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Fermented papaya food supplement FPP, possible immunostimulant

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Fermented Papaya Preparation (FPP) is an amazing Japanese antioxidant supplement.
  • Has powerful antioxidant activity (at least 20 times more than vitamin E)
  • Stimulates the immune system.
  • Remarkably effective at fighting oxidative stress.

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Fermented Papaya Preparation (FPP) is a natural nutritional supplement with outstanding antioxidant and immuno-stimulant properties, supported by years of research and clinical use, now available to buy at Supersmart. Developed in 1969, FPP is derived from non-GMO Carica papayas grown organically in Hawaii, which undergo a natural, lengthy fermentation period, free of additives and preservatives, in a Japanese factory with ISO9002 quality control.

What are the benefits associated with FPP?

The remarkable properties of FPP have attracted the attention and support of a number of respected researchers worldwide. Among them are Professor Lester Packer of the University of California, Berkeley, and Professor Luc Montagnier (co-discoverer of the AIDS virus) who, at a conference on 26 October 2000 at the Maison de Japon in Paris, stated: “FPP is remarkably effective at fighting oxidative stress and at boosting the immune system”.

  • FPP exhibits powerful antioxidant activity (at least 20 times more than vitamin E).
  • Has an exceptional ability to stimulate the immune system, measurable against a number of parameters.
  • It is also an anti-inflammatory.
  • It is very low in toxicity and side-effects and can thus be recommended for a great many oxidative and immune-related diseases.
  • Journals confirm its clinical use in wide range of troubles.
  • Furthermore, many health-conscious people in Japan use FPP in a preventative capacity or as an anti-ageing product.

Buy FPP for antioxidant and immuno-stimulant benefits.

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Excellent 1 Reviews
Burlet Maryse

april 25 2024

Ce produit est très agréable à absorber. J’aime beaucoup sa texture et sa présentation en sachet individuel. Pour les effets…il faut attendre un peu avant de pouvoir les décrire.

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