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Strona główna Kupuj przez tematyka zdrowotna Układ odpornościowy, zmęczenie i infekcje AC-11® 350 mg
AC-11® 350 mg
AC-11® 350 mg
0647AC-11® 350 mg
AC-11® 350 mg
Układ odpornościowy, zmęczenie i infekcje
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Natural DNA regenerator (Cat’s Claw)
  • Contains alkaloids with antiviral and immune-stimulant properties.
  • Protective effect against DNA mutation.
  • Presumed anti-cancer effects.
60 Veg. Caps.
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AC-11® 350 mg

AC-11® 350 mg

AC-11® is an important advance in the fields of human nutrition and skin care. Obtained from the inner bark of the Amazon rainforest plantUncaria tomentosa, AC-11® enables the body to safely and naturally repair damaged DNA. The mechanism through which this repair takes place is similar to the self-healing rooted in evolution and may be an essential piece in the jigsaw of human health. Modern science confirms that it is progressive damage to DNA which accelerates the ageing process and weakens the body as a whole.

¤ Effective both orally and topically, AC-11® begins where antioxidant protection ends, by reducing the visible signs of ageing and helping to restore good cellular function. Validated by more than 40 scientific studies, AC-11® works with the body to repair DNA damaged by the sun and other sources of oxidative stress. This action helps boost the immune system and enables the body to function more effectively, with the result that you feel younger and stronger.

Key role of cell DNA

It is the cells which drive the metabolic processes that sustain life: they absorb nutrients, generate and transfer energy and eliminate waste. The cell nucleus acts as a command post and contains DNA, the genetic code which determines and organises the body’s structure and physiology. Each DNA molecule is a double-stranded helix around a group of proteins forming a chromosome. A human cell contains 23 pairs of 46 chromosomes. DNA contains the complete genetic code and determines each of our individual characteristics, from eye colour to gender.

When cells create or use energy, oxygen, light and nutrients react chemically with cell structures. These reactions generate by-products - free radicals - which bombard the cell structures, particularly the fragile DNA, damaging or even destroying it. The result is that cell function becomes compromised, potentially to the extent that cell replication and division is impossible: this is a key mechanism of ageing.

The reparative effects of AC-11®

Unfortunately, the body has a limited capacity for self-repair, and this capacity also becomes less effective as we age. As a consequence, cells begin to replicate in a damaged or corrupted form and then cease to divide. When the lymphocytes which form the basis of the immune system are affected, chronic and degenerative diseases appear. Collagen also deteriorates rapidly, the skin becomes wrinkled and the joints and bones grow weaker.

AC-11® is a revolutionary botanical extract which helps repair damaged DNA. This patented ingredient boosts the cell’s repair mechanisms which helps improve the function of organs, muscles and tissues throughout the body. AC-11® also enhances the response to inflammation, stimulates collagen production and supports the immune system. In particular:

• AC-11® significantly increases natural production of collagen 3 in cutaneous tissue during periods of sun exposure. It is collagen type 3 which gives young skin its suppleness.
• AC-11® normalises expression of NF-KB factor in cells, thus regulating cellular response to inflammation. NF-KB factor is a nuclear transcription factor governing the gene-coding of a number of proteins that control cell apoptosis (programmed cell death) as well as inflammation and cellular growth.
• In a human study, AC-11® was shown to have a direct effect on lymphocytes, increasing their lifespan and resulting in a significant boost to the immune system as a whole.

In addition to this innovative formulation, other dietary supplements may also be of interest for providing effective, long-lasting protection against cell damage. For example, two mushroom extracts, reishi and shiitake, offer a number of beneficial effects for protecting the body’s cells and tissues. For its part, Resveratrol Synergy offers the protective effects of powerful antioxidants such as trans-resveratrol.

AC-11® is extracted from Uncaria tomentosa by an exclusive hot water extraction process, then micro-filtered and purified in order to obtain a minimum standardisation of 8% Carboxyl Alkyl Esters (CAE) which are responsible for over 90% of its biological activity. CAE are present in only very small amounts in Uncaria tomentosa and only AC-11® contains an effective concentration, as shown by numerous studies and patents.
Informacje żywieniowe
Daily dose : 2 capsules
Number of doses per pack : 30
Amount per dose
AC-11® (patented extract of Uncaria tomentosa standardised to 8 % carboxy alkyl esters) 700 mg
Other ingredients: Acacia gum, rice flour.
AC-11® is the registered trademark of Optigenex Inc., USA. European Patent Nos. 1,485,114 A2, 1,096,943 B1
Sposób stosowania
Adults. Take 2 capsules a day.
Each capsule contains 350mg of AC-11®.
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5.0 / 5
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Très bon produit que J'utilise par cure
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AC-11® 350 mg
54.00 €
(63.28 US$)
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