expected from such supplementation?

There are two main advantages:
    ÔÇó At a physical fitness level. Athletic performance increases significantly during intense exercise. Highly-trained individuals are more sensitive and respond more effectively to creatine supplementation.
    ÔÇó At a neurological level, more specifically in those with symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Indeed, if the condition and its symptoms are caught at an early stage, it has been shown that taking creatine increases strength and stamina in people with muscular dystrophy and cardiac problems
According to scientific data, vegetarians and vegans have abnormally low blood levels of creatine. Supplementation may result in improved intellectual performance and memory for such groups.

Benefits for those suffering from rare diseasesÔÇŽ

In people affected by the genetic disease autosomal recessive corneal dystrophy, which causes problems associated with hyperpigmentation of the choroid, taking creatine may lower the risk of them losing their sight.

It may also improve symptoms of McArdle’s disease, a rare genetic disorder which develops in childhood. This disease is caused by muscle glycogen phosphorylase deficiency (glycogenosis type 5) and produces cramps and acute muscle pain. Taking high daily doses of creatine may help increase capacity for physical exercise and ease overall muscle pain.

3-Creatine therefore represents a natural, safe and effective supplement for:
    ÔÇó promoting development and endurance in physical exercise;
    ÔÇó reducing recovery time;
    ÔÇó gaining muscle mass;
    ÔÇó preventing certain types of age-related deterioration in the body.
The average active dose recommended is one 5 gram spoonful a day. Taking small doses at mealtimes with a large glass of water is recommended in order to maximise its effects.
Daily dose : 1 measure
Number of doses per pack: 50
Amount per dose
Creatine monohydrate 4 800 mg
Creatine phosphate 190 mg
Creatine pyruvate 10 mg

adults. Take one measure a day.

Środki ostrożności: Nie przekraczać zalecanej dawki dziennej. Produkt jest preparatem odżywczym (inaczej zwanym suplementem diety), który nie może zastępować urozmaiconej i zbilansowanej diety. Trzymać z dala od dzieci. Przechowywać z dala od światła, gorąca i wilgoci. Jak w przypadku wszelkich innych preparatów odżywczych, przed zastosowaniem skonsultuj się z lekarzem, jeśli jesteś w ciąży, karmisz piersią lub cierpisz na problemy zdrowotne.
Ilość : 250 g 25.00 €13.75 €*
(15.49 US$)
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