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Complete Uricare + Cran Max
Complete Uricare + Cran Max


Complete Uricare + Cran Max
Cranberry concentrate for supporting the urinary tract
  • Prevents urinary infections in those at risk.
  • Treats some forms of urinary infection, and helps prevent cardiovascular problems and gastric ulcers.

  • The ultimate nutritional formulation for supporting urinary health
    • Suitable for both men and women.
    • Targets all urinary symptoms (infections, incontinence, urinary urgency …).
    • Contains Go-Less®, an innovative compound based on pumpkin seeds and supported by several clinical studies.
    • Contains angelica for a healthy urogenital system and protection against external irritants.
    • High in zinc, D-mannose and nurvala which helps to maintain good prostate health.

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    Cran-Max® 500 mg

    ¤ Urinary tract infections cause misery for millions of women (20% are affected once a year) who are traditionally prescribed millions of courses of antibiotics. ¤ However, cranberry extract (Vaccinium microcarpon) can help maintain the health of the urinary tract naturally and reliably, with no side-effects. The health of the urinary tract is compromised when pathogenic bacteria stick to the internal wall of the urethra and cause cystitis. Cranberry contains an inhibitor which prevents the adhesion of bacteria to human tissue. This activity has been so well-documented that AFSSA (Agence française de securité sanitaire des aliments) has published an official opinion authorizing the claim: “helps reduce the adhesion of certain E. coli bacteria to urinary tract walls”. ¤ Recent studies show that a single daily capsule of Cran-Max® cranberry extract, with its exceptional concentration, standardisation and patented release mechanism, gives the best results. Unlike many diluted extracts, ju...

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    Complete Uricare

    While there are many dietary supplements aimed at maintaining a healthy urinary system, few of them target all the mechanisms involved, encompassing bladder, kidney and prostate health. SuperSmart’s Complete Uricare , is one formulation that does. It contains a whole host of carefully-selected natural active nutrients. Free from side-effects, it constitutes a powerful aid for restoring a healthy and effective urinary system . Who is the Complete UriCare aimed at? Complete Uricare is for anyone suffering from urinary issues (urine leakage, incontinence, repeated infections, over-active bladder…) as well as those at particular risk of such problems: Those over 60 (almost half of all women in this age group suffer from frequent urine infections, and it is at this age that problems with incontinence start to appear). Men over 50 (enlargement of the prostate compresses the urethra which slows down urine evacuation and facilitates infections). Those who frequently need to urinate during the ...

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