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Dietary supplement of citrus pectins for the intestine

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PectaSol-C®: natural concentrate of citrus pectin (hydrolysed)
  • Helps maintain normal cholesterol levels.
  • Patented formulation free from gluten, artificial colourings, preservatives, and GMOs.
  • Smaller molecular size for maximum absorption.

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What is hydrolysed citrus pectin?

Pectin is a type of soluble fibre. It has the property of being able to form a gel in the digestive tract which potentially binds to sugar and cholesterol in the gut and reduces their absorption.

As with other types of soluble fibre, it cannot normally be digested by the body. This specific feature helps to reduce calorie intake by increasing the feeling of satiety: in absorbing water and expanding in the stomach, soluble fibre produces a physical sensation of satiety (appetite-suppressant effect). However, this supplement is not aimed at those wishing to cut calories but at anyone keen to benefit from the all the effects of pectin, not just the satiety-related ones.

In this supplement, the pectin is hydrolysed (broken down) to reduce its high molecular weight, thus facilitating its absorption into the bloodstream: the smaller the molecule, the more likely it is to be absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract. So these are ‘sprigs’ of pectin, derived from the white part of citrus peel, the albedo, which we tend not to eat because of its bitter taste.

Where is pectin found?

Pectin is a complex polysaccharide found primarily in the middle lamella and primary cell walls of higher plants. It plays an important role in cell adhesion and maintenance, by forming a kind of cement between two adjoining plant cells (1-2).

It’s found in a number of foods such as peaches, apples (apple pectin), apricots, carrots, tomatoes and potatoes. Its molecular chain is too long, however, for it to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

What source is used in PectaSol®? How is it produced?

PectaSol® is a natural product derived from the peel of citrus fruit including lemons (lemon pectin), limes, oranges and pomelos (or grapefruit as it’s more often known).

Using a proprietary and costly enzymatic process, the molecular structure of the pectin extracted from the peel has been modified to produce pectic fragments. These have a much lower molecular weight than pectin itself (15 KDa compared with 400 KDa).

Of course, the sodium:potassium ratio is kept to the same proportions as it is in citrus fruit.

What are pectin’s mechanisms of action?

Few studies have been conducted specifically on pectic fragments (and their physiological effect once absorbed into the bloodstream) and current European regulations prevent us from referring to them.

However, pectin is recognised for exerting physiological effects on the gastrointestinal tract by reducing transit time and glucose absorption (3).

Frequently-asked questions

Which supplements can be combined with PectaSol®?

PectaSol® can be combined with an antioxidant formulation such as AntiOxidant Synergy, which contains numerous natural extracts (grapeseed, sea buckthorn, turmeric, green tea, etc), as well as with multivitamins such as Daily 3® or Daily 2® Timed Release, both of which cover basic needs for antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Adopting the following measures alongside Pectasol supplementation can help to boost its effects:

  • Eat as many different fruits and vegetables as possible, as well as whole grains and pulses.
  • Avoid refined sugars, ready-meals, red and processed meat and processed foods in general.
  • Reduce your alcohol consumption and don’t smoke.
  • Stay physically active and avoid carcinogens (such as herbicides and pesticides).

What’s the best dose to take?

These days, the pectin content of the typical Western diet is a woefully inadequate 5g or so a day (4), as consumption of fruit, vegetables and pulses has fallen dramatically.

The recommended dose for PectaSol® is 15g a day – that’s equivalent to three scoops – to be taken just before meals.

What is the molecular weight of the modified pectin in PectaSol?

The molecular weight of the hydrolysed pectin is 15 KDa compared with up to 400 KDa for non-modified pectin.

Is the manufacture of PectaSol® harmful for the environment?

A team of researchers concluded in 2003 that pectin production was the most ecologically-sound use of the by-products of citrus juice manufacture (5).

Does PectaSol® contain GMOs?

PectaSol® is guaranteed to contain no gluten, dairy, artificial colourings, flavourings, preservatives, or GMOs.

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Updated: 30/04/2018


This product should not be used to replace a varied, balanced diet or healthy lifestyle. Follow the advice on use, the recommended daily dose and the use-by date. Not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or for children under 15. Keep out of young children’s reach. Store in a cool, dry place.

What is in it PectaSol-C®


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january 10 2024

A évaluer après plusieurs mois par mon naturo pathe. C est pour une chelation. Livraison à Tahiti rapide , tarif transport correct. parfait. L emballage pourrait être plus petit

Julien Maryse

december 21 2023

très bonne qualité


november 28 2023

Ottimo prodotto, mi aiuta moltissimo per le mie problematiche di sensibilita' ad alcuni metalli pesanti

M Pascale

september 27 2023

je pense que ce produit peut m'etre benefique, mais c'est dur de savoir; je prends d'autres choses aussi


april 26 2021


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