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Strona główna Kupuj przez tematyka zdrowotna Serce i krążenie krwi Triple Protect
Triple Protect
Triple Protect
0746Triple Protect
Triple Protect
Serce i krążenie krwi
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69.00 €(81.33 US$)
Preventing the unpredictable in cardiovascular health
  • combines the most widely-studied natural compounds for preventing cardiovascular problems;
  • helps combat hypertension as well as problems with circulation and blood clotting;
  • fights atherosclerosis and little-known risk factors.
90 Veg. Caps.
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Triple Protect

Triple Protect

This preventive formulation is aimed at anyone at risk of cardiovascular problems, whether as a result of certain diseases (diabetes, atherosclerosis, heart arrhythmia), an unhealthy lifestyle (poor diet, lack of exercise, smoking, abdominal fat, alcohol consumption, chronic stress) or simply the body’s normal ageing process (decline in heart function, age-related changes to blood vessels, etc.). From the age of 40 onwards, there’s a sharp increase in the risk of problems linked to the heart and circulation.
Triple Protect has been developed to prevent these problems by acting on the following biological mechanisms:
  • arterial circulation;
  • the cardiovascular system and hypertension-related processes;
  • coagulation.
The formulation’s efficacy is due to the complementary and synergistic effects of its natural ingredients, all of which have demonstrated key benefits in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular problems.

Folic acid and vitamins B6 and B12 to reduce levels of homocysteine

Homocysteine is a sulphur-containing amino acid which is produced via dietary protein. However, it is important to know that like conventional risk factors, an increase in circulating homocysteine levels is now considered a major determinant of cardiovascular disease and thrombosis. Pyridoxal-5-phosphate, an optimal form of vitamin B6, 5-methyltetrahydrofolate and methylcobalamin, a form of vitamin B12 preferred to cyanocobalamin, are all recognised treatments for lowering homocysteine levels and thus reducing risk of cardiovascular disease, and all three have been added to Triple Protect.

Quercetin to combat atherosclerosis

Quercetin is undoubtedly the best-known of the flavonoids. This famous anti-ageing substance, which is largely responsible for the therapeutic effects of ginkgo and hypericum, lowers blood pressure in people with hypertension, reduces levels of ‘bad’ LDL-cholesterol in overweight individuals and inhibits platelet aggregation, a mechanism involved in atherosclerosis. In just the last few years, it has also been associated with reducing the fragility of capillaries.

Magnesium to reduce blood pressure

When we think about cardiovascular-protective supplements, magnesium springs to mind with its recognised and convergent effects. It helps to both prevent atherosclerosis (by reducing absorption of lipids in the gut during meals, as well as by increasing levels of ‘good’ cholesterol) and lower blood pressure. With scientifically supported and recognised effects, an elevated daily intake of magnesium is indeed recommended by US medical authorities for preventing and treating hypertension. This is why SuperSmart has chosen the most actively-absorbed form (magnesium bisglycinate chelate) for its Triple Protect formulation.

Alpha-lipoic acid for protecting blood vessels

Our formulation also contains R-alpha lipoic acid, which is converted in the body into dihydrolipoic acid. This powerful antioxidant can regenerate other endogenous antioxidants such as vitamins E and C and glutathione, thus helping to prevent damage to blood vessels from oxidative stress. A number of studies have also shown that it increases insulin sensitivity in type 2 diabetics who are at greater risk of cardiovascular problems.

An extract of maritime pine bark with remarkable effects on the circulatory system

Also included in Triple Protect is an extract of maritime pine bark standardised in proanthocyanidins or oligo-proanthocyanidins (OPC). This too is invaluable in preventing circulation-related problems. Studies show it has a slight effect in both lowering systolic blood pressure and increasing physical capacity, reduces several risk markers for cardiovascular disease such as inflammation, improves microcirculation, decreases the capillary permeability that contributes to oedema and relieves symptoms related to venous insufficiency.

