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L-Glutamine dietary supplement
L-Glutamine dietary supplement
0104L-Glutamine dietary supplement
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Sports and exercise
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L-Glutamine is essential for protein synthesis with a key role in muscle activity.
  • Improves sports performance.
  • Supports the maintenance and renewal of muscle mass.
  • Promotes post-exercise recovery.
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L-Glutamine: Proteinogenic Amino Acid of Reference - Reviews, Dosage

L-glutamine supplement is very popular with sportspeople. It provides an optimal level of glutamine, one of the 24 proteinogenic amino acids. This means it helps synthesise a number of proteins which are known for their key role in muscle activity. Proteins primarily support the maintenance and renewal of muscle mass, and also help repair micro-lesions in muscles. Glutamine is therefore an amino acid essential for healthy muscle function and muscle mass development.

Why is it important to supplement with L-Glutamine?

Although the body is able to synthesise glutamine from glutamic acid, certain situations can significantly deplete reserves of this amino acid. A state of extreme stress is one such example, which can be the result of intense sport, physically demanding activity or muscle trauma. Certain everyday stress factors can also contribute to a lack of glutamine.

That is why glutamine is considered a conditionally-essential amino acid – in other words, additional intake of glutamine is essential in certain situations, particularly during intense and exhausting physical training. In the situations described above, the body draws on its reserves to support muscle activity and healthy immune function. If these reserves are too low to meet requirements for glutamine, the result can be muscle burnout and compromised immune defences. This can encourage the development of infection, hence the benefits of supplementing with glutamine.

What are the benefits of L-Glutamine?

This supplement offers numerous benefits for sportspeople:

  • It helps prevent post-exercise dips in immune defences;
  • It also improves recovery by preventing ‘overtraining syndrome', the result of too short an interval between training sessions to allow the body to recover properly;
  • Overtraining can manifest as problems with sleep, mood and appetite, amongst others. It also leads to a decrease in sports performance. By promoting post-exercise recovery, glutamine supplementation can thus help improve sports performance.

This essential amino acid is available as a nutritional supplement, providing the benefits of glutamine and helping prevent deficiency. Each measure provides 3g of L-glutamine, with a suggested dose of one a day, although this can be adapted to individual needs. Studies show that sportspeople obtain good results from taking two grams of L-glutamine following exercise.

Supplements that work in synergy with L-Glutamine

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Buy L-Glutamine to support healthy muscle function.

Daily serving: 1 measure
Number of servings per bottle : 50

per serving

L-glutamine 3 g
Directions for use
Adults. Take one measure per day. Each measure contains 3 g of L-glutamine
4 /5 5 reviews
4.8 / 5
5.0 / 5
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4.8 / 5

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good good good
Maria Riedler
In der Pulverform ist eine ausreichende Dosierung ökonomisch günstig zu erreichen.
BREZAC Laurent
Pas d'effet ressenti mais important pour les muscles...
Marie Christine Msika
Le produit reste efficace mais la version en poudre n’est vraiment pas pratique en plus d'être compliquée à emmener en déplacement. Cela faisait des années que j’achetais la version en comprîmés. Je laisse tomber ce produit à cause de cela. Les deux versions pourraient être proposées.
BREZAC Laurent
Effet non visible mais présent.

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21.00 €
(24.46 US$)
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