A number of mechanisms are responsible for all these benefits: we know, for example, that proanthocyanidins increase the resistance of elastin in blood vessels to elastase, and recycle ascorbyl and tocopheryl radicals thus maintaining levels of vitamins C and E, and increases nitric oxide levels in vascular endothelial cells, producing a vasodilatory effect…

Vitamin K2, nattokinase, pomegranate extract and allicin: four vital ingredients

To complete the formulation, SuperSmart has added four innovative ingredients, based on the latest scientific research:
  • Vitamin K2, in its natural menaquinone K7 form, which apart from playing a role in blood coagulation, may help ‘clean’ the coronary arteries by slowing down arterial calcification and reducing the loss of arterial elasticity, two mechanisms involved in atherosclerosis;
  • Nattokinase, an enzyme produced by certain bacteria which is able to inactivate plasminogen activator inhibitor 1 (or PAI-1), thus helping to dissolve blood clots and prevent the formation of thromboses. As such, it is a ‘mild’ anticoagulant which must be borne in mind if you are taking anticoagulant drugs such as Previscan® or Eliquis®. It therefore plays a supporting role to vitamin K2 in cardiovascular health and can be combined with a formulation designed to target blood clots called Cardio-Clear™.
  • Extract of pomegranate seeds also feature in this product. Currently the object of considerable scientific interest due to its high content in ellagic tannins, the pomegranate has a positive effect on prostate health as well as on cardiac muscle. However, in order to obtain these benefits, it is important to choose a high quality extract with a guaranteed content in ellagic acid and punicalagins, as is the case with Triple Protect. Drinking pomegranate juice only makes sense when it is pure, freshly-pressed, undiluted and unsweetened.
  • Last but not least, Triple Protect features allicin, an organo-sulphur compound present at minimal concentrations in garlic extract which has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. The many health virtues of garlic are undoubtedly due to its content in allicin which, when concentrated, increases production of the vasodilator nitric oxide, also available in Nitric Oxide Formula. Allicin’s ‘cardiovascular credentials’ are also thought to include blood pressure-lowering properties.

Given all these elements, it is difficult to conceive of a more effective natural formulation than Triple Protect for protecting against diseases and symptoms related to circulation, coagulation and cardiovascular problems and their complications. Each of its ingredients has been included in its most active and absorbable form, based on the very latest scientific research. But it is undoubtedly the synergistic combination of all these elements that makes it a truly exceptional product.

In Western countries, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death among women and the over-65s. In France, for example, it claims 150,000 lives each year, often suddenly and without warning. Yet prevention is not only possible, it is at the forefront of the latest scientific knowledge thanks to Triple Protect.

Note: it is, however, advisable to consult your therapist before taking this product, especially if you have been prescribed blood pressure-lowering or anticoagulant drugs. In the absence of any such contraindication, beneficial effects are felt rapidly when used regularly three to six months, and this can be repeated depending on the results.
Informacje żywieniowe
Daily dose: 3 capsules
Number of doses per pack: 30

per dose

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxal-5-phosphate) 30 mg
Quatrefolic® acid (6S)-5-methyltetrahydrofolic acid (from 370mcg of 54-59% glucosamine salts and (6S)-5-methyltetrahydrofolic acid) 400 mcg
Vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) 60 mcg
Vitamin K2 MK-7 (menaquinone-7) 90 mcg
Magnesium bisglycinate 150 mg
Extract of garlic clove standardised to 3.4% allicin 350 mg
Extract of pomegranate seed standardised to 40% ellagic acid 150 mg
Quercetin 200 mg
NattoKinase 20,000 FU/g (2000 FU) 100 mg
R-alpha lipoic acid 70 mg
Extract of maritime pine bark standardised to 95% proanthocyanidins 50 mg
Extract of Huperzia serrata standardised to 1% Huperzine-A 15 mg
Other ingredients : Acacia gum, white rice bran.
Quatrefolic®, Gnosis, Italie.
Sposób stosowania
adults. Take three capsules a day.
Consult your therapist first if you are taking anticoagulants.
4.8 /5 4 oceny
5.0 / 5
5.0 / 5
Stosunek jakości do ceny
4.3 / 5

Oceny 4
75 %
Bardzo zła

GUYON Robert
Après expérience, dans le cas d'une affection légère (un peu d'arythmie), permet de se substituer peu à peu aux mmédicaments.
Il manque juste de la coenzyme Q10 dans ce produit pour être totalement parfait à mes yeux.
DUBOIS Jean-Claude
Il est difficile de donner un avis sur ce produit car ce serait trop long mais je puis constater un effet assez favorable au niveau du rytme cardiaque notamment. Peut-être aussi au niveau de la pression artérielle mais il me faut encore plus de recul pour me prononcer...je n'ai pas encore fini ma cure.
DRION Gilles
Excellent produit !!! Très bonne synergie des composants.

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Triple Protect
69.00 €
(81.33 US$)
